Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Week 0: Orientation week

It's week 0 of the academic year and here goes my last year in NUS (hopefully). Haha.. as I am saying this to one of my sisters, that uni is a training ground for us, prepared by God. Learn to depend on Him and living by faith. A lot of lessons learnt while I am studying. Eventually we have to work in the society, in order to earn our living as this is proclaimed by God after sin came into the world.

Though this may be a curse to men as we have to labour in order to get our food, God can turn it into a blessing as through working, we learn about God's providence, learn to depend on Him more, trust Him and learn to live by faith. Truly, as I saw from my brothers and sisters around me, those working one, God continue to bless them and let them be a light to their colleagues. Stand firm on God's word and do not compromise with whatever different from God's word.

Surely my honours year project is demanding and difficult too. Getting familiar with XForms in order to generate forms from a form descriptor is not that easy at all and teaches me to depend on God more. When there are progress, I feel very happy and thanks the Lord. But when I encounter troubles or hurdles, I shall learn not to give up easily. Pray and may the wisdom of God guide His children.

I am currently learning to pray for brothers and sisters, for the church and my family members. Previously, I realise I have been not devoted to praying, as I just pray for myself. Now, realising that this isn't the prayer life that the Lord want us to live, I trying to learn to pray for others. Battling against my laziness and selfishness, the Holy Spirit will help me to overcome these two attributes of old self.

May God continue to bless His children and His children willing to put full trust on God, live by faith and bears the fruits of the spirit. When I am writing these, I am reminding myself, hehe... hope it do remind anyone who reads these too.

Many thanks to Liche that she made nice pasta for our dinner, haha... Ngie helps her of course. Well, I do lend a hand too, not much, just open the tin can with the can opener. It was my first trial of the can opener and it was much better during my second trial when we have pasta again for our Sunday (just passed) night. Thanks God that it is a very nice dish and we're full after eating our "piece". Haha... we divided it into 4 pieces. We then brought the last piece to Lieng, traded with his ps2 (currently in Ngie's room) and a boiling flask (currently in my room now). Haha... good trade? Haha...

Lieng is still busy with his assignments and tests. He just finished a paper on last Thursday at 9pm then we brought him the pasta (the first trial). Haha... hope he doesn't forget to put God first in his heart no matter in any circumstances. Hehe... hope he doesn't dislike me for keep on reminding him about "sleep early", "put God first", "don't waste money on those you had", etc. Haha...

Oh ya, Ngie is having difficulties in trying to understand his project. Haha... pray for him. Hehe... Looks like a lot of praying to do. And yeah, praying is the basic thing to do for a reborn Christian.

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