Sunday, January 07, 2007

Start of Week 1

Last day of my holiday... after back from church, I just watch some novel online... check on Yahoo! Sports abt NBA matches... then... do some exercise then bath... haha...

Receive a book from my bible study grp teacher abt Hudson Taylor... a great missionary, going to China to preach about God's word... someone we have to learn from. Another person from bible is Caleb, son of Jephunuh. A brave person. Today morning service talks about Numbers 13:1,25-14:11, abt God asked Moses to send 12 spies to the Land of Canaan. Out of the 12 spies, 10 spies discouraging the Israel assembly not to go because the enemies are powerful. However, the other 2 spies, Caleb and Joshua, son of Nun, encourage the assembly to believe in God whole-heartedly, have faith in God, go get that land that God has promised the Israelites. All 12 spies are able to testify that the land is a land that flows with milk and honey. They also see the strong forts build around the city, also the giant and powerful enemies. However, Joshua and Caleb saw more than the other 10 spies. They saw God's promise, God's will and God's presence with the Israelites all along. This can be reflected upon our life when we meet an obstacle while we are walking our spiritual path. The bible contains a lot of God's promise for us to grab hold, but we have to read the bible to understand God's will and also His promise to us, so will you pay the price to read? Haha... many of us know that God's grace is wonderful, we want God to give us more grace, more talent... but when God says in order to get the grace, we hav to pay the price, we have to work to get it, many of us shun from this... many of us dun want to pay the price... just like the Israelites... they know that the land of Canaan is a land that flows with milk and honey, very nice... but... God says they have to fight the Canaanites in order to obtain it... they complaint that why God bring them out of Egypt... (they are slaves in Egypt)... they didnt see God's promise and God's miracle that has been working among them... they take all those God did in front of their very eyes for granted... same to the people now... Jesus has sacrificed his body for our sin and to save us from God's wrath, also break our bond with Satan, but men take it for granted, do not want to receive the salvation God has prepared for all men. It is sad... but God's work has not stop. Gospel is still spreading and the bible still remain unchanged for more than two thousand years.

May God bless His children and everyone in this world hear about this good news, this gospel, about this salvation God has prepare for us with the blood of Christ, His one and only Son!

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