Saturday, January 20, 2007

PGP Aircon canteen food X$X

I just dun understand why no one EVALUATES pgp aircon canteen food? How come there's survey around the campus asking how's the faculty canteen, but not asking abt pgp's aircon canteen? OSA keep changing the stalls in the faculty canteens, but how come NOT doing something about PGP AIRCON CANTEEN?! The price are "flexibly HIGH" (the price is not fixed and it is expensive)... why? why? why? I have to remind myself to write that in the OSA survey from now on... the worst stall I is... (excluding the malay stall and the indian stall) the Chinese cuisine. Everytime... the price is different... now, with 1 meat and 2 vege, it was $2... later... $2.10... now is $2.30... think the next time I call from that stall (if I ever will), it should become $2.50 le. THE FOOD HAS NOT BEEN CHANGE... NO SINGLE IMPROVEMENT... I would rather go to eat the chinese cuisine at Varynice (a food court in clementi)... the price is as SIMILAR to the food outside liao. I thought the food in the campus should be be cheaper as in the rent in the canteen should be cheaper... but NO... if they push the price so high... at least make an improvement to their food, at least we think worth it mah... but... NO too... cabbage is tasteless and the RICE is dry and hard... as if it was yesterday's rice!

Another point is the veggie stall... though the auntie is kind... but when coming to the price... boom... 3 vege!!! $2.30! come on... one of them just a MOCK MEAT! Is still vege, rite?! So... dun know why... this one I don't dare to say much like the chinese cuisine because the vegetarian stall in Varynice is also very the expensive... so... wanna ask is... "why in the world they make vegetarian dish so EXPENSIVE???" unless the cook think it is RARE to have someone to cook vegetarian dishes!!! So.... that's PGP AIRCON CANTEEN FOOD... and... how I miss the OLD NON-AIRCON CANTEEN (I specify the OLD coz I not sure the non aircon canteen will be reopen or not... even if it reopen, I scare that the price will be as FLEXIBLY HIGH as the aircon canteen)

X$X -> means no good and expensive. Don't get me wrong.

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