Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Early reading week

Declared myself to have an early reading week... have started revising (basically just reading) my CS3234 lecture notes and textbook. Still have another lecture to go for this module. And this is the last paper I will sit for my final exams. So that I can focus on the other two, MA2222 and CS4272, during my study week, hehe... I can S/U this CS3234 anyway, but not the other two (well, if I want to minor in financial mathematics, then I can't S/U MA2222, haha).

The forum in CS3212 has gone very quiet, all assignments are finished except an optional assignment about rePL. Haha... I have read the assignment questions but have not give it a thought yet, because I revising CS3234. Haha... but need to look at the assignment questions that are to be discussed in lab this Friday, haha... it is bad if I didn't prepare for the questions that I am going to teach this Friday, right? Haha... eventhough I said I don't entertain early booking of questions for the lab, I still receive emails, haha... they just have to raise up their hands when I asked for volunteers to do those questions. And I have mentioned that I am giving the priority to those who haven't participate before. Haha... as Razvan said before, "It's a competitive environment." Haha...

Thank God for two days of basketball on Monday and Tuesday, my bro and I shot well on Monday, but not on Tuesday, haha... think still tired after 3 games of one-on-one on Monday. Haha... then unfortunately, my brother fell sick yesterday night. Hopefully it isn't the virus that struck him two years ago. It keeps recurring two years and in the month of November, somemore. Haha... wow... what a dangerous virus is that... but I believe our Lord is able to save him, need to have faith and pray for my brother. Hehe...

As exams are approaching, my mind thinks about the holiday after the exams, sheesh... haha... for all things my Lord puts me through, He has his plan for me and it is all for my own good. I thank God for that. So brothers and sisters, have faith. Our Lord has promised victory for us, but we need to believe in him and do our part. He never promise us that the road is smooth-sailing one (or else we will become lazy), but full of rough waves that we can learn lessons from, and grow in our spiritual life. May what we do is according to God's will. If we have sinned against Him, may God gives us the courage to repent in front of Him. We are nothing without our Lord.

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