Monday, November 13, 2006

Thank God always!

Wow, a birthday surprise at 0000 of 12 Nov! While we 4 (lieng, liche, tn and I) were preparing for the an introduction to I, II Timothy and Titus for church (I done my part, was watching comic online), my friends burst in with 2 cakes (1 durian and 1 choc flavour), wow... haha... really surprise that liche and lieng got involve in this haha... very good at acting ah those 2... one look innocent, one look busy studying... huh huh... haha!!!

On 11 Nov, around 5.45pm, 5 of us (cc, je, fc, tn and I) went to Smith Street to have our dinner. Nice nice dinner with v nice wu xiang, kang kong, tofu, dan yuan (forget how to call it in english le) and lots more... wah haha... we have a lot of round of dan yuan ahha... wah... never know ferry can eat so much ahha!! haha.. he is an Almond flavour lover, haha... 同志 (comrade), haha!

Felt great to see many familiar faces in the room, haha... so happy that I dun know what to say le... haha... all i can do is smile... and invite ppl to finish the roast meat and the cakes Haha... next time hope to think of something to play instead hehe (games that won't involve cake ahha... coz i think many people now taking v good care of their face le, hahaha!). Who's the next person in line for birthday? Haha... wish you all the best of luck in the days to come... haha.. (days to come.. exam days) haha...

My wish is that everyone will able to know my good buddy, Jesus Christ, in these last days. ;) Anyone free on 25 Nov? My church got a gospel meeting at 2.30pm, titled "Whom do you believe?". Email me at or sms me at 90882105 if you are interested. I am more than willing to bring you to the meeting. :)

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