Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A small step (chinese and english)



We have this centralised place on the Internet, that we can put our parts of the program in it, such that anyone who has access to that place, can download and use. For example one of my friends do some updates on his work, then upload to that central place. Then I can download his work and use it in my work. Haha... and I have installed this TortoiseSVN that allows me to keep track to the contents in that central place. Very convenient. It's free by the way, so you just need to google for it.

I have a folder that dedicates to this tiddlycard server (the name of our central place), so if I didn't make any changes, fresh update from the server, I will have a green tick beside the folder, else (I make some changes after updating), it shows a red exclamation mark.

CLEAN folder
DIRTY folder
I have not seen the green tick for quite a long time, because I made some changes (while I doing my work). Although I do update everytime, but because my stuff still different from the server, thus I always have that red exclamation mark, till I finally commit today and thus having the green tick (yes, finally!).

You may ask why I only commit today? This is because previously I wasn't able to make something work, haha... and only till today a small step. Haha... well a lot more things to do for my project though... much to be expected and here comes the red exclamation mark. Haha...


然后三点钟,敦义和我去听一个talk,关于OpenSolaris,挺陌生的一个OS,所以就去探听探听。可惜talk后没有茶点,哈哈。听了所以然罢了,没什么大不了,那讲员说了一些他的经验,如何作出一个Linux的distribution叫Debian,然后参加了Sun Microsystem,引起了公司里的工人疑惑(因为Sun Microsystem公司不是用Linux的,所以非常好奇一个Linux的人跑了进来),终于他向他们解释:“因为这样~,所以那样~”。

过后我们便搭Shuttle Bus回到PGP,继续做我们的功课。好了,没什么事情了,但愿主继续的保守我们,使我们在世上能够行主的旨意,远离罪恶以及一切的引诱。叫一切荣耀称赞都归于神。

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