Saturday, April 14, 2007

Elevator simulation with Java concurrency

This is terribly hard... have been thinking about this for consecutive 2 nights (including the day)... cannot don't think about it because it is my CS3211 assignment 2... due on Monday 16 Apr 2359... but I am glad that the CS3215 project is done... YEAH! so happy and very thankful to my God as it is He who bring us through. Leaving that project with just one more thing to do, and that's final presentation and defense on 16 Apr 2-3pm. Need to be very ready for that one esp the defense, so that our penalty can be kept as least as possible. Haha... may God continue to bring us through this.

So... what I do now? Continue to think about this elevator simulator... think think think... thinking very very hard.... thinking till the deadline... :P

Examination dates:
Apr 21 1pm MA1101R
Apr 26 1pm CS3230
Apr 27 9am CS3211

Pray for all those brothers and sisters taking exams, my brother and I. Haha... I will pray for all those brothers and sisters taking exam too.

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