Friday, December 07, 2007

One week left

One week left I'm going back to Kuala Belait, Brunei. Haha... not that I born there, (I'm a Malaysian), but I grew up there. My nine years in Kuala Belait and my family are currently living there too. Hehe...

My brother, TungNgie said that when he was buying the air tickets, he didn't remember that he got honours project to do, thus ended up we going back home for one month, Dec 14 to Jan 12 (as next semester starts on Jan 14) and this is actually the longest time we going back to Brunei. One month! Haha... so we have to bring our project home to do... and so, we are trying to make best use of our time here before going back home to do our project... hopefully we can clear 50% of it. So that next semester we can focus on the final report. Haha... but our project isn't easy. Haha... wondering how come it is our final year that we have the longest holiday at home for this half-year break. Haha... not our first year (almost a month), second year (two to three weeks) nor third year (two to three weeks). Haha...

My project is making progress, thanks to my Lord, who has never fail to lead me in my project. This project is given to me by Him and I believe He will bring me through, no matter how tough it is. Sometimes, when I have no idea how to continue, I always thought of giving up, grumbling "How come I got such a tough project? I should have chosen other alternatives." But when I come to think of my Lord, I feel remorseful that how I have failed to believe in my Lord. So now, I keep on telling myself, and believe that my Lord will lead me through no matter how tough. Our Lord has won the battle for me, I just need to do my part. Hehe... as in God have given the land of Canaan to the Israelites, the Israelites need to believe in Him and make their conquest on the land. In every battles that Israelites depend on God, they won. But when they did not inquire Lord's direction before they started a battle, they lost the battle.

Thank Lord that I have an enjoyable week. We (4 of us) met Clifton in Vivocity yesterday, to discuss about games for the gospel camp (Dec 20-23) and have our dinner there. Although it is expensive, we have a great discussion and dinner there. Surprisingly, TungLieng had been going to cinema twice per week? Wow, that's a lot. Haha... his visits to cinema in Singapore (2 years) is more than my total visits to cinema all my years in Singapore (6.5 years now). Haha... hopefully he knows what our Lord's will for him and knows that he ought to use money wisely (according to God's will) because money is a property that Lord gives us to take care on earth.

I started memorising God's word again at start of the week, hehe... it is a tough get-on as I have not been memorising since September (after the mid semester break). How ashamed of myself.

Think that's all for now. Remember to be joyful always, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances, found in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. Hehe...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mid-academic-year holiday started for me

After a tough semester of battling three modules and HYP, I have finally reached the holiday, thank God. The examination are done for this semester, but not my HYP. I have forgotten where I have left off (or should I say I dare not to remember where I left off), now I have a choice of whether to do "persistance" or "drag-n-drop" for my forms. I look at some scripts for drag-n-drop features, and they looked horrible... looks like foreign language to me... long and wide, haha... so think I better go think how I add persistancey to my form then... another difficult part though. Still thinking how to do that. Haha...

I am going back to Kuala Belait, Brunei on Dec 14, yea! Bought the air tickets already and I have forgotten to do one thing before buying the tickets -- ask my HYP supervisor whether I need to stay back or not. Haha, since I have bought the tickets, all I could do now is... to INFORM him that I am going back to Brunei on Dec 14, :D and back on Jan 12... wonder how's his face gonna be like... here's an imaginary scenario:

He would smile and ask, "Wow, I never expect you will go back for a month, what are you doing back home then?"
I smile (too) and answer, "Going back, relax, also continue to do my project of course, the forms. Thinking how do I make the form such that it can do save and load, also if possible, add in the drag-n-drop features."
He would knob his head while listening to my reply. Then said, "Ok, so you gonna continue to work on your project at home, right?"
"Yeah, I keep myself updated with the posts in Tiddlycard wiki. You can send me emails too, I'll check my mail regularly."
"Ok, that's great. Hope you enjoy your time at home and by the time you back from your holiday, we see how your forms go. If everything goes well, then we try to see how we can make your forms work in distributive environment."

There you go. I know my supervisor is nice, haha... he's a 外国人, and I seen a lot of 外国老师really take holiday as holiday, no work... just enjoy and relax (while I studied in JIS, Brunei). Haha...

Continue to pray for one another, and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 is the least that a Christian should know about God's will for all of us: "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus". Brothers and sisters, let us continue to work hard to glorify our Lord's name and continue to do what He wants us to do: Spread the gospel and love another.

What is love? Many people including children have a wrong conception of love. All they think love is just philio love. But there is another love that is greater: agape love. Refer to 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres".

You see how great love is and God is love. If you tell your partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) that you love him/her very much, it means that "I will be patient with you; I will be kind to you; I will not envy you; ... ; I will always protect you; I will always trust you; I always have hope in you; I always perseveres for you". Can you truly do that for your partner? God says He loves us, and He really mean what this love mean, including sacrificing His only son, Jesus Christ, for our sin, in order to save us.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2 Reading days left..

For those who is going to have their first paper this Saturday, they have only 2 days left to revise. I have exactly 1 week left to revise for my three modules MA2222 (Nov 29), CS4272 (Nov 30) and CS3234 (Dec 1). Same goes for my bro, Tung Ngie. Hehe... but Li Che's final paper is on Dec 5 or 6 (I can't remember). May God continue to guide us along and may we be able to show forth His glory through our results and stress management. Hahaha...

Looks like MSN space did a great job in their look and feel, hope that doesn't affect their overall performance. Best if they improve the speed of loading up the websites. Haha... MSN Hotmail looks good, I just changed my password for it. However, my MSN messenger still laggy, think it is due to the heavy network traffic I am in, (PGP will love to tell you how many students are currently lodging in its residents, how popular it is, the ever-increasing cutoff points, and say sorry for those who didn't get the room here, can't help it, because too popular, etc craps). Then comes the heavy network traffic, haha...

Oh well, have been spending my time reading CS3234 lecture notes (+ textbook), CS4272 lecture notes (can't finish all those supplementary papers lecturer gave online, too many, but I did read some), MA2222 lecture notes, try out common test paper again, then the last year's final exam paper. Well, I met some tough questions in the past year paper, and waiting for my bro to do it, so that we can check our answers. Hehe... hope my understanding is correct. Hehe...

Nothing to say right now.... except that I broke my determination ("only play ps2 after exam")... and started playing few days ago. Haha... but I determined (again) not to play after yesterday till the end of the three papers. Hehe... so... study hard... haha...

And finally... Happy Birthday Tang Tung Ci! (glad I remember)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Start of Reading Week

My Lord has been blessing my brother that he got better now from the fever. Hehe... thank God. He has show forth his glory and might from my brother's illness. May all glory be upon Him.

Have two birthday surprises this week, one on Nov 12 in my kitchen and one in Crystal Jade Kitchen, Holland V. Haha... it just that I never expect them to be there. Haha... Nov 12, my friends climb all the way up to level 7 of Blk 26, where my brother lives. Then my brother told me to eat mee goreng, so I prepared my bowl, chopstick and spoon, ready to go on lift for my brother to bring me up. But to my surprise, it was my brother coming down. Then I was puzzled, then he led me to the kitchen and I saw JE, "What's he doing here?" Then yeah, haha... birthday surprise. Another one is Nov 16, and that night, I thought only 4 of us (Tung Lieng, Li Che, Tung Ngie and I) having dinner and saying that the location is Crystal Jade kitchen. So go lor... well, I don't know what happened, but we went upstairs. Then I saw Yung Hua in NUSHO t-shirt, and CK. Then I thought "wow, how coincidence that AMCISA also having dinner here ah." I soon realise I am wrong because I saw Ferry, JE and CC was there as well, and we are approaching a large table, instead of a 4-person tables. Haha... then it doesn't take quite long for me to figure what's happening then. Haha...

Great last week of study huh? Hehe... they are all my nice friends, and I felt in-debt if I didn't spread them the gospel. How nice if they are my brothers and sisters, but it is all upon God's grace that He let them see that they have sin even before birth, and need the blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse it. May they be in God's hand that my Lord willing to initiate the transaction with them. May they have this oppurtunity to hear the full gospel and willing to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Now, start of reading week, time to prepare for exams and I have broken my own determination - not playing NBA Live 2004 till the last paper finished. Haha... but I have played twice on Thursday and Saturday. Haha... I am learning to stop my urge to play ps2.

I have posted the photos (most are taken by Ferry) on So whoever wants it can get it from there. Hehe... Bah, I'll stop now.

All the girls
All the boys

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Early reading week

Declared myself to have an early reading week... have started revising (basically just reading) my CS3234 lecture notes and textbook. Still have another lecture to go for this module. And this is the last paper I will sit for my final exams. So that I can focus on the other two, MA2222 and CS4272, during my study week, hehe... I can S/U this CS3234 anyway, but not the other two (well, if I want to minor in financial mathematics, then I can't S/U MA2222, haha).

The forum in CS3212 has gone very quiet, all assignments are finished except an optional assignment about rePL. Haha... I have read the assignment questions but have not give it a thought yet, because I revising CS3234. Haha... but need to look at the assignment questions that are to be discussed in lab this Friday, haha... it is bad if I didn't prepare for the questions that I am going to teach this Friday, right? Haha... eventhough I said I don't entertain early booking of questions for the lab, I still receive emails, haha... they just have to raise up their hands when I asked for volunteers to do those questions. And I have mentioned that I am giving the priority to those who haven't participate before. Haha... as Razvan said before, "It's a competitive environment." Haha...

Thank God for two days of basketball on Monday and Tuesday, my bro and I shot well on Monday, but not on Tuesday, haha... think still tired after 3 games of one-on-one on Monday. Haha... then unfortunately, my brother fell sick yesterday night. Hopefully it isn't the virus that struck him two years ago. It keeps recurring two years and in the month of November, somemore. Haha... wow... what a dangerous virus is that... but I believe our Lord is able to save him, need to have faith and pray for my brother. Hehe...

As exams are approaching, my mind thinks about the holiday after the exams, sheesh... haha... for all things my Lord puts me through, He has his plan for me and it is all for my own good. I thank God for that. So brothers and sisters, have faith. Our Lord has promised victory for us, but we need to believe in him and do our part. He never promise us that the road is smooth-sailing one (or else we will become lazy), but full of rough waves that we can learn lessons from, and grow in our spiritual life. May what we do is according to God's will. If we have sinned against Him, may God gives us the courage to repent in front of Him. We are nothing without our Lord.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Waiting for my hair to dry

(Continue from title) - so that I can sleep... haha... its early Sunday morning now, 12am++ and I need to sleep for some few hours before I go to church later ard 8am. Hehe... but my hair not yet dry... haha... after writing this blog entry, if my hair hasn't dry yet, I will resort to use hair dryer then (I really got one, basically for this purpose anyway).

Today we have a concert, Harmonica Melodies from Italian Master Willi Burger, and his companion, Marcello Parolini on the piano. This is their second time performing in NUS, organised by NUS Harmonica Orchestra. This year, Jang Ming, the chairperson of this concert, has some free time to accompany them (Mr and Mrs Willi Burger and Marcello Parolini). They are fun people, very easy to get along with, and I'm so pity them that their stay in Singapore is basically "stuck" in NUS CFA studio activity room, practicing their pieces (Willi Burger has another concert with Yasuo Watani in Hong Kong, after this trip in Singapore). So, ya, haha... maybe they thought that is good... coz they enjoy practicing? Only they knows, haha... music geeks...

This morning I have tiddlycard meeting and unfortunately my supervisor has some accident yesterday (Friday) and can't come for the meeting, so just a few of us discussing some "compiler design" stuff and distributive model... and I felt I am in a computer geeks' conversation, can't understand much. So I left early. Then tonight after the concert (got a dinner supposed for CFA invited guests and we don't know who they are anyway) so everyone get to join the dinner, except those left earlier. So... they all are music geeks, music followers... as if music is their god? Haha... hopefully that's not what they "worshipping", haha... music is good for some sense... for example songs we use to praise God, our Lord, or some songs at least we can get the comfort from the meaning of the lyrics. Haha... I don't like those hard jam, rock and pop, music... those are noise to me... haha... to me, music should be calm, sweet, or could be fast, but gentle... not rough like metallic songs. Haha... so I met computer and music geeks in one day... haha...

Let's go back to discuss on Willi Burger and his companions. Last year, Jang Ming can't find some free time to accompany them to Singapore zoo, so Ferry, Diep, my brother (Lieng) and I brought them to the zoo and it is also our first chance to go to zoo for my bro and I. Hehe... and I can't believe my eyes when we had our lunch in one of the restaurants in the zoo. The three (Mr and Mrs Willi Burger and Marcello Parolini) are like one family, share food, exchange food... wow... as if Marcello is their son! Wow... that is one fantastic scene and I just can't forget that, haha... Chee Yong told me that when he looked at their passport, their chops are all the same... which means that wherever Willi (and his wife maybe) goes, Marcello goes too. Hehe.. wow... really like family le, haha...

There you go... after such a wonderful evening (and the fright whether the concert gonna cross 10pm, i.e. extra charge) haha... it is finally done... phew... no more concert for the semester now... next year will be Soiree 2008 and I'll see how Chiu Yee and Wai Yi (NUSHO current concert managers) handles it and try to help if possible. Haha... they did a wonderful job for this year's Impressions though, haha...

Bah, haha... gotta sleep early... think my hair is dry enough to sleep, haha... ciao! ('ciao' is an Italian word for either 'hello' or 'goodbye', cool huh?)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Yesterday and Today (chinese)






Friday, November 02, 2007

2 Assignments at one go...

This is a rare event this sem... 2 assignments coming at one time from different modules, haha... this had been a quiet semester, except some of those days that my computer broke down and some midterm exams. All the assignments given in quite a time and my bro and I can finish them in every Saturday. Hehe.. things start piling up especially the stuff I need to revise. Haha, especially MA2222, which I still have quite a lot of difficulties in doing its tutorial. I have been quite slack in other modules.

Having a bad mouth ulcers started middle of last week (luckily the family fellowship is over, coz I don't wanna miss those nice food, right?)... mouth ulcers at 3 places, one is caused by another, so... yea... thank God that the first one is recovering fast. The last one, also the biggest one, is very deep inside my mouth, causing me pain in my jaw and giving me some headaches. Haha... may God continue to heal my mouth ulcers, and give me the spirit of patience, hehe... keep me standing against these mouth ulcers haha...

I have been reading a book, titled 神人:建立与神紧密相连的人生, chinese book though. Talks about Elijah and Elisha, how we can learn lessons from their live walking very closely to God. When Israel was forsaking God's word, the queen of Israel, a non-Israelites, gave the order to kill all prophets of God, many were killed, left with 100 who hidden away. But one brave prophet of God, Elijah willing to stand out for God. Read more about it and you know what's the meaning of God man, (direct translation of 神人). Haha... however, I yet to complete the book, still a few pages left.

Anyway, the 2 assignments this time is pretty tough I guess, one writing program in Prolog, one using a software call Chronos to detect WCET (Worst Case Execution Time) of some program, haha... 说了你们也不明白. But I believe my God will bring me through this. Hehe... just do my part, follow His will for me. Thank God for all the guidance.

Oh ya, my HYP... still doing my forms... but my supervisor adds in another task... doing API for distributive applications, haha (what's that got to do with GUI?) but anyway, it sounds interesting, but... yeah... complicated in terms of implementation again. He told me to think abstractly, not too deep on implementation. Hmm... data structures, black box... wow... my HYP... haha... die? Haha... it all depends on my relationship with God and how much I willing to depend and believe in His hands. Is my God's hand too short for all these?

That's remind me of verses in Numbers 11. It says about the Israelites want to eat meat, and Moses cried to the Lord and in the end the Lord brought them the meat they want (it's a miracle, of how the Lord gave meat to 2,400,000++ people in the desert/wilderness by the way). In verse Numbers 11:21-23,

But Moses said, "Here I am among six hundred thousand men on foot, and you say, 'I will give them meat to eat for a whole month!' Would they have enough if flocks and herds were slaughtered for them? Would they have enough if all the fish in the sea were caught for them?" The Lord answered Moses, "Is the Lord's arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you."

And yes, the people are fed with meat, mentioned in Numbers 11:31-32,

Now a wind went out from the Lord and drove quail in from the sea. It brought them down all around the camp to about three feet above the ground, as far as a day's walk in any direction. All that day and night and all the next day the people went out and gathered quail. No one gathered less than ten homers.

So look at God's providence here. Whenever you meet troubles, pray to the God and have faith in Him. May God continue to guide all His children.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Family Fellowship (chinese and english)


今天我们教会在若兰姐妹的家有个家庭聚会,一点到两点是聚餐,两点到四点是分享以及代祷。我们四个人当中只有敦义和我去,敦廉早上有canoeing,不知道几时才结束(后来知道了,是一点多下午),立智有project meeting(可惜leader不是她,以前我做leader的时候,我从来不在周末有meeting的)。大家弟兄姐妹都带了些食物来与大家分享,添得大家肚子都好饱哦!




好了,我得要睡了。若我不早睡,明天就必载morning service的时候睡觉了。哈哈哈。以下是上几段的英文翻译。

Our passage of sharing today during our family fellowship: Matthew 9:12, Luke 5:18-20 and Mark 2:1-5. All these are based on one story that Jesus heals a paralytic. The main focus of the sharing by Sister Geok Lan is on the gospel.

From this story, we are not focusing on that paralyzed man, but the men who brings him to Jesus. I can tell that they have a great love for this paralyzed man and great faith in Jesus Christ can heal this man. We believe this paralyzed man is their friend (if not, then their love for this man is even greater) and they would have taken all their time and trouble to look for a doctor who can heal this paralyzed man. Once they heard of Jesus Christ and how Jesus has healed the sick. They then have faith in that Jesus Christ is the one who can heal this paralyzed man. Therefore, they bring this paralyzed man to where Jesus is. (They could have taken the trouble to look for the whereabout of Jesus). However, they met a big problem. The scripture told us that there is a crowd in the house and they have no way to bring the paralyzed man in.

Without great love and great faith, they could have bring this paralyzed man back to his home, apologize to him, tell him that they have tried their best, just that he is unlucky. But no, their great love for this man and great faith that Jesus is the only one who can heal this paralyzed man prevents them from losing heart. Without any discussion on what's the plan, they all go up to the roof and make an opening and lower the paralyzed man down. Point 1, this house is not theirs, they could be charged for making an opening in the roof. Point 2, they have never been to the house, thus they need to spend great amount of effort and time to find Jesus in the house. Point 3, carrying the paralyzed man is not an easy task. We assume that the paralyzed man is not a children. The mattress that he is lying on is not light at all too. So imagine they have to carry him all the way to the house Jesus in, climbed up to the roof and the process of lowering him down to in front of Jesus. Guess how much effort or energy have these men put. One wrong step will cause this paralyzed man to lose his life (imagine fall off the mattress during all these trips). So from these points, we can see, without the great love and great faith these men possessed, there is no way they can succeed in putting the paralyzed man in front of Jesus.

Think of ourselves now. Imagine all your friends and relatives who have not believe in Christ are the paralyzed man in this story. Are you one of those who possess the great love for the paralyzed man and great faith in Jesus Christ, who willing to sacrifice yourselves, to get the paralyzed man healed? Are you willing to spread gospel to them? Or bring them to church? May we be reminded by this sharing, willing to stand for our Lord, spread the gospel to all our friends and relatives who are non-believers. It is God's grace that they believe in Christ and receive the salvation, our job is to spread the gospel to them, so that they, too, have the chance or opportunity to hear about the gospel in this world, when they are still living.

That's all. Haha, good night.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A small step (chinese and english)



We have this centralised place on the Internet, that we can put our parts of the program in it, such that anyone who has access to that place, can download and use. For example one of my friends do some updates on his work, then upload to that central place. Then I can download his work and use it in my work. Haha... and I have installed this TortoiseSVN that allows me to keep track to the contents in that central place. Very convenient. It's free by the way, so you just need to google for it.

I have a folder that dedicates to this tiddlycard server (the name of our central place), so if I didn't make any changes, fresh update from the server, I will have a green tick beside the folder, else (I make some changes after updating), it shows a red exclamation mark.

CLEAN folder
DIRTY folder
I have not seen the green tick for quite a long time, because I made some changes (while I doing my work). Although I do update everytime, but because my stuff still different from the server, thus I always have that red exclamation mark, till I finally commit today and thus having the green tick (yes, finally!).

You may ask why I only commit today? This is because previously I wasn't able to make something work, haha... and only till today a small step. Haha... well a lot more things to do for my project though... much to be expected and here comes the red exclamation mark. Haha...


然后三点钟,敦义和我去听一个talk,关于OpenSolaris,挺陌生的一个OS,所以就去探听探听。可惜talk后没有茶点,哈哈。听了所以然罢了,没什么大不了,那讲员说了一些他的经验,如何作出一个Linux的distribution叫Debian,然后参加了Sun Microsystem,引起了公司里的工人疑惑(因为Sun Microsystem公司不是用Linux的,所以非常好奇一个Linux的人跑了进来),终于他向他们解释:“因为这样~,所以那样~”。

过后我们便搭Shuttle Bus回到PGP,继续做我们的功课。好了,没什么事情了,但愿主继续的保守我们,使我们在世上能够行主的旨意,远离罪恶以及一切的引诱。叫一切荣耀称赞都归于神。

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

HYP stuck again... (chinese)


这个星期六又有个TiddlyCard meeting,我们每个人都要呈现我们的进展。看来我这次似乎又要空手而去了。若我是空手回天家,那就更惨了。



In CS3212 T1 Class (chinese)

现在正在我所作Tutor的module课里,那老师正在解释如何做Assignment 8。一些学生是与我同期的,一些是我的学弟学妹,看着他们拿这个module,实在是可怜他们。我曾经拿过这科(不如我怎么做这科的Tutor呢?只是教授不一样),不是很好玩。每个星期有programming功课,弄得我非常的不喜欢programming,把我曾经说过的话--“programming挺好玩!”硬硬地吃下去,哈哈。(那时我还没拿这个module)

快要12点了,哇,老师没停过。我来这里的目的是要看看有什么我可以在我做老师的那天(每个星期五,两点到四点),知道要教什么。奇怪,怎么那么多东西好讲,好象变成recitation了。哈哈。好惨,难道我也要这么教么?哈哈。幸亏他们的lecture在星期四,所以老师应该那时又对他们解释了吧?下个Assignment应该是关于一个我最怕的,simPL VM heap。哈哈,我自己不是很会的,哈哈。

星期日那天,教会聚会后,我们(显有,敦廉,敦义,立智,我)到Paya Lebar MRT附近的一个咖啡厅,Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf去喝茶。敦义和我只叫了个Banana Chocolate的Ice-blended drink,其他的有叫什么latte,tiramisu,raspberry cake,etc。我们看到好多人在里面,享受着空调,做功课。一些人是一个人霸两张桌子,一些是一群人,Coffee Bean虽然价钱昂贵,但是依然好生意嘛!哈哈。我们五人围绕这一张叫桌子,但感谢主那桌子足够让我们放我们的食物。哈哈。


Saturday, October 13, 2007

One SaTuRdAy (chinese)

今天从早上到晚上都在电脑室里。我感谢我主带领我和我弟弟今天能完成我们的CS4272 assignment 2。上个星期六,我们也是这样做完我们的MA2222 assignment。非常感谢我的主的领导,没有他的指引以及智慧,我们是没有办法做完这些功课的。

躲在电脑室里就发现时间好快地过去。本来第一眼看时是十二点钟正午,下一眼便是五点傍晚了,但我还道是两点钟罢了。我还有一个小考在Oct 19, 还没开始复习,哈哈,先做完功课。


有一点我要感谢主的是我终于对我的那Honours Year Project有一点的头绪了。概念弄清楚后,就要到实行了,英文叫Implementation。那不是个简单的事情。还得多多依靠我主的带领。我也感谢主,敦义对他的HYP,也如我,有头绪了。哈哈。


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Laptop spoilt and recover

My laptop went hairwired on last Thursday afternoon. Thank God for giving my bro, Ngie, the wisdom to fix it, haha... and fortunately I have backuped all important data (either on the server, in my external hard disk or is available online). Haha... so... what we did is format it and realise there are hard disk problems... bad sectors. We tried all our means and finally... a software SalvationHDD from Ultimate Boot CD (burned from image) did a great job on my laptop... it fixes the bad sector and viola... everything back to normal.... we were resorting to our last plan, which is installing Linux on my laptop instead of Microsoft Windows because the WinXP pro CD just can't do the complete job of formating my hard disk. Haha... anyway it is alright now and I am blogging now... haha just hope that the blue screen of death (BSOD) doesn't appear suddenly in front of me, hehe...

My bro, Lieng, is finally back in Singapore... returning to his school... school reopen on... tmr... Monday, haha.... while those in universities start our term break, what a contrast... haha... I thank God for all the things that happen around me... hehe... last week major lessons that I learned is the comparison of testimony between Lot and Rahab. Hehe... I talk about them in next entry, coz I am very sleepy le after entering the marks for CS3212 assignment 2 and 3.... tough job... I have to look thr the codes for mistakes for those who didn't score well for the assignments. Phew... haha... finally done and I really thank God for that, hehe...

May God continue to bless all His children. Oh ya, I attended my church's gospel meeting this Saturday and felt guilty of not succeed to bring any friends to church. But I learned new things there... only believe in God won't get you the inheritance of heaven and eternal life... it is only through the resurrection of our Jesus Christ can you get the inheritance of heaven and eternal life. So it is very important for us not to left out our one and only personal Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the only means or way we can get to God. Hehe...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

End of Week 4

Thanks to God that most of the things have been going well... nothing pops out of nowhere... haha... we started to have assignment from the have-been-quiet CS3234, while we still working on our CS4272 assignment 1. Unfortunately both these assignments have their deadlines very close to each other, 17 and 20 September respectively. Haha... what can I say? Trust in God and do my parts.

I suppose to have a TiddlyCard meeting today regarding sneak preview, but it is being postponed. Anyway, my stuff isn't gonna put into the sneak preview yet bcoz mine still under investigation... haha... but looking at my colleagues' stuff, they have been doing a good job. Haha... very impressive haha...

Yesterday my CS3212 T5 class has over-populated. Haha... not sure what to do... thus all I can do is ask them to stand along the walls, may them understand me... just bear with me for an hr... to discuss solutions and provide hints. Luckily other programming labs (PL4) are free the entire day, so after the discussion (I took only 30 mins to finish the discussion this time, last week I drag till 1 hr... this time I forgot to look at the time... thus only use 30 min haha... think the students are more prepared to present their solution this time...), they can just go to any programming labs, grab a comp and start doing their assignments. Haha... while I be in the same room... for whatever questions they have, they can look for me there.... looks like they want the slides... so next time I have to remember to put up my slides, haha... I give tips for the assignments because I have experienced this toughness before... cracking my brain for this module's assignment isn't easy... thus hints must be provided to encourage the students, haha... because I felt discouraged when I was doing these assignments. Haha...

Wish to learn JavaBean 3.0 this December holiday, haha... hopefully I have the time, haha... think I will go buy the textbook before I fly back to Brunei for my holiday haha... hopefully coop still open, haha... if not then nvm la hehe... CS4272 assignment 1 has been keeping me busy for this week, haha... looks like CS3234 assignment 1 joins in and... at home think abt CS3234 while at lab think CS4272, haha not bad ah... oopz I still need to book some time for my MA2222 haha... tutorial 3... looks like I have been busy with my other modules instead of my HYP, haha...

HYP in God's hand, hehe... but I still need to do my parts. Hehe.. brothers and sisters, remember that God will not hold up any good things that come to us. Hehehe... God knows what's best for us, so just keep depend on Him... while we do our parts. Haha... may God make we all the light of the world, being a good testimony for our Lord, such that people around us can come to the light upon looking at our light (testimony). Haha...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nice dinner

OOoo it's the third week now... and my brother Lieng is going back Brunei for his holiday. His holiday is one month, so hope that he makes good use of it to cultivate God's word in his life. We have a nice dinner today, 可以说是饯行. Haha... in pizza hut... a cheesy fordue + a regular pan pizza (Lieng wants Hawaii Lover) + Hut's Platter + 4 soup of the day + 4 mirinda orange drinks. Wooh... how full we are! Haha... need to exercise a lot le... haha...

Think my timetable for the semester is ready now... there shouldn't be anymore changes... I got my Monday free... Tuesday just 8-10am lecture and Wednesday just 9-10am tutorial. My Thursday and Friday aren't so nice... Thursday 9am-12pm, 2-4pm got lecture, then Friday 8-10am lecture, 12-2pm need to TA a lab class and 3-4pm got tutorial. Then plus my harmonica Monday and Friday 7-10pm each. Hehe... oh boy oh boy... haha... what a NICE semester... haha... what do you think those "free" time for? Haha... for my honours year project of coz, haha... just like last sem's CS3215. Haha...

This Monday, we practised "Under the Sea"... though it is nice to hear... but hard to play... esp keeping to the rhythm and playing the correct notes... haha... basically I didn't practice for so long le... now need to take it up and play the song... haha... only got the song "Spirited Away" memorised last last week. Haha... sometime just play for fun... then got MMP on Friday... need to teach others to play harmonica, haha... not an easy task... just think of how I can only do the tongue block in more than 4 sessions of MMP... while some of them did it in just 2 sessions... haha... well done... the only thing is that the recruitment this time is quite less than previous one... but I hope we can retain this number, haha... coz previous recruitment always drop like y=1/x when x is between 5 and 10000..., haha... then end up left those being elected to be exco. But I glad the previous batch, still got some more players apart those exco. Haha...

Well well... 11.30pm++ le... my bro Ngie complain too full le, haha so can't sleep... hehe... bah continue to think about my HYP and also reading lecture notes or relevant materials of my module this sem, haha...

Just remember this: God will not withhold anything good from us. He knows what's best for us.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rainy season

Back in my own room yesterday. Have been in "PraiseHaven" Bukit Timah Salvation Army from last Saturday, busy "entertaining" a group from Macau, their Australia & Singapore concert tour. I think our concert tour to Japan in 2005 is more fun than theirs though they have more people... they went around Australia and Singapore (last stop) with 12 days... and think there are 4 or 5 concerts. Haha... viola to them... so hardworking...

As expected, some of them are quite nice, but some of them just show their attitude... looking down on some of us as they think we just 'mere workers'... or 'servants'... it is not easy to entertain them due to some problem... (1) language barrier... both my bro and I don't know how to speak cantonese and... sometime I doubt that they understand our Chinese or English... (I know some do, those nice one... no need to mention those bad one le... they NEVER listen even if they do understand) (2) they always change plans... amhei and woodland cc has prepared very nice food for those vips, but they don't appreciate it... they wanna go back to hotel before the food come... haha... but we, 'workers', get to have those expensive food then. (3) They didn't give accurate informations... we wasted a lot of effort...

So... for 4 days, we went to the airport 3 days... day 1, pick up the advance party from the airport... the # of people in advance party is more than what they have told us... thus... we, 'workers', have no room to sleep in because we don't have enough rooms on that day. So we sleep in the lobby area, on the sofa... then wake up 4.45am to go to airport to pick up the main group... that's day 2... then go victoria concert hall for their rehearsal... they requested for snare drums and tom-tom, but... they brought their own snare drum and didn't use tom-tom... sweat... they say 4 bass chairs... but during rehearsal, they want 6... during concert... they don't wanna get off the stage when the guests are coming in le... anyway its their concert... management from above told me to get them off at 6.15pm, then also told me to "as long as they are happy"... wow... what an instruction... so concert/stage manager is not a good thing to do when your 'clients' are making life miserable for you... hope that's my last time being a concert/stage manager... what an experience... really sweat sweat...

I always felt rush whenever the clients don't listen to me but there are instructions passed down... I afraid that the management scold me for not getting them off the stage at 6.15pm... then if I insist (this is useless anyway... they won't listen), making them not happy, then that's the other side that the management can scold me le... so making my life really difficult, don't you think so? Haiz... anyway... hope there's no longer any case like that...

Haiz... day 3 is their masterclass... help them to arrange their chairs and instruments in the hall in the morning... then in the end they change the arrangement... really, I am not angry about this, I have expected it anyway. It just that I don't know they gonna shift and I don't know where to help, dun want later they say more help more trouble le... so I just stand there looking... but think my bro doesn't understand me... thought that I am angry about the shifting thus unwilling to help them... haiz...

Have been very sinful for me these few days... my heart occupied by the frustration and heat by these people... but I keep on praying silently in my heart to cool myself and my bro down... constantly reminding myself on God's teaching and really... He has shown kindness to us... our helpers, the lorry uncle, the bus drivers are all very helpful... and understanding... I always thank God for all these... for the food that He has given us... but remind myself that living in this world doesn't depend on these food only... but on God's word... God has His own plan and time... I am learning to put all my trust in Him... God's word is so much to learn... one can never fully understand God's word and there is no way for one to graduate from God's word... because His word are just too great!

How blessed are we His children... reflect on what He did for us all these while and we see His miraculous hands surrounding us, leading us on His way. Glad I am one of His children. He also give his command to all His children to save people from sin by inviting him to receive the salvation and willing to be His children... he will be as blessed as any of us...

Friday, August 10, 2007

End of week 0

Coming to the end of Week 0, each faculties and halls is gonna drive their rag down to city hall to have a run down tomorrow. Haha... well... usually they did their run down over at the running tracks here. Last year, they did it at both places... now this year, they only did it in city hall. Haha.. anyway... I don't want get crowded, so not going to see the run down tomorrow.

God blessed my bro and I to have an hour ++ of basketball yesterday. Good weather. Hehe... and we sure are tired after playing haha... and my shoes got its underneath layer broke off... haha so walked like a duck with webbed feet back home...

I had a "tiddlycard meeting" with my other "tiddlycard developers" and my profs... and how nervous I am when my prof asked me to explain to others what my part is related to the tiddlycard project... my part is about generating forms from a form descriptor... so I am still exploring xforms and I haven't got the idea how is it related haha... anyway... I did show those what I did... but others show "more contribution" for their parts and I am amazed. Haha... coz there wasn't much activities recorded in tiddlycard_wiki and no one made any commits to svn. Haha... anyway... I am now investigating the xforms myself... check if there's any way to generate forms with just javascript... (coz the generator I thought that is the best built from Java, so can't put it into our tiddlycard) so... there goes... waiting for my profs to send more instructions for me...

Just finish welcome tea today, then go ntuc (while some seniors and exco have their meal in varynice, coz the food for welcome tea wasn't enough... as usual) to buy some stuff... (my tmr breakfast) ahahha... scare later my family say me torturing myself again... haiz haha don't they know that if I increase weight, it also considered torturing myself? Haha... I'll b scolded by my doctor le... haha... need to control everytime when eating hhaa...

God continues to bless all His children and may we all pray earnestly and faithfully for the evangelistic meeting on Sept 3-8. Hopefully I can get friends to go too.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Week 0: Orientation week

It's week 0 of the academic year and here goes my last year in NUS (hopefully). Haha.. as I am saying this to one of my sisters, that uni is a training ground for us, prepared by God. Learn to depend on Him and living by faith. A lot of lessons learnt while I am studying. Eventually we have to work in the society, in order to earn our living as this is proclaimed by God after sin came into the world.

Though this may be a curse to men as we have to labour in order to get our food, God can turn it into a blessing as through working, we learn about God's providence, learn to depend on Him more, trust Him and learn to live by faith. Truly, as I saw from my brothers and sisters around me, those working one, God continue to bless them and let them be a light to their colleagues. Stand firm on God's word and do not compromise with whatever different from God's word.

Surely my honours year project is demanding and difficult too. Getting familiar with XForms in order to generate forms from a form descriptor is not that easy at all and teaches me to depend on God more. When there are progress, I feel very happy and thanks the Lord. But when I encounter troubles or hurdles, I shall learn not to give up easily. Pray and may the wisdom of God guide His children.

I am currently learning to pray for brothers and sisters, for the church and my family members. Previously, I realise I have been not devoted to praying, as I just pray for myself. Now, realising that this isn't the prayer life that the Lord want us to live, I trying to learn to pray for others. Battling against my laziness and selfishness, the Holy Spirit will help me to overcome these two attributes of old self.

May God continue to bless His children and His children willing to put full trust on God, live by faith and bears the fruits of the spirit. When I am writing these, I am reminding myself, hehe... hope it do remind anyone who reads these too.

Many thanks to Liche that she made nice pasta for our dinner, haha... Ngie helps her of course. Well, I do lend a hand too, not much, just open the tin can with the can opener. It was my first trial of the can opener and it was much better during my second trial when we have pasta again for our Sunday (just passed) night. Thanks God that it is a very nice dish and we're full after eating our "piece". Haha... we divided it into 4 pieces. We then brought the last piece to Lieng, traded with his ps2 (currently in Ngie's room) and a boiling flask (currently in my room now). Haha... good trade? Haha...

Lieng is still busy with his assignments and tests. He just finished a paper on last Thursday at 9pm then we brought him the pasta (the first trial). Haha... hope he doesn't forget to put God first in his heart no matter in any circumstances. Hehe... hope he doesn't dislike me for keep on reminding him about "sleep early", "put God first", "don't waste money on those you had", etc. Haha...

Oh ya, Ngie is having difficulties in trying to understand his project. Haha... pray for him. Hehe... Looks like a lot of praying to do. And yeah, praying is the basic thing to do for a reborn Christian.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Evangelistic meetings ~ Turn to God

Coming soon is my church's a series of evangelistic meetings, themed Turn to God, starting from Sept 3 - 8. Sept 3, 4 and 5 are in English, by Dr. Chua Eu Jin, while Sept 6, 7 and 8 are in Chinese by 蔡千杰执事. Pray earnestly for the speakers, as well as the guests invited by our brothers and sisters to come to hear to the Lord's message. May God allows these guests to come to His home and hear this message of salvation. Also, pray God that He allows them to open their eyes and hearts, know that all men are sinners and the only way to go to heaven is to receive this salvation that He has prepared for all men.

These two days, my brother and I have been helping out on the matric fair, "persuading" freshmen to leave their contacts and distributing flyers. Using some of the tactics I remembered from my seniors (esp. San Woo), manage to get quite a number of them to sign and seems like today's is better than yesterday's. Haha... also my bro and I pass on the "tactics" to the new batch of exco who are doing this their first time. Haha... teaching them how to approach the freshmen and how to "see" some of them where we just pass them the flyers. Haha... well, it sure is tired standing the whole morning or afternoon (we 2 do one of the shifts for these two days).

I saw what I did in this matric fair and make me thought of spreading the gospel. I have not been spreading gospel as "hardworking" or serious as I did during the matric fair. How ashamed of me, claimed to be God's servant, but not doing what God commanded us to do. I have missed a lot of chance to spread gospel to my father and friends around me. How timid I am.

In bible, John 14:6 ~ Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. There is no other god that dares to say this. And there is no other god that sacrifices themselves to save men. Romans 5:8 ~ ...While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Maybe you will "argue" that why do we have sins, and since other god claim that men don't have sin, then there is nothing to be saved. All men have sin as it is stated in the bible Romans 3:23 ~ for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. The "all" here refers to "all men". If we have sin, then the price of sin is death. See Romans 6:23 ~ For the wages of sin is death.... Thus we need the forgiveness of God. How? If we look at Romans 9:22 ~ ...without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.

However, I can't die for you to save you from God's wrath (due to our sin), you can't die for me, because we are all sinners. There is only one who can save us, die for us, fulfill God's cup of wrath and he is Jesus Christ. He is born of a virgin, a miracle birth, different from each of us. Also, when he is faced with the temptation of Satan (devil), he ables to defeat Satan with God's word. He died on the cross and resurrected on the third day symbolises the victory over Satan. It is a big hit on Satan's head. Thus those who receives this salvation shall be released from the chain of Satan.

1 Corinthians 15:3-6
For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers at the same time, most of whom are still living, though some have fallen asleep.

"fallen asleep" actually means "dead" in the language of men. But apostle Paul said they "fallen asleep" because they shall arise when Christ come the second time to pick all His children and church up to heaven. When Christ come? I don't know. The bible say it will be like a thief visiting your house. The thief won't drop you a message that they will visit your house, will they? Haha... you never know... it may be the next moment...

That's my sharing and hope it can give you some understanding the urgency of receiving this salvation.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Moved... Semester stay...

Finally I have moved to my semester-stayed room. Haha... glad that I still have enough time to go church for the counsellor refresh course in Queenstown after moving all my stuff. Phew... thank God.

Today we gonna have two activities God lining up for us. One is family fellowship over at Brother Eddie's house and a teens-youth fellowship at the same place. Hehe... the family fellowship starts 10.30am. So it's better to be there early than late, right? Hehe... so... will get to the mrt ard 8.45am.

I bring the time below forth to God and let Him lead us. May we all have a peaceful journey to Brother Eddie's house. Hehe....

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back for Final Year!

Oh well, after enjoyed myself at home for around 3 wks, I am now back in Singapore... and required to move to my new room on coming Monday. Nothing much, hehe... luckily I "brought" back less clothes now... before I came back, I opened my luggage, and wow... my grandma had put in quite a number of clothes in there... but I took most of them out as they are planned to be at home. Haha...

No more aircon nights... no "Arc the Lad" ps2 game... no sister to disturb... sad... no more excuse to keep my project in suspense. Haha... anyway... God has His ways. When I opened my hostel room, there is a letter that told me the last day of stay is 23rd July and the key will be deactivated at 12pm on that day. Wow... God bless... He knows we need to come back and move. Haha... thanks to Him for the safe journey. Haha... here comes another year... and may God continue to bless His children in all things we do and may we have the wisdom (God-fearing) not to forget God's will for each of us. Hehe...

Prepare to move room...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Home on Mid-2007

Wow, finally back at home... new house, haha... this is the first time I got back to this new house, haha while lieng has returned for 2 times. Haha... thank God that the flight is safe hehe...

This morning we went to church for the bible study, but went to the airport after that, miss the sermon. May God forgive us for that. However, I learnt a lot during the bible study class, as always, hehe... learn how blessed were Israelites, but they still complaint, learn how Moses' relationship with God, and how God does not tolerate anyone who speak against His servant, not even Aaron (the high priest) and Miriam (the prophetess) at that time... who accused Moses. We saw such a humble man like Moses can fall into such depressful state, what else can we say about our pastors, elders, sunday school teachers, parents, brothers and sisters, whom we think they have a good spiritual life. So, they really need our prayers. Pray that they can see our God's arm is not that short... His arm is long enough to cover all the troubles.

Yeah, that's all for now, haha... the wireless seems to work ok... haha...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Project hurdle

Coming to a hurdle of the project, I am doing investigation on how should I carry out my next step. Need to learn XForm, read about xmlDoc, and trying to use qooxdoo v0.7 before I attempt to upgrade my project's qooxdoo v0.6.6 to v0.7. I have tried to make some simple qooxdoo application to work with this qooxdoo v0.7 without the generator (which all qooxdoo users are very fond of this generator as it is the main thing that supports the good name of qooxdoo, I suppose). However, as I am asked to make qooxdoo application without that generator as that generator doesn't fit in to my project. Thus, I seems like walking the long way... not only long, but rocky too... now.. it has been a wide gap in front of me while I am trying to make a simple qooxdoo application to work on this qooxdoo v0.7 without the generator. Qooxdoo v0.7 has been more object-oriented than the previous version, thus there's some difference on how v0.6.6 and v0.7 work and this is my trouble. I have been thinking abt this for the entire day and still, no solution yet. Anyway, I will continue to try. (But I do hope I can tell my prof to drop this library and concentrate on YUI and Dojo. Hehe... looks like YUI has been popular on the Internet, while Dojo is complained about its bulkiness.)

Well, well, well... almost coming to July... 2/3 of my holiday is about to end. God has been leading me all along... the wound at my back is healing up and my bro is teasing me that maybe the "hole" is large enough for singapore five cent coin. Haha... what a brother I have here... sad, isn't it? Haha... just kidding. The nurses have been telling to eat more fruits. Yeah, I did, haha... at least an apple a day... keep the doctor away... haha... but tomorrow I need to meet the doctor before I leave to Brunei this week. Hehe...

Continue to memorise God's word. I have posted the verses from NIV. But Chinese is the one I have been memorise. Hehe... memorising Chinese is not as easy as English. Haha... coz I can't add or delete words from the bible, thus I need to memorise words by words. Hehe.. sometimes I missing out some common word or jumble them up, but to us, it could have the same meaning. Haha.. so have to be careful.

Oh well, continue to do my work. Wake up at 7am every morning hehe that's my alarm... and I have been training myself to wake up once I click the "stop" on my handphone to stop the alarm. God honors those who honors Him. God blesses my everyday and I determine not to sin against Him, and follow His word, refresh my relationship with Him everyday. Yeah! Pray earnestly, brothers and sisters, and recognize whom you have believed. It is important that we know our God's characteristics. Hehe...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to approach my project?

Days have been passing by quickly and there's one week and a few days left before I return to Brunei. Hehe... but only will be back for 2 or 3 weeks. Today is hot in the afternoon... burning... haha... but nevertheless, my bro and I went for a haircut near Clementi Blk 726 Market. (Don't know if I got that number right or not, haha... it is based on my memory...).

Have been "spending" my time today working on my project... trying to use qooxdoo toolkit to make a calculator. Haha... but it is tough when I come to the event setting part where I need to write the codes for how each buttons should work. This is actually just for internal release... my prof told me use my own imagination to make a nice demo... so there you are... hopefully a workable calculator... haha anyway... this is actually continuation from the short term goal of my project... the long term goal... I'll be doing the project packaged as "Form". The form need to understand xml/json file. Then think this form should be like a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor. For example, I have a form that contains the properties of a page. Then I change the background color on the form, then the page should reflect the color. O_o Haha... this gonna be tough... haha... then there is another task in the package that I can't remember le.

So the first thing I need to "learn" is reading from and writing to a xml or json file. Hehe... then only make a form to perform those tasks. The form of coz would be done using qooxdoo toolkit. Haha... too bad it doesn't have a good api reference (it's incomplete), or else it is a very powerful toolkit. Haha...

I have added photo to my msn space (You can go there by clicking the link on the sidebar) regarding the church camp on 11 - 13 June. Feel free to browse through. Hehe... there're some photos that show our trip to the bukit timah summit. Haha... =( I didn't go coz of the wound. Don't wanna move it too much or else blood came out again. Haha.. so.. I took a short nap in my own room. Thank God for that nice weather though. Haha...

Oh ya... I realise I am able to use the game genie codes on the ZSNES (SNES emulator) and I manage to finish the game "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", haha... well it's easy when I can't lose... till the last two stages when don't know why I wasn't invincible anymore... I tried and tried... finally manage to finish those two stages. Haha... wooh... then this morning, my bro and I played "Contra" on VirtualNES (NES emulator) and we finished the game with the help of a game genie code (code for having infinite lives)... haha then finish in 30 minutes I think. Haha... sweet *v*...

Anyway, that's all for now... gonna brush up and... continue think abt the events for the calculator, or think abt the Forms, or... haha... sleep? Hehe.. nah, probably memorise some verses and read the Book of Numbers. Hehe... whooff... 1/2 of the holiday gone just like that... I'll see what I can include in my sidebar again... mayb... a prayer list would be nice, hehe... =) tomorrow is another day I going for redressing my wound... hopefully it quickly heal. Hehe... remember God is watching everything we do, hehe...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Arise & Let Us Build Up

The title is the theme for our Geylang church camp on 11-13 June 2007. God has been kind and merciful that He has brought us this camp to let us (brothers and sisters in Christ) gather together and spend time off from our busy routine. It has been a wonderful time that we spent together with God. The camp venue is the Salvation Army at 500 Upper Bukit Timah Road. Not to mention the nice air-con rooms (well most of us were freezing), the rooms are apartment-style and our camp took 5 units, where each units has 3 rooms. There is a living room too for each unit and I glad to hear some of us make use of the living room to have some sharing among unit-mates. Haha...

I'm the unit IC for my unit #03-05. Hehe... Clifton, Lieng and I suppose to have one room, but Clifton was absent. Next Auntie Nancy and another sister, whom we identified as "Yan Jie", lived in another room of the same unit as me. Then Aunt Evelyn, sis Wen Xuan and her daughter, Dawn, lived in the room opposite to mine. Haha... it is great to see so many children are enjoying themselves, especially after meal when there is some extra time before the next event. Haha... there are Dawn, Keziah, Timothy and Timothius as in the youngest group. Next group will be Abigail, Wei Han, Phineas, Dorcas and Hui En. Erm, did I miss out any children here? Haha... hope I don't. If I do, I will correct this post (as soon as possible).

Oh yes, "Arise & Build Up", in this camp, I have came across a few interesting characters from the bible - Nehemiah, Abel, Enoch and Noah. For Abel, Enoch and Noah, I have came across their "story"line, but only realise their important characteristics and able to view them with a different perspective during the camp's workshop. Wow... didn't there is more place mentioned of Abel in the bible than the two place I only known ofv(Genesis 4 and Hebrew 11). Look at these three characters show us what do "living in God's abundant grace" means. Does it mean having a long life or a healthy / wealthy life means living in God's abundant grace? Hehe... of coz no. Living in God's abundant grace means being a children of God and following His words.

Now, the theme message is all based on the book of Nehemiah. Although I read through this book twice before and all I know is just the story... that Nehemiah went back to Jerusalem to rebuild the city wall, then also restate the laws of Moses to the Israelites. However, I have not learn the lesson that book is trying to teach me. From Nehemiah, we learn how he has prayed earnestly for Jerusalem after he heard that the city wall has fallen. The speaker spoke of the vision that Nehemiah saw and he continued to pray for the vision. Then we learn the lesson of how to translate information to vision, then vision to action. (If there is only vision, no action, then it is useless... don't be a visionary, but missionary, hehe...)

God has been kind to Nehemiah and allows him to go back. You need to read up on Nehemiah if you wanna see the effect of his prayers. Really effective and you'll be surprised on how much preparation Nehemiah has done before the king asked him. This is due to his earnest prayers. Next, we learn that serving God would mean paying a high price, could be as high as sacrificing own life. So do you dare? One of Satan's tactic is using threats, e.g. life threats. You can read up what threats has Nehemiah and the Israelites faced during the rebuilding of the city wall in the bible. Nehemiah pray and pray and carry out actions (ask all Israelites to carry sword all hte time, including while building, sitting or sleeping). Both "Pray + No Action" and "No Pray + Action" do not solve any problem. Only "Pray + Action" solves the problem.

Not only the Israelites faced outside threats, they faced inside threats as well. Look at how Nehemiah solve the problem. Also, we have been reminded to love one another and support one another. Is God unfair that He let some be poor and some be rich, or some are smart and some are weak? No, God wants the rich to help the poor, and the smart help the weak. See, God is fair and He sees this as good. Brothers and sisters should help and support one another.

Also building up a church is not just a "one-time" story. It need to be "refresh" everytime. When Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem 2nd time, some Israelites had gone astray again. Thus, he "reestablish" order, restate Moses' Law, ask people to come to repentance. Thus this reminds us that we should always refresh ourselves in front of God.

These are the lessons by far I learnt of. God-blessed camp it is and how merciful God is to let me join the camp and have spent my time wisely with God. Update on my wound is that it is getting better and better, skin is recovering, sore throat is abt to be over, no more tongue ulcer and my mouth ulcer doesn't make much fuss now. Hehe... really thank God for these. Now, I need to overcome my laziness and my pride from my old-self.

Sorry no photo now. Hehe... I will post some in a new post when I got it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Frustrated moment or a lesson to learn?

Haiz... post operation is such a tough stage to go through than the operation itself... things have not been well for me lately... not yet recovered... thod I can get to play basketball after the last stitch is taken out... but.. no... worse things happen... my wound kena infection... and I have no idea how... I only know that there are blood oozing out when I do a particular action (could be mroe than one)... what action is that? Sit down? lying down? bend down? standing up? walking? oh man... what is it? I can't check some more... can't detect whether got blood come out or not... haiz...

Now plus my sore throats and... ulcers from my mouth and tongue... haiz.. what a frustrating moment... really a pain... and headache... haiz... please pray for me... terrible condition... but i know... these all doesnt add up to how much Jesus suffer for us on the cross... not even 1/100th. So ... what am I to boast abt my sufferings? Haha...

I believe God will bring me thr this stage. It is a test, a trial for me to depend on Him. After all... all these periods, God continues to show mercy on me. Been doing well for my honous project's "short-term goal" (thats what my prof called it after I asked him the purpose of my project, :P).
My sore throat is better now than yesterday when I can feel my tonsils growing large. It has shrunk i guess... not as painful as yesterday... hehe my mouth ulcer is recovering... hehe... my tongue ulcer is a new one.. got it yesterday i thnk, so it wont b in recover stage rite now.

Hehe... thank God for all the comfort He brings to me. Blessed me!

I have not conquered my "I" in me... I dun like to be treated as patient... haiz...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Double reformatting

Yes, I done my homework now... I guess so... I only did the "SUBMIT" part which is to create the person... not sure if prof wants it to be "stored" in somewhere then retrieve it back. Haha if it is latter, then I am far from completing my homework, haha (coz I don't know how and need to study more to do that haha...)

Wow... I reformatted my comp on Monday to install Window XP Pro. After that, I installed those software I want. However, on Tuesday, I wanna install Ubuntu too. So I decide to give 15 GB out of my 40 GB to Ubuntu, (I only gave 5 GB previously), but I make a whole lot of mess during the installation, dun know why... not as smooth as previous situation. So I reformatted my entire laptop after an afternoon again with the kids in Pei Hwa primary school. After that... not gonna install Ubuntu, scare it mess up again and I have to reinstall XP pro haha... not gonna do tat again, so... install Cygwin and did my qooxdoo (my homework) on that platform then. Haha...

My brother and I spent two afternoon with the kids in Pei Hwa primary school. It was their Harmonica holiday activites, 2 days only... haha... ooo they are so... "energetic" and some are naughty lah of coz. Can't restrict them to be good boys and girls. Most of them are primary 2. Haha... but this time is much better than last time. These kids are enthu when we played some games. Haha... our routine was harmonica practice, then break, then games. Haha... some of the kids look v familiar, and cute too... there's one called Ray, came on the 2nd day only, look cute. Haha... at the beginning when we 2 were calling everyone to be quiet (as what we 2 most of the time did), he suddenly said that he hope this lesson ends early because he is going to malaysia tmr (that's today) and he wants to sleep earlier. Everyone was looking at him... stunned... haha... then my bro answered him that the lesson would end at 5pm and he could sleep as soon as he reach home. so don't worry about that. Haha... what a funny one...

On the 2nd day, we gave them a test, which ... everyone need to choose a piece out of 3 to play in front of my bro... while I go make sure everyone is not noisy... anywhere... 24 students... and only 1 get to play at a time... 23 students running wild... wah... no wonder my throat never recover. Haha... asking them to sit down just can't stop their ego... haha... some (3 i think) are practising at the back (ok that's good!) then some... running about... playing catch (that's bad)... some queueing... haha the prize is the world's smallest harmonica, little lady and we only giving 4 out. Haha...

Wow... what the days... haha... tired when we got back, haha... looks like NUSHO is... "reaching up for the stars" haha... so kasian the KR harmonica, wish them the best... they've been working very hard... haha... hey, Chee yong finally realise that me and my bro only do good in admin... finally he realise it, haha... we not good in music, that's of coz to say, haha... (don't think I still retain my SL status liao hehe, may the next SL do better than me, hehe!)

Yeah... hopefully I can go back to Brunei on the week of 18 June. Haha...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Operating Theatre

Been in the operating theatre and it looks a bit like the one in the movie... only that wasn't so much doctor the moment I am still awake. Haha... got a device beside me... tracking my heart beat and I am all sticked with probes. The anaestatic doctor injected a needle into my left hand... then we all set except the presence of the doctor who gonna operate on a nodule on my back, near my buttom. Haha...

On Monday 21/5, I woke up early (5am) to have my medicine and breakfast coz I can't eat or drink after 6am. So... finish my stuff at 5.30am then just play ps2 and sleep some more till... 8am i guess... then... we wait till lieng woke up. Hehe... he need to go school at 11am. So.. we all left the room at 10++ am, then while lieng went to his poly, we went down do a bit of shopping... then only took a taxi to Gleneagle hospital. My mum and aunt are with me all these time. Hehe... I registered myself at the Susan Lim clinic. Then... we were told to go to the dayward centre, so there we go... soon, my bro, ngie, arrived. Hehe... I got a room at 721. Then I need to get change into a suit that is easy for operation. Thank God that He has kept calm all these while, hehe... no fear at all... at 1.30pm, I was brought to the operating theatre.

When the doctor arrived, the anaestatic doctor injected doses via the needle at my left hand. Then, I still wondering when I will fall asleep... but... the next moment I woke up... I realise that the operation has finished and I am being pulled outside of the operating theatre. The nurses there waited for me to wake up, then brought me back to the room 721. Haha... wow... what a good sleep... didn't realise that the operation gone so quickly. Haha... and look at the time... it has already 4.30pm, wow... think from 2.30pm, the operation would only last 30min, then I slept most of the way, haha... then after much rest, till 7pm, we left the hospital and home sweet home, haha...

Next day, Tuesday 22/5, oh man... think my neck got sprained... difficult to lift my head up while I lying. Haha... then a few aches around my body too, haha... today (Wednesday, 23/5) has been much better... my mum and aunt flew back to Brunei... and I back in my own room now... aha... what an experience... haha... ouch my neck... hahaha... thank God for bringing me through all these haha... and I know He will cure my neck too, hehe...

Back to my qooxdoo... ahaha... need to familarise with it... haha...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Potter of my life

Wow... time sure flies and it seems faster if you don't take good care of it... almost 18 May, the day which I will have another round of meeting with the TiddlyCard developers at 9am, then a meeting with my component-mates and my supervisors (Dr. Henz and Dr. Anderson)... also... our homework assignment, i.e, evaluation of the exisiting GUI libraries, is to be due... and look at how little I have done... not sure about my companions...

Just create a tiddler, GUI Internal Management, on the TiddlyCard wiki and haha... manage to dig something to write there, phew... well, I put up what I have done up there... continue to working on to complete the other blanks. GUI is not something I have "done" before during my three years, not to mention that I need to do it with JavaScript. Haha... finally pick up JavaScript during last few weeks and has been testing on the GUI toolkits... I been assigned Yahoo! UI (YUI), Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Qooxdoo. I have looked through all of them and now "still" working on YUI. GWT looks awesome as there is a compiler that can translate Java to Javascript... but there is a lot "imports" or "rules" I have to follow... and haven't look at them carefully yet. Next Qooxdoo is the worst... no idea at all, except the fact that I gather from its website that it is licensed by LGPL/EGPL. Haha... other than that... still jumbly-mumbly dun know at all...

I install Ubuntu on my computer today and it is... quite easy... as I have found a good set of instructions that teach me how... haha (it is from the Ubuntu forum) then spent the whole afternoon with my brother playing around with it... installing softwares, such as Java SDK, Emacs... and so on... wow... that's interesting... haha... but when I think through... wondering if it is the right thing or not... hmm... I don't like the "restarting the computer" if I wanna switch. Troublesome you can see. Haha... hmm... having nothing to do with it though... think I let it stay for a few weeks... till I go back home... if it doesn't serve any purpose... then think I will remove it since it eats 2 GB of my computer... haha... or replace it with Solaris OS for another few weeks? Haha... not a bad idea... now left with 7 GB for my C drive. Haha...

My parents gonna come up on 14 May, haha... so I better be hurry with my stuff... so that I can enjoy my time with them hehe... (before 18 May comes), haha... hmm oopz... forgot to prepare a box of stuff for them to bring back to Brunei. (But I doubt that they will not return during our return to Singapore from our December holiday, hahaha...)

Although my companions looks "demoralised" with the project, I still continue to depend on my God to accomplish my task. Hehe... this is a trial, a test and a lesson for me to learn to depend on God more... if this is His test for me, He will surely bring me out of it safely... as what He has been doing all along with me. May God continues to guide me and mould me into what He likes. He is the potter of my life.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Javascript component framework?

Haha... have been looking through Yahoo! UI (YUI for short) and Dojo. No idea what are those and feel these two somewhat similar or different from style of Java (the language I familiar with). JavaScript is not Java... they followed a different paradigm... but there is some guide on how to use OOP on JavaScript... (so that it looks like Java) but I am having a hard time digesting and understanding it... @_@... a bit frustracted le... gonna have a meeting with supervisor this Thursday and Saturday. Hopefully can get the objectives clear and able to work towards the goal.

Now I focusing on YUI coz I saw someone can build a tetris game with that (cool huh?) haha... you can googled by the keyword "YUI Tetris". Haha...

Not long that I gonna move room and there is so many things to move ah. Hehe... many many things... after moving, need to sort out stuff (all those I want to bring back KB de) into a box... hopefully it won't be coming back (last time I send back some... but got back MORE stuff... ||*_*||)... HYP... will ask my supervisor for a July break so that I can go back KB for 2 weeks. Haha... when does my result out... hmm oh ya... around 25 May I guess, haha...

Nothing much now till the day I go back KB? Hehe... nah... I write here again when I have anything on. Hehe...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pack for the vacation stay...

Finally, all my papers are done on last Friday 27 Apr 2007 11am. Hehe... feel so great that the semester is finally over... all results are in God's hand. Learning to be thankful and grateful for all things He gives us. Hehe...

Has been watching this Japanese anime called "Daiku Maryu Gaiking". Consist total of 39 episodes, I have watched till episode 31 now. Hehe... 8 more to go... haha... it is a new version of what I have watched during my young age... really young... kindergarten time. Hehe... my bro and I "discovered" all the cartoons of the past... those cartoons we watched when we are in our kindergarten. Haha... Force Five series... Gaiking, Grandizer, Starvengers... and two more... these are Japanese cartoons. US bought them over from Japan and "make them speak English" Haha... For this Daiku Maryu Gaiking, it is in Japanese though... but got English translation, (that's how I manage to continue to watch... :D)

This morning I took a look at JavaScript and learning how to write javascript codes... for the sake of my HYP. Haha... also... some interesting programming language I wish I can learn are C++, Perl, Ruby, LaTex and also J3EE (which I mention I could learn during my December holiday, but don't manage too coz can't understand haha... this time will try again haha... if I willing to install NetBeans) haha...

Anyway... need to pack my things as I got a different room for my vacation stay. Hehe... it is at B1... hmm what if I exchange with my bro who got level 7... but I am a person scare of height de... also... will there b people checking? Haha... I have been living in 3rd floor... and... B1... discuss again with ya, bro... haha...

Yesterday we had a family fellowship at our brother Peter's house hehe... and we have time for sharing, singing and praying. Hehe... joyful time hehe... but some of the brothers and sisters are sick and they requires our prayers... hehe... will tell myself not to forget about them in my prayer de... may God continues to bless His children...

Please pray for me that I will not waste my 3 months holiday. Pray that I can prepare my heart to be used by God always... and I always have the fear that I can't teach. I have the fear that I will make mistakes and causing the listener to misunderstand what I have said, thus fall or bcum reluctant on hearing God's word. It always haunt me that I can only be a listener coz I can't speak well... if you ask, I can answer... but if you ask me to teach, I can feel some kinda resist force... think I have not overcome my old self... and my fear to speak... please pray that for me to gain victory over my old self... think this is an example of fear of man too... :~(

Don't know... I just afraid to speak... from young, everytime I speak, I fear that I sin against anyone beside me (or anyone listened to what I have said)... sometime I speak normally, but ppl thought that I am raising my voice... I have experienced that too myself thus I know how the listeners feel when they heard what I said... "what this guy raising his voice for when I just ask him a question?!" or "What's this person angry for?", but I... I just speaking normally "according to me"... so everytime I try to "soft" my voice down... but I was forgetful sometime... and make the old mistake thus... everyone will thod I am hot-tempered and always looking for quarrel... but that's not what I want... haiz... that's why I think the best resort is to keep myself quiet... and this has been a bad effect to me now...

Also, I afraid to stand in front of others to speak... including praying among brothers and sisters... I usually pray in my heart or when I alone... but with some brothers and sisters, I don't know why I can't pray.... always finding excuses to pass my turn (really a very very bad example for a Christian >:( )... haiz... really sad and disappointed on myself... so... this holiday I will continue to pray to God regarding this problem that I have been facing since young... need to overcome my old self... :) and I believe (have faith) that God is there for me and He will cure this problem of mine. :P

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

God is my King

Standing on... two more papers on 26th 1pm and 27th 9am and I am done with this semester. Yeah! However, there are some people who haven't finish their paper and I will continue to pray for them. I know that feeling... from last semester when my last paper was the 2nd last day of the exam weeks. Haha... last semester, I had the feeling of eagerness to get the paper done with eventhough I know that I hadn't prepared myself. Just because I saw a lot of my friends finish their exams... and sadly to say, I was being "jealous". How sinful my heart is grumbling against God like that... He has been patient and kind, knowing that I have not fully prepared myself... thus giving me more time to study... but I have not make full use but complained.

This time, I have only 3 papers... but work very hard during the semester for my CS3215 which resembles 2 papers. Haha... well... really relieved to get that off my back. And I am giving that to my God, no matter what is the score, I shall always be thankful to Him as He has brought me through that module, although I knew that my team has 19 errors. Hehe... exchange for lessons that I learnt to depend on Him. (A lot of deadlines to meet this semester)

Anyway, in the midst of my exam weeks and continue to work hard, brothers and sisters. Don't extinguish your love and faith towards God. He is real and merciful. He has been working in my life all along and He will work in your life too. Have faith on God and pray earnestly and faithfully.

Done MA1101R on Monday and it was quite a tough paper. Haha... anyway I expect it to be hard. However, I like the contents and also the lecture, not to say the lecturer too. Haha... Dr. Victor Tan. Nice lecturer (and a good test setter too... good in the sense... challenging). Haha.... Lieng and Yunn, if you get to see this post, it is the lecture we two brought you on an Monday evening de. Haha... bet you two dun remember that le I guess, haha... Linear Algebra I hehe... should I continue to take Linear Algebra II? Hmm the only part I don't like is the proving haha... lots of proving here... will see what to take for my breadth next semester hehe... or next next semester. Haha...

Wow... next year is my final year... Year 4 starting this year's August! Thank God for bringing me through all these years... it has been a wonderful and fruitful experience... learning to depend on God... hehe... without Him, I don't know where am I now... (I would not have come to NUS if it is not for Him, really... you never know how "bad" I am when I was a child or teens, just ask my two brothers, Ngie and Lieng)... haha... anyway, put the past away... it is over and I am a renew person, saved through the salvation, blood of Jesus Christ, son of God, who is so merciful and righteous.

Left with 2 electives (CS4212 or any modules from A7 electives), 1 breadth (non CS modules) and 3 UE (1 of them has to be from A7 electives). Haha... A7 electives are tough... it consists of CS2271 (one of my core), 4 CS4000++ modules and others are CS5000++ le... haha... you can see that I need to take 3 out of 4 CS4000++ modules from this A7 electives (2 if I took CS4212 for one of my electives)... haha... so... 6 modules left... (excluding the HYP)... so 3 per semester. Hehe... so need to see when does those CS4000++ modules being offered... sem 1? sem 2? or both? Hehe... yeah... this is because I have been taking 5 modules per semesters... if one is to take 6 (well, you have a tougher time unless you're smart) modules per semester... by the final year, you could only left with HYP (or 3 CS4000++ modules if you decide not to take HYP)... haha... not an easy journey in SoC. Haha...

Maybe I am wrong, but... this is my thoughts: Uni is not abt degree or grades or marks... it is about the experience you earning here, haha... I think lessons learnt is much more important than degree... coz... now the employment rate is... erm... not sure... not good probably... haha... so... and also everyone can hold a degree... one can even buy a degree as long as you have the money... so... haha... yeah... lessons I learnt most here is how to depend on my God on everything, and also still learning how to be thankful for everything God gives me, and learn not to grumble against Him. Hehe...

Oopz... too long le... better get back to study... hehe...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Take my elevator at your own risk!

All glory to my God as He has carried me through this elevator simulation assignment. I have used statecharts to help with this assignment. Erm... these are the statecharts I have came up with:

Didn't know these statecharts help a lot in understanding and providing which class should provide which methods... but... even with these statecharts... I spent almost like one day writing the codes... haha... Here is a sample of my run.

Haha... well that's all for my assignment. Have submitted. Not sure if I did check for the capacity of an elevator. Haha...

Now is to start revision for the final papers... MA1101R, CS3230 and CS3211. All three need a lot of practices I think, haha... because all my time is used for the CS3215 projects (esp after the midterm break) and wasn't able to catch up with the lessons taught in these modules. Need to buck up le...

For CS3215, we manage to finish our presentations but fail 90 test cases out of 300++ test cases... thank God. Haha... ~73%. However, the mistakes come from the basic queries and it is something that we didn't expect them to fail. Thank God that my supervisor gives us that day to debug. Thus all our teammates gather around our usual meeting place S15 level 3 corridor and start DEBUGGING! Haha... we spent the entire evening... till 8.30pm before we finally finish debug it... well, mayb there are still bugs lurking behind the corner... but it hasn't show up during our final debugging... we spotted quite a lot of mistakes ahha... but we considered it as one accident because we make the wrong assumption (well we didn't try out many source files, haha and we stick with only some source files, that doesn't force the errors in the 90 failed test cases to appear)... hahaha... what a module... really tired... but after that module, it means 2 modules is down. Haha left with 3 modules.

Gonna study hard for the sake my God's name. Yeah! Hehe... He will lead and guide us through and He has been helping us ALL ALONG! Let Him hold our hands and may we continue to walk accordance to His words. God bless all His children and He knows what is the best for us! Christ Jesus, my savior, we just can't stop praising your name!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Elevator simulation with Java concurrency

This is terribly hard... have been thinking about this for consecutive 2 nights (including the day)... cannot don't think about it because it is my CS3211 assignment 2... due on Monday 16 Apr 2359... but I am glad that the CS3215 project is done... YEAH! so happy and very thankful to my God as it is He who bring us through. Leaving that project with just one more thing to do, and that's final presentation and defense on 16 Apr 2-3pm. Need to be very ready for that one esp the defense, so that our penalty can be kept as least as possible. Haha... may God continue to bring us through this.

So... what I do now? Continue to think about this elevator simulator... think think think... thinking very very hard.... thinking till the deadline... :P

Examination dates:
Apr 21 1pm MA1101R
Apr 26 1pm CS3230
Apr 27 9am CS3211

Pray for all those brothers and sisters taking exams, my brother and I. Haha... I will pray for all those brothers and sisters taking exam too.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2 more weeks to go for I#3


这礼拜过了就进入了第三关,也就是最后一关了,两个星期要搞定它实在不容易。我的组员都好像精疲力尽了,我自己何尝不是?哈哈。好想希望可以逃脱这些project,书本两,三天,给我个足够的休息时间。但是我确知这是不可能的,为有的歇息时间就是当我们把这project交上后,什么都不要去想它会不会pass那些老师的超级厉害的test cases,反正做不了什么补救了。哈哈。

不断地写啊写,不断地test啊test,我相信经过这个module,这个project,我不想做个software engineer了,不想歇program了,看到code和documentation都想吐血了。我其中的一个组员可能一听到‘table’这个字就会头痛了。人家说这个module很好玩,看来这种话只由那些受过这些苦的人才会说的出口吧。相信我通过了这个module,我也会那么跟我的junior说的,但是我不会说很好玩,只会说饱受经验!拿了过后,你对programming的兴趣不再像以前那么热心,甚至有点觉得讨厌去思想algorithm,有那种头脑细胞全军覆没的样子的imagination不断在头脑浮现。看来SOC的老师们都想把我们这些SOC学生变成那种样子呆呆的,但是头脑不知在思考什么的,有那种笑里藏刀,一鸣惊人的风范。他们真是。。。哈哈。。。我乱扯的。


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Submitted my CS3230 project 3

太好了,感谢赞美我的主我的神。我想不到的一天,哈哈,终于交上我的那CS3230 project 3了。实在好难。今天我们一组在老师面前真是出丑了,我们做的那SPA竟然出状况!唉,那是太粗心大意的结果,一切都是我的错。身为组长应该把它检查好才可以拿去给老师看。我却只试了个非常简单得query,可以出队的答案就算了,不再继续test其他的部分了。这真是神赐我的一个教训,下次我必把它thoroughly tested,才拿去demo。没关系,还有两次机会,希望不会再出错了。


以下图片是我的组Cronets在concert,Soiree 2007以前拍的。不错吧,还有‘C’的手势。哈哈。这里漏了。。。MINH,你为什么不在里面?!Minh, where are you? How come you not in there? Haha...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Very stressful semester

As the semester gone by, I feel the homework is getting tougher and tougher... more and more projects... not to mention I have "CS3215 Software Engineering project" this sem... that costs 8mc for this sem... really really tired... wish I have taken CS3230 last sem in which its assignments are easier... this sem's CS3230's assignments are so so so tough, although it is interesting... (享受programming的兴趣都给破坏了,成了头痛)...

Wah, it is such a long time that I last blog because being busy with my projectSSSSSssssss.... and Soiree 2007. Fortunately Soiree 2007 is done, finished, OVER after 9 March, feel really relieved that it is over... oh man but after that there are CS3215 proj iteration 2, CS3230 assg 3, CS3211 assg 1... both CS3230 assg 3 and CS3211 assg 1 now due on 19 March... which means I have 4 more days to complete both... CS3215 proj iteration 2 due on 30 March... and I have quite optimistic abt that... my group has been trying our best le...

This sem I have no hope this sem to get any A... if CS3215 can get an A- or A, that would be very great coz it represents 2 modules... but after looking thr the forum and saw how other team are doing... I feel so stress... 很想找个人可以任我倾诉我的烦恼,但是我知道,也相信唯有耶稣基督愿意。我这个sem觉得我自己不断的跌倒,不断的不知不觉地埋怨,不断的把痛苦自己担。就连当我在写着这个blog时,不断地反省,心里非常的忏悔,非常得很想哭,非常的疼痛,不断地责骂自己为何那么没有力量胜过老我,为何不求主的帮助,为何把一切交给神的忧愁又把它取回来自己背负呢?

At first I thought I can depend on CS3230 and MA1101R to pull my CAP up, but looks like this is just a "dream" and "wish"... I feel really depressed after these few weeks... working late... try to wake up early morning but can't... get back my old BAD habits which I have tried to stop... one word - TIRED...

No need to comfort me or anything... dropping weights too (this is a good thing to me... hehe... but not my family members... they will get worry btw)... I just need prayers... brothers' and sisters' prayers... may God continue to look over His children... I have faith that God will bring me through this... I need to find the narrow exit path that God has provided for me... it is the path of light... but I am still in the dark wilderness... searching for that path... I need to search my heart and check my relationship with God... am I trying to get away from my God? Just like a child who saw the toy sections and hurry pull himself away from his parents' hand... am I that child now? I believe I does look like that child... only that I am looking for my "parents" as a metaphor haha...

May the Holy Spirit in me keeps me awake and continue to walk in His path for me... keeps remind me of God's word so that I don't go to the wrong direction and blaspheme His name... may all God's children have the heart to follow the Holy Spirit and make good testimony for our Father, God. Let these few weeks be a past... as a lesson... as a trial for me to learn and reflect myself... reflect on my relationship with God... may God continue to give us the strength and wisdom for those we are doing that is in His will, that glorifies His name. May God's name be glorified forever... amen!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Weekdays resulted a lot of homework...





Saturday, February 03, 2007

Past midnight le...



Harmonica练习后,我跑了校园一圈,非常的累,哈哈。但是我觉得我可以跑较长了before我开始觉得有一些累。感谢主这次使我不断的跑,没走过(除了到达pgp的时候)。刚刚洗了澡,不能睡觉先,所以就来写个blog,然后继续test我的那query-preprocessor。哈哈。好了,不多说了,因为我发觉我越来越不停地说话了。跟我面对面讲话,我却讲不出,哈哈。但是through MSN,雅虎等等chat,我却可以写很多。哈哈。


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thinking and wasting time

哇,我好像用我头脑用太多了,所以当我在思想时,每当我一倒上床,我就不知不觉地睡着了。然后自己起来才发觉自己已睡了三十分钟,“时间过得好快”的念头立即闪过我的头脑。哈哈。 非常感谢主,使我们的那prototype能过应用,没有什么不适。现在大家正在为那真正的system在抓头发了。哈哈,我们昨天讨论了一个下午,从四点至七点多,把工作分好,希望星期五能够交上我们的assignment 2。哈哈。



Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Great to see it working...

哈哈,昨晚我test我们group-pql的code,看看是否能给一些我自己所作出来的成绩。感谢主,一切都好。哈哈。非常高兴,现在只剩下另一边还没做好,所以我也不断努力想办法帮助他们。希望他们做得顺利。我也一边思想那真正的东西了(因为我们现在做的只是prototype,是给我们适应,还有推动我们去思考那project。那老师还跟我们说这只是个试用品罢了。哇,一个试用品就弄得我们想了好多天才想到个办法去了解和implement。Lecturer还说他会在下堂lecture说怎样做那“分字”功能,但是跟我教group-pkb的是有不同之处。只盼望不要把我那group-pkb搞乱了才好。哈哈。因为当我们深思时,我们会忘记了一些我们曾经了解的,那就是我所谓的挣扎,哈哈。 我也挣扎了很多天,才想通的,看来我的第一,二年的基础没有建好,才会如此的不确定我所思想的。

今天Delina姐妹来到NUS,跟我们在NUH Enclave享用午餐。我吃了一碗面粉馃(找不到“米”之旁,只好委屈一下,希望读者谅解,哈哈)。跟science canteen一样的,那面粉馃是四方的,但这个好像比较大,哈哈,从ntuc买的吗?哈哈。要依靠圣灵过圣洁的生活,过主所喜悦的生活,呵呵。听了两堂“青年营-靠圣灵行事”主题和两堂专题,今晚就听最后一堂。若你也要听的话,不妨到一下网站:

Fisherman Church of Christ基督渔人团契

我会把它加在我sidebar的其中一个link,这样大家就不用找这个blog entry了。哈哈。也是从那网站来的,是关于基督徒应否庆祝圣诞节。哈哈。好了,我要去洗澡,读书了。