Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2 Reading days left..

For those who is going to have their first paper this Saturday, they have only 2 days left to revise. I have exactly 1 week left to revise for my three modules MA2222 (Nov 29), CS4272 (Nov 30) and CS3234 (Dec 1). Same goes for my bro, Tung Ngie. Hehe... but Li Che's final paper is on Dec 5 or 6 (I can't remember). May God continue to guide us along and may we be able to show forth His glory through our results and stress management. Hahaha...

Looks like MSN space did a great job in their look and feel, hope that doesn't affect their overall performance. Best if they improve the speed of loading up the websites. Haha... MSN Hotmail looks good, I just changed my password for it. However, my MSN messenger still laggy, think it is due to the heavy network traffic I am in, (PGP will love to tell you how many students are currently lodging in its residents, how popular it is, the ever-increasing cutoff points, and say sorry for those who didn't get the room here, can't help it, because too popular, etc craps). Then comes the heavy network traffic, haha...

Oh well, have been spending my time reading CS3234 lecture notes (+ textbook), CS4272 lecture notes (can't finish all those supplementary papers lecturer gave online, too many, but I did read some), MA2222 lecture notes, try out common test paper again, then the last year's final exam paper. Well, I met some tough questions in the past year paper, and waiting for my bro to do it, so that we can check our answers. Hehe... hope my understanding is correct. Hehe...

Nothing to say right now.... except that I broke my determination ("only play ps2 after exam")... and started playing few days ago. Haha... but I determined (again) not to play after yesterday till the end of the three papers. Hehe... so... study hard... haha...

And finally... Happy Birthday Tang Tung Ci! (glad I remember)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Start of Reading Week

My Lord has been blessing my brother that he got better now from the fever. Hehe... thank God. He has show forth his glory and might from my brother's illness. May all glory be upon Him.

Have two birthday surprises this week, one on Nov 12 in my kitchen and one in Crystal Jade Kitchen, Holland V. Haha... it just that I never expect them to be there. Haha... Nov 12, my friends climb all the way up to level 7 of Blk 26, where my brother lives. Then my brother told me to eat mee goreng, so I prepared my bowl, chopstick and spoon, ready to go on lift for my brother to bring me up. But to my surprise, it was my brother coming down. Then I was puzzled, then he led me to the kitchen and I saw JE, "What's he doing here?" Then yeah, haha... birthday surprise. Another one is Nov 16, and that night, I thought only 4 of us (Tung Lieng, Li Che, Tung Ngie and I) having dinner and saying that the location is Crystal Jade kitchen. So go lor... well, I don't know what happened, but we went upstairs. Then I saw Yung Hua in NUSHO t-shirt, and CK. Then I thought "wow, how coincidence that AMCISA also having dinner here ah." I soon realise I am wrong because I saw Ferry, JE and CC was there as well, and we are approaching a large table, instead of a 4-person tables. Haha... then it doesn't take quite long for me to figure what's happening then. Haha...

Great last week of study huh? Hehe... they are all my nice friends, and I felt in-debt if I didn't spread them the gospel. How nice if they are my brothers and sisters, but it is all upon God's grace that He let them see that they have sin even before birth, and need the blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse it. May they be in God's hand that my Lord willing to initiate the transaction with them. May they have this oppurtunity to hear the full gospel and willing to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Now, start of reading week, time to prepare for exams and I have broken my own determination - not playing NBA Live 2004 till the last paper finished. Haha... but I have played twice on Thursday and Saturday. Haha... I am learning to stop my urge to play ps2.

I have posted the photos (most are taken by Ferry) on So whoever wants it can get it from there. Hehe... Bah, I'll stop now.

All the girls
All the boys

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Early reading week

Declared myself to have an early reading week... have started revising (basically just reading) my CS3234 lecture notes and textbook. Still have another lecture to go for this module. And this is the last paper I will sit for my final exams. So that I can focus on the other two, MA2222 and CS4272, during my study week, hehe... I can S/U this CS3234 anyway, but not the other two (well, if I want to minor in financial mathematics, then I can't S/U MA2222, haha).

The forum in CS3212 has gone very quiet, all assignments are finished except an optional assignment about rePL. Haha... I have read the assignment questions but have not give it a thought yet, because I revising CS3234. Haha... but need to look at the assignment questions that are to be discussed in lab this Friday, haha... it is bad if I didn't prepare for the questions that I am going to teach this Friday, right? Haha... eventhough I said I don't entertain early booking of questions for the lab, I still receive emails, haha... they just have to raise up their hands when I asked for volunteers to do those questions. And I have mentioned that I am giving the priority to those who haven't participate before. Haha... as Razvan said before, "It's a competitive environment." Haha...

Thank God for two days of basketball on Monday and Tuesday, my bro and I shot well on Monday, but not on Tuesday, haha... think still tired after 3 games of one-on-one on Monday. Haha... then unfortunately, my brother fell sick yesterday night. Hopefully it isn't the virus that struck him two years ago. It keeps recurring two years and in the month of November, somemore. Haha... wow... what a dangerous virus is that... but I believe our Lord is able to save him, need to have faith and pray for my brother. Hehe...

As exams are approaching, my mind thinks about the holiday after the exams, sheesh... haha... for all things my Lord puts me through, He has his plan for me and it is all for my own good. I thank God for that. So brothers and sisters, have faith. Our Lord has promised victory for us, but we need to believe in him and do our part. He never promise us that the road is smooth-sailing one (or else we will become lazy), but full of rough waves that we can learn lessons from, and grow in our spiritual life. May what we do is according to God's will. If we have sinned against Him, may God gives us the courage to repent in front of Him. We are nothing without our Lord.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Waiting for my hair to dry

(Continue from title) - so that I can sleep... haha... its early Sunday morning now, 12am++ and I need to sleep for some few hours before I go to church later ard 8am. Hehe... but my hair not yet dry... haha... after writing this blog entry, if my hair hasn't dry yet, I will resort to use hair dryer then (I really got one, basically for this purpose anyway).

Today we have a concert, Harmonica Melodies from Italian Master Willi Burger, and his companion, Marcello Parolini on the piano. This is their second time performing in NUS, organised by NUS Harmonica Orchestra. This year, Jang Ming, the chairperson of this concert, has some free time to accompany them (Mr and Mrs Willi Burger and Marcello Parolini). They are fun people, very easy to get along with, and I'm so pity them that their stay in Singapore is basically "stuck" in NUS CFA studio activity room, practicing their pieces (Willi Burger has another concert with Yasuo Watani in Hong Kong, after this trip in Singapore). So, ya, haha... maybe they thought that is good... coz they enjoy practicing? Only they knows, haha... music geeks...

This morning I have tiddlycard meeting and unfortunately my supervisor has some accident yesterday (Friday) and can't come for the meeting, so just a few of us discussing some "compiler design" stuff and distributive model... and I felt I am in a computer geeks' conversation, can't understand much. So I left early. Then tonight after the concert (got a dinner supposed for CFA invited guests and we don't know who they are anyway) so everyone get to join the dinner, except those left earlier. So... they all are music geeks, music followers... as if music is their god? Haha... hopefully that's not what they "worshipping", haha... music is good for some sense... for example songs we use to praise God, our Lord, or some songs at least we can get the comfort from the meaning of the lyrics. Haha... I don't like those hard jam, rock and pop, music... those are noise to me... haha... to me, music should be calm, sweet, or could be fast, but gentle... not rough like metallic songs. Haha... so I met computer and music geeks in one day... haha...

Let's go back to discuss on Willi Burger and his companions. Last year, Jang Ming can't find some free time to accompany them to Singapore zoo, so Ferry, Diep, my brother (Lieng) and I brought them to the zoo and it is also our first chance to go to zoo for my bro and I. Hehe... and I can't believe my eyes when we had our lunch in one of the restaurants in the zoo. The three (Mr and Mrs Willi Burger and Marcello Parolini) are like one family, share food, exchange food... wow... as if Marcello is their son! Wow... that is one fantastic scene and I just can't forget that, haha... Chee Yong told me that when he looked at their passport, their chops are all the same... which means that wherever Willi (and his wife maybe) goes, Marcello goes too. Hehe.. wow... really like family le, haha...

There you go... after such a wonderful evening (and the fright whether the concert gonna cross 10pm, i.e. extra charge) haha... it is finally done... phew... no more concert for the semester now... next year will be Soiree 2008 and I'll see how Chiu Yee and Wai Yi (NUSHO current concert managers) handles it and try to help if possible. Haha... they did a wonderful job for this year's Impressions though, haha...

Bah, haha... gotta sleep early... think my hair is dry enough to sleep, haha... ciao! ('ciao' is an Italian word for either 'hello' or 'goodbye', cool huh?)

Monday, November 05, 2007

Yesterday and Today (chinese)






Friday, November 02, 2007

2 Assignments at one go...

This is a rare event this sem... 2 assignments coming at one time from different modules, haha... this had been a quiet semester, except some of those days that my computer broke down and some midterm exams. All the assignments given in quite a time and my bro and I can finish them in every Saturday. Hehe.. things start piling up especially the stuff I need to revise. Haha, especially MA2222, which I still have quite a lot of difficulties in doing its tutorial. I have been quite slack in other modules.

Having a bad mouth ulcers started middle of last week (luckily the family fellowship is over, coz I don't wanna miss those nice food, right?)... mouth ulcers at 3 places, one is caused by another, so... yea... thank God that the first one is recovering fast. The last one, also the biggest one, is very deep inside my mouth, causing me pain in my jaw and giving me some headaches. Haha... may God continue to heal my mouth ulcers, and give me the spirit of patience, hehe... keep me standing against these mouth ulcers haha...

I have been reading a book, titled 神人:建立与神紧密相连的人生, chinese book though. Talks about Elijah and Elisha, how we can learn lessons from their live walking very closely to God. When Israel was forsaking God's word, the queen of Israel, a non-Israelites, gave the order to kill all prophets of God, many were killed, left with 100 who hidden away. But one brave prophet of God, Elijah willing to stand out for God. Read more about it and you know what's the meaning of God man, (direct translation of 神人). Haha... however, I yet to complete the book, still a few pages left.

Anyway, the 2 assignments this time is pretty tough I guess, one writing program in Prolog, one using a software call Chronos to detect WCET (Worst Case Execution Time) of some program, haha... 说了你们也不明白. But I believe my God will bring me through this. Hehe... just do my part, follow His will for me. Thank God for all the guidance.

Oh ya, my HYP... still doing my forms... but my supervisor adds in another task... doing API for distributive applications, haha (what's that got to do with GUI?) but anyway, it sounds interesting, but... yeah... complicated in terms of implementation again. He told me to think abstractly, not too deep on implementation. Hmm... data structures, black box... wow... my HYP... haha... die? Haha... it all depends on my relationship with God and how much I willing to depend and believe in His hands. Is my God's hand too short for all these?

That's remind me of verses in Numbers 11. It says about the Israelites want to eat meat, and Moses cried to the Lord and in the end the Lord brought them the meat they want (it's a miracle, of how the Lord gave meat to 2,400,000++ people in the desert/wilderness by the way). In verse Numbers 11:21-23,

But Moses said, "Here I am among six hundred thousand men on foot, and you say, 'I will give them meat to eat for a whole month!' Would they have enough if flocks and herds were slaughtered for them? Would they have enough if all the fish in the sea were caught for them?" The Lord answered Moses, "Is the Lord's arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you."

And yes, the people are fed with meat, mentioned in Numbers 11:31-32,

Now a wind went out from the Lord and drove quail in from the sea. It brought them down all around the camp to about three feet above the ground, as far as a day's walk in any direction. All that day and night and all the next day the people went out and gathered quail. No one gathered less than ten homers.

So look at God's providence here. Whenever you meet troubles, pray to the God and have faith in Him. May God continue to guide all His children.