Thursday, June 14, 2007

Arise & Let Us Build Up

The title is the theme for our Geylang church camp on 11-13 June 2007. God has been kind and merciful that He has brought us this camp to let us (brothers and sisters in Christ) gather together and spend time off from our busy routine. It has been a wonderful time that we spent together with God. The camp venue is the Salvation Army at 500 Upper Bukit Timah Road. Not to mention the nice air-con rooms (well most of us were freezing), the rooms are apartment-style and our camp took 5 units, where each units has 3 rooms. There is a living room too for each unit and I glad to hear some of us make use of the living room to have some sharing among unit-mates. Haha...

I'm the unit IC for my unit #03-05. Hehe... Clifton, Lieng and I suppose to have one room, but Clifton was absent. Next Auntie Nancy and another sister, whom we identified as "Yan Jie", lived in another room of the same unit as me. Then Aunt Evelyn, sis Wen Xuan and her daughter, Dawn, lived in the room opposite to mine. Haha... it is great to see so many children are enjoying themselves, especially after meal when there is some extra time before the next event. Haha... there are Dawn, Keziah, Timothy and Timothius as in the youngest group. Next group will be Abigail, Wei Han, Phineas, Dorcas and Hui En. Erm, did I miss out any children here? Haha... hope I don't. If I do, I will correct this post (as soon as possible).

Oh yes, "Arise & Build Up", in this camp, I have came across a few interesting characters from the bible - Nehemiah, Abel, Enoch and Noah. For Abel, Enoch and Noah, I have came across their "story"line, but only realise their important characteristics and able to view them with a different perspective during the camp's workshop. Wow... didn't there is more place mentioned of Abel in the bible than the two place I only known ofv(Genesis 4 and Hebrew 11). Look at these three characters show us what do "living in God's abundant grace" means. Does it mean having a long life or a healthy / wealthy life means living in God's abundant grace? Hehe... of coz no. Living in God's abundant grace means being a children of God and following His words.

Now, the theme message is all based on the book of Nehemiah. Although I read through this book twice before and all I know is just the story... that Nehemiah went back to Jerusalem to rebuild the city wall, then also restate the laws of Moses to the Israelites. However, I have not learn the lesson that book is trying to teach me. From Nehemiah, we learn how he has prayed earnestly for Jerusalem after he heard that the city wall has fallen. The speaker spoke of the vision that Nehemiah saw and he continued to pray for the vision. Then we learn the lesson of how to translate information to vision, then vision to action. (If there is only vision, no action, then it is useless... don't be a visionary, but missionary, hehe...)

God has been kind to Nehemiah and allows him to go back. You need to read up on Nehemiah if you wanna see the effect of his prayers. Really effective and you'll be surprised on how much preparation Nehemiah has done before the king asked him. This is due to his earnest prayers. Next, we learn that serving God would mean paying a high price, could be as high as sacrificing own life. So do you dare? One of Satan's tactic is using threats, e.g. life threats. You can read up what threats has Nehemiah and the Israelites faced during the rebuilding of the city wall in the bible. Nehemiah pray and pray and carry out actions (ask all Israelites to carry sword all hte time, including while building, sitting or sleeping). Both "Pray + No Action" and "No Pray + Action" do not solve any problem. Only "Pray + Action" solves the problem.

Not only the Israelites faced outside threats, they faced inside threats as well. Look at how Nehemiah solve the problem. Also, we have been reminded to love one another and support one another. Is God unfair that He let some be poor and some be rich, or some are smart and some are weak? No, God wants the rich to help the poor, and the smart help the weak. See, God is fair and He sees this as good. Brothers and sisters should help and support one another.

Also building up a church is not just a "one-time" story. It need to be "refresh" everytime. When Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem 2nd time, some Israelites had gone astray again. Thus, he "reestablish" order, restate Moses' Law, ask people to come to repentance. Thus this reminds us that we should always refresh ourselves in front of God.

These are the lessons by far I learnt of. God-blessed camp it is and how merciful God is to let me join the camp and have spent my time wisely with God. Update on my wound is that it is getting better and better, skin is recovering, sore throat is abt to be over, no more tongue ulcer and my mouth ulcer doesn't make much fuss now. Hehe... really thank God for these. Now, I need to overcome my laziness and my pride from my old-self.

Sorry no photo now. Hehe... I will post some in a new post when I got it.

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