Sunday, November 18, 2007

Start of Reading Week

My Lord has been blessing my brother that he got better now from the fever. Hehe... thank God. He has show forth his glory and might from my brother's illness. May all glory be upon Him.

Have two birthday surprises this week, one on Nov 12 in my kitchen and one in Crystal Jade Kitchen, Holland V. Haha... it just that I never expect them to be there. Haha... Nov 12, my friends climb all the way up to level 7 of Blk 26, where my brother lives. Then my brother told me to eat mee goreng, so I prepared my bowl, chopstick and spoon, ready to go on lift for my brother to bring me up. But to my surprise, it was my brother coming down. Then I was puzzled, then he led me to the kitchen and I saw JE, "What's he doing here?" Then yeah, haha... birthday surprise. Another one is Nov 16, and that night, I thought only 4 of us (Tung Lieng, Li Che, Tung Ngie and I) having dinner and saying that the location is Crystal Jade kitchen. So go lor... well, I don't know what happened, but we went upstairs. Then I saw Yung Hua in NUSHO t-shirt, and CK. Then I thought "wow, how coincidence that AMCISA also having dinner here ah." I soon realise I am wrong because I saw Ferry, JE and CC was there as well, and we are approaching a large table, instead of a 4-person tables. Haha... then it doesn't take quite long for me to figure what's happening then. Haha...

Great last week of study huh? Hehe... they are all my nice friends, and I felt in-debt if I didn't spread them the gospel. How nice if they are my brothers and sisters, but it is all upon God's grace that He let them see that they have sin even before birth, and need the blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse it. May they be in God's hand that my Lord willing to initiate the transaction with them. May they have this oppurtunity to hear the full gospel and willing to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Now, start of reading week, time to prepare for exams and I have broken my own determination - not playing NBA Live 2004 till the last paper finished. Haha... but I have played twice on Thursday and Saturday. Haha... I am learning to stop my urge to play ps2.

I have posted the photos (most are taken by Ferry) on So whoever wants it can get it from there. Hehe... Bah, I'll stop now.

All the girls
All the boys

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