Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Project hurdle

Coming to a hurdle of the project, I am doing investigation on how should I carry out my next step. Need to learn XForm, read about xmlDoc, and trying to use qooxdoo v0.7 before I attempt to upgrade my project's qooxdoo v0.6.6 to v0.7. I have tried to make some simple qooxdoo application to work with this qooxdoo v0.7 without the generator (which all qooxdoo users are very fond of this generator as it is the main thing that supports the good name of qooxdoo, I suppose). However, as I am asked to make qooxdoo application without that generator as that generator doesn't fit in to my project. Thus, I seems like walking the long way... not only long, but rocky too... now.. it has been a wide gap in front of me while I am trying to make a simple qooxdoo application to work on this qooxdoo v0.7 without the generator. Qooxdoo v0.7 has been more object-oriented than the previous version, thus there's some difference on how v0.6.6 and v0.7 work and this is my trouble. I have been thinking abt this for the entire day and still, no solution yet. Anyway, I will continue to try. (But I do hope I can tell my prof to drop this library and concentrate on YUI and Dojo. Hehe... looks like YUI has been popular on the Internet, while Dojo is complained about its bulkiness.)

Well, well, well... almost coming to July... 2/3 of my holiday is about to end. God has been leading me all along... the wound at my back is healing up and my bro is teasing me that maybe the "hole" is large enough for singapore five cent coin. Haha... what a brother I have here... sad, isn't it? Haha... just kidding. The nurses have been telling to eat more fruits. Yeah, I did, haha... at least an apple a day... keep the doctor away... haha... but tomorrow I need to meet the doctor before I leave to Brunei this week. Hehe...

Continue to memorise God's word. I have posted the verses from NIV. But Chinese is the one I have been memorise. Hehe... memorising Chinese is not as easy as English. Haha... coz I can't add or delete words from the bible, thus I need to memorise words by words. Hehe.. sometimes I missing out some common word or jumble them up, but to us, it could have the same meaning. Haha.. so have to be careful.

Oh well, continue to do my work. Wake up at 7am every morning hehe that's my alarm... and I have been training myself to wake up once I click the "stop" on my handphone to stop the alarm. God honors those who honors Him. God blesses my everyday and I determine not to sin against Him, and follow His word, refresh my relationship with Him everyday. Yeah! Pray earnestly, brothers and sisters, and recognize whom you have believed. It is important that we know our God's characteristics. Hehe...

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