Monday, May 22, 2006

Japan Tour 2006

Our concert tour to Japan from 14 May 0600++ till 21 May 0100++ is a very enjoying and fun one, hehe... we should have 2 days of performance but one of them has been cancelled.

After we checked into the hotel, we went out shopping and had a dinner in Akihabara, with Akiko's friend, Eiji-san, being our good lead. He can speak English very well, thus becoming our translator while we are in Japan.

Can guess which one is Eiji-san?
We performed on the Day 2: 2 primary schools and 1 cultural exchange with Waseda University's Harmonica Society. Great fun... we toured both primary schoolds and found great differences between Singapore and Japan schools... haha... we try to learn Japanese language, while they try to learn English. Haha... cool!

After our cultural exchange with the Waseda Harmonica Society, we went to a pizza restaurant, called "Shakey's". We have a great dinner as all of us communicate with one another... erm... mixture of English and Japanese... we try to learn Japanese from them. Get their contacts and fill our stomach to the fullest... onaka ipai...

In Kyoto, we were very glad to have a good tour guide that brought us around. He's a Malaysian too, old buddy of Winson.

Kim Siang - Malaysian who receives scholarship to study in Japan! Wow!
Look how smart is he. Hehe... he brought us to have a sushi lunch... though not my choices (I don't eat raw food), with the help of Hwa Chin, Li Che and Ferry, I was able to fill my stomach with cooked food. Thanks to three of them (four of us having one table).

Ferry is the one taking photo
LiChe is the one taking photo
We came across a temple - Golden temple, which really makes of gold. It has been burnt before, but it is rebuilt and refurnish with gold at later date. Kim Siang (sorry if I have spelt his name wrongly) told us that the island surrounding the temple has water hose that will shoot out water on the temple if the temple is on fire... and the only one using the temple is monks... erm... who set the fire?

Jin Ge Shi - Golden temple
Another unforgettable scene is the Water Symphony that we "accidentally" seen on the day we returned to Tokyo from Kyoto. It is really cool. Some of us take a short clip of it... but since it drained a lot of memory space... dunno whether they still keeping it or not... haha... I manage to get some pictures of it.

Water symphony fountain - One of the songs
Next is the Disney Land. I love the rides and the parades... but we missed the fieworks because of the bad weather. We have seen 2 parades, one in the noon and one in the night. The night one is Electra Parade.

We spent one whole day in Disney Land and it is super fun. Haha... we visited the flee market the next day (which is the last day).

Then we went to a small restaurtant to have our last meal in Japan, the food is great, feel like in a Japanese home.

Japanese food in a restaurant
Post more funny photos next time, this is just a brief blog...

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