Thursday, May 25, 2006

Day 1 of Japan Tour

Let me see what photo I can put for this Day 1 in Japan... by the way this Day 1 refers to 14 May, the day which we arrived at Japan. We reached Japan around 1pm (Singapore time) so it is 2pm (Japan time). Mr. Watani met us in the airport and boy, am I so glad to see his excited face. Haha... he then brought us to take train to the hotel. (Roll your mouse over the pictures)

Hello mum and dad, we arrived safely at Japan...

Not as fast as what I thought it would be though. Haha... Here are some great views outside the window.

Look at who is making the silly face... (unexpected, right?)

Kahying's true colour!
After we checked into the hotel, Eiji-san (Akiko's friend) brought us to another shopping town, Akihabara. We have Japanese Fast Food (those sold in Japanese cuisine here in Singapore).

Mmm... nothing better than a hot soba in such a cold weather!
Giving our stomach a treat!
Then we took photo in front of the fast food restaurant we have our dinner.

Missed out Diep, WenShan and Hayin
All 5 males
By the way the 2nd photo shows all the male (excluding chee yong and nam leng's husband). Hehe... Wenshan was not with us, as she was with her god-sister (the 2nd female from the left), our en ren. Hehe...

From left: Wenshan, her god-sister, her friend and Chee Yong
They went to see Tokyo tower, (which the others did not).
Tokyo tower
Coming back to the others, after dinner, we go to have some viewing and taking photos. Hehe...

Akihabara - Electric town - A city of Sim Lim!
Xue Hui's head + a tall building... what does that suppose to mean?
Statue of liberty... in Japan?
Rainbow bridge - 2 layers, one for car, one for train
Taking photo with the statue of liberty and the rainbow bridge
We walk around the area before we return to the hotel. "People, people, those who want to eat breakfast tomolo morning, we meet at 6am Japan time." The next morning, YungHua, TungNgie, ChangKiat, Ferry, Diep, LiChe, KahYing and me went to Yoshinoya to have our breakfast... receive discount vouchers somemore... who want? I got bring them back... haha... for souvenir? LOL! The others havent wake up. To my surprise, the sky at 5.30am (Singapore time) in Japan is the same like Singapore's 8.30am (Singapore time)... wow... sunny bright liao... hahaha... at first I thought Ferry's watch and the clock from my handphone was broken... hahaha...

Last pic: Plastic display of food, very popular way of displaying the dishes available by any Japanese restaurant...

The real food is better than the display... totally opposite in Singapore!

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Rocky Tang said...

hhehee... yea, i can't believe she doing that face hehe... but u know la... her hidden colour ehehe...

yup, japan tour is really great... enjoy it much much... hehe