Saturday, December 27, 2008

Prepare my heart

Warning to everyone

This warning is from a forward in my email, and I think it is very important for everyone to realise about this "criminal's trick".

Dear All,

I am sending this out to alert everybody regarding this incident that happened to me last Saturday when I was in Mid Valley. Just beware, it happened to me & might happen to you or your family members as well...

I was in Mid Valley making my way to Coffee Bean to meet my friend there. There was this Indian guy, aged around 30, well dressed & looked Decent, coming my way right in front of Body Shop & greeted me, 'Hai, Miss , you look happy but recently you have been working too hard... probably you should stop pushing yourself too much & relax a bit..'

Usually, I will brush him off thinking that he is 'chi sin' - crazy. But that day, unusually, I stopped & listened to him,allowing him to continue with his lines for about a minute.

Somehow or rather, fortunately I suddenly felt that something was not right & immediately turned back & moved away from the spot. When I had made my way to Coffee Bean,after sitting down for a few minutes, I felt very dizzy & sleepy.

It took me about half an hour to recover while sitting there. Then, I recalled this Indian guy had a strong fragrant smell while he was talking to me. I do not know how he did it but I was nearly trapped.

Something similar happened to one of my friends in KLIA before but I never expected it to happen in a busy place like Mid Valley. Maybe our mothers are right, do not talk to strangers but they forget to tell us, NOT TO EVEN LISTEN TO STRANGERS.

Saturday Family Fellowship

Today we had our last family fellowship of the year at brother Eddie and sister Celina home. The fellowship is great and thank God that many brothers and sisters want to share this time. Haha... I want to thank God that Tung Lieng is able to join us as well, hehe...

Brother Eddie shared from Luke 9:57-62 about the cost of following Christ. We know that there is no "free lunch" in the world, i.e. for every benefit we want, we need to pay a price for it. This is the same for salvation, except that Jesus Christ has paid the great price for us. However, to follow Christ way, we need to carry our own cross daily to walk His way. That's exactly right because if we still hold on to the earthly matters, we won't be walking our Lord's way. It is very easy to say "Lord, I will follow you wherever you go", just like the person in verse 57-58. However, are we really know what does it mean by following Christ? When hardship comes, are we still willing to follow our Lord?

Just like Peter told Jesus Christ that "wherever you go, I will follow", but when Jesus Christ had been captured by the guards, he hid away, not dare to admit that he is one of Christ's disciple. To follow Christ, we really need to prepare our heart, clear all earthly things from it so that our Lord Jesus Christ can sit on the throne of our heart. Only then you will have peace, because you know who is in control of everything, and this "someone" wants to give you the best. How fortunate are the saints... we know that we are living on earth for Christ, even when we leave the world, we know where we will be going - going to be with our God the father.

Brother Hock Lee also shared with us about active and passive way of following the Lord. Our Lord wants us to be active to follow His way. Hehe...

Prepare my heart

"Am I ready for baptism? Are my heart ready to serve my Lord wholeheartedly?" these are the questions that I have for the past few months. I know I don't have to be baptise to be saved, but it is a sign of telling the whole world, including my family that "I am serious in following my Lord Jesus Christ!" I want to make my testimony clear to my dad, and I really pray that one day, God will open his eyes and heart, let him see that he is a sinner and there is only this One and Only God who can save him.

I want my dad to know... he doesn't have to care about other gods, because they are all fake god, they can't talk, can't eat, can't move, can't breathe and can't do anything and everything! Paying respect to them? What for I pay respect to a wood? If one think wood is not a very good word for those fake god, then I would say they are just mere art, or art on the pottery, (like china vase)

Many people thought Christianity is a religion, among the Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholic, etc... then if you say you are a Christian, some will ask what denomination your church is... to me, it is as if "Christianity is not a unite group, but fighting against each other, that's why there are so many denomination, so what group is your church in?" It is as if nothing wrong to have a religion of my own... hmm why I don't just create a denomination? Many people also thought that religion is just something people held to "believe" in... to seek comfort (or lying to oneself?) or just to promote good works, can reduce crime and so on...

No, they are all wrong... Christianity is not a religion... it is the truth. In John 14:6, Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (the One and Only God) except through me. There you have it... only our Lord Jesus Christ dare to make that statement because he really is... let's see if there's such line in other "scripts" where other god write their words. Moreover, bible is the only book that has existed for more than 2000 years, never change, because it is God's words... since God is the same in the past, present and future, His words will never change.

Sunday School day

That's tomorrow... and that will be my first time attending this event, hehe... looking forward for it!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Personal Testimony

Speak your own personal testimony

Haha, we are all ought to remember and able to speak our own personal testimony for our Lord God. It is our own experience and we have to know how our Lord God has changed our lifes. My life changes once my Lord God brought me to an unfamiliar place on my own (well, I am not on my own. Tung Ngie is with me.). My Lord God let me realise how I need Him so much. There was once I had fallen away from my Lord God, but He got me back eventually through much encouragements from my Sunday School teacher then.

Old life

I spent my childhood and teens in a town in Brunei, called Kuala Belait. It is a quiet town, not suitable for those who likes night life. Every family has an average of 2 cars. The town is at the Brunei-Malaysia border, by crossing two bridges we will reach a town in Sarawak, called Miri. Thus, every weekends, you can imagine that there's a huge load of cars going to Miri in the morning, then returning back in the evening, before the immigration stations closed. That's basically KB! Haha...

My dad is not a Christian, but my mum is. I thank my Lord God that my dad didn't stop my mum to bring us to a church in KB. I have three siblings - Tung Ngie (twin brother), Tung Lieng (young brother) and Tung Ci (young sister). There are 5 years gap between Tung Lieng and me (and Tung Ngie), while Tung Ci is 11 years younger than me. Although I did go to church and learnt about our Lord God's merciful, kindness, faithfulness and forgiveness, I still did what I usually do at home - bully my brothers (my sister weren't born yet).

I didn't like to go to school, but have to. When I went to school, I didn't like to go home... I remember once I said "This home again, everytime I came back, it is the same home!" I consider myself as the unlucky one because from young I was diagnosed with hypothyroid, thus need to eat medicine every morning, take blood test, go appointment every four times in a year (varies as the appointments are set by the doctor). Looking at my brothers, who don't have to eat medicine everyday, take blood test and don't have to visit the hospital, I envy them. I bully my brothers a lot, sometime I hate them as well due to my jealousy, especially towards Tung Ngie who always do better than me in everything.

In 1999, Tung Ngie received a scholarship to study in Singapore. Not long after he started school, my father sent me out to Singapore to study too (to accompany Tung Ngie as well). I was studying in a neighbourhood school, near to the school Tung Ngie was studying. Tung Ngie was studying in one of the "top 30" secondary schools in Singapore, thus in order to get in, I need to pass a IQ test... eventually I failed.

That was the first time both of us left our family. How we had missed home then... and how much tears we shed every night... we felt we had been outcasted by our family... no longer live in my own house, no longer able to taste my grandma's food, no longer can see my family everyday, that I have taken them for granted. At that time I really want to take back my word "This home again, everytime I came back, it is the same home!". It is a sad depart for my family as well. Every night then I remembered my mum's tears.

During the course of the study in Singapore, we joined a church in Singapore - The 'Fishermen of Christ' Fellowship. We lived in Raffles Institution Boarding School in Bishan, the church we went is located at Geylang. We would take MRT from Bishan to City Hall interchange to change train to Aljunied. Soon, we felt "lazy" to go to church. Thus we skip going to church when we had activities on Sunday morning with our friends. Eventually, we skipped for more than half year!

My worst experience

Every Saturday night, our Sunday School teacher, brother Anson would call us, ask whether we are coming on Sunday, and our prayer needs. He called us no matter whether we came the last Sunday morning or not. He even continue to call us during the half year we skip going to church. We asked our friend to take the call for us, lied to brother Anson that we were out.

During the half year when we skipped church, every Sunday morning, we would be sleeping late or just waste our time. I felt a sense of remorse, lonely (even when I am participating in an activity with my friends), weak and not much mentality to study as well... it was the worst experience of my life then. As our GCE O'Level were less than half a year away, my heart pounded very fast but weak, I fear that I will fail my subjects, especially English!

Looks like Tung Ngie felt the same way as me, because once we can't take it anymore. Instead of asking my friend to help us to lie to brother Anson, we went to take the phone ourselves. Yes, after a half year long, we finally heard brother Anson's voice over the phone. We told him that we don't want to go to church anymore and ask if he can stop calling us (for his call made us felt the remorse that we had actually lied to him for half year long)...

I thank God that He has not given us up... He equipped brother Anson with His word... through brother Anson's encouraging words over the phone, I saw how wrong I am to skip going to church... knowing the fact that "God is our strength" in my brain, I didn't realise that I can seek the strength from God to overcome my laziness.

After putting down the phone, Tung Ngie and I decided to go back to church the next day... and ask God for forgiveness that night. From then on, I saw the light of God. No longer I feel remorseful, but joy, as if I have set free from jail. On Sunday morning, truly, we went to church and our brother Anson gives us more encouraging words from the bible, from God Himself.

New life

After knowing Christ, I don't feel my heart pounding fast and weak for the incoming GCE O'Level for I have entrust it to my Lord God. From that point of time, I realise how God love me for putting me in a neighbourhood school, so that I won't feel very stressed out. He know my capability more than I do myself for He is the Lord of all! When I look back at my life from God's point of view, I realize that all are in God's plan, including both of us coming out to Singapore, leaving our family, leaving our casual life in KB, let me realize that I have taken all those for granted... truly, I went back to KB for holiday with a different heart... one that really let my Lord God sit on the throne of my heart, not only on the brain. Haha...

I don't feel any grudges toward my brothers anymore, and I don't feel jealous for Tung Ngie's better result... for all these will come to past, and only the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ matters to me now. Philippians 1:21 says that "For to me (Apostle Paul), to live is Christ and to die is gain." I really thank God for this trueful experience... and only He can bring me back. I thank God that I can feel the remorse and fear when I skip going to church, it is the work of Holy Spirit.


If you are experiencing this same experience - skip going to church - hopefully you can take my personal testimony as your way out - come back to the Lord once again! Repent for our Lord God is a merciful God. 1 John 1:9 states "If we confess our sins, he (God) is faithful and just and will forgive us (we all) our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." What are you waiting for? Come back to the Lord to draw strength, so that you can overcome your laziness! Why do you want to live in a remorseful life (life away from the source of life)? Nothing is better than returning to my Lord God, the One and Only Creator.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy busy busy

Always hope for the opposite

When I am busy, I always want to be free... when I am free, I always want to find something to do. Haha... that's human heart, never satisfy. However, I am in the former state (the busy state). Haha... I thank God that I manage to complete some of my pending tasks today, still have some more for the week and I have one day left for the week. Very busy... can't wait to get the project over with. Cracking my brains on the WCF, Webservice, EnterpriseLibrary, what the?? Haha... I know those are new technologies, but I have never got myself comfortable with them yet, but I need to work with them in order to complete my tasks.

Speaking of writing unit test for my codes, I have not yet start writing although I know how to write. I want to write a good unit test, but sometimes it is just so hard, because time is not on your side... and your boss thinks everything can be done with a snap of fingers... come on, I have been cracking my brain so hard, thinking what is a better way to implement my codes (so that I can copy and paste faster)... ensuring no compilation error and trying to fit to the current implementation as well... click this and click that, waste most of my time looking for the "right" codes to copy and paste... and then do some refactoring (I need to rename manually for some parts)... then "I thought you said you can finish 'these' this week." ... -.-" duh, this week not yet end... I still got another day (well, the boss' quite right... how could I possibly finish 'these' in a day?) haha... sure is busy busy busy...

Looking forward

Haha... there are somethings that I am looking forward to, i.e. Dec 24-26 (holiday), Dec 28 (Sunday School day), End of March (End of my current project) and June 11-14 (Gospel Camp). These are some "known" events... some unknown "looking forward" events - > New House; > Return to KB; > Finish my tuition grant bond; > New church location. Of course, all these are in God's hand as He knows what's the best for the church.

Project 0812 Debrief

Hey, I am still keeping the email - Hehe... hmm thinking how come I write 1208 instead of 0812. Hmm there must be a reason... haha... oh ya... will have a debrief on this coming Saturday with the committee to reflect what we have learnt from organising this event... this makes me see that I have a lot a lot to learn... I think I took things too lightly, didn't consider the severity of my actions and decisions. I am not a quick-make-decision type of guy (thus you know why I have so many pending tasks - I have been talking about it for the last few posts - I keep on thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of the possible ways).

I think the true reason is that I lose my focus on the objective of the event... I forget that the true purpose of this outreach event is to spread the gospel and I got carried away by my mental image - "You are tired!" or "You have never make a correct decision"...

I thank God that He has been telling me to come back to Him with the lessons that I learn from the Sunday School - Apostle Paul reminded us to look forward, don't look behind - reminding me not to look back at all my poor decisions that I have made before thus causing me to fear for making decisions that are coming at me. In fact, we have repeated this lesson during our Sunday School. All in all, I thank God that He provided His own workers! I remember from George Muller's testimony that when his orphanage is in need of money, he didn't even ask from the church, or any brothers and sisters... he just keep praying to God... and God provided His own workers and provide his orphanages' financial needs. I saw God's hand at work as three brothers and sisters are willing to share their testimony during the outreach event, and two sisters willing to join us as counsellors.

I thank God that we have enough food, and God has blessed us with the drinks as well. Hehe.... most importantly, I thank God that He continues to encourage us by telling us not to lose heart, and do not use the attendance or the number of converts to rate our effort. As long as we do our part, God will do His. Let us gather treasure in the heaven, not on earth.

Planning ahead

I wonder if any brothers and sisters want to have an outing in East Coast Park on Dec 24. Haha... we can do cycling, jogging, kayaking, picnic, or prepare for our presentation on Sunday School day? Hehe... I guess this Project 0812 is a chance for me to learn, so that I can improve in my service to my Lord in the committee of Gospel Camp in June 2009. May my Lord gives us the burden to spread His words! Pray that Tung Lieng has a safe journey home to KB on Dec 19. Hehe... pray that God bless the KB church, have a wonderful time with God during their family camp in KK. Hehe...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

House warming

Project 0812

This is the first item on the list that I want to thank God for. I have learnt a lot of precious lessons from this outreach event. Although I have to guard the house, my heart went along with all the brothers and sisters, and friends who are yet-a-Christians who have enjoyed themselves with the icebreaker games and the treasure hunt. Hehe... I am glad that God has marcy on these friends that they could join us for the day (though some left after some activities).

I thank God that I manage not to laugh during the play, haha... then I make the summary to link up all the activities for the day... I should have put the verses I want to read out on the slides, so that it'll be easier for the audience to read than to listen. Haha... anyway, after the event, it is like I can put down the bag that I have been carrying. Haha... for once my public holiday is not wasted. Haha...

Personal Testimony

Yea, it is so important to write my own personal testimony hehe... will write soon...


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 3 days left for the week and I need to write three "user controls"... so each for each day. Hehe... hopefully I can get them all done this week, so that next week I can spend time furnishing them, make them more user-friendly. Hehe... I have used one day to do an "user control" today... I realise how slow I am, but I just can't help it... just always think too much, hehe... think of the advantages and disadvantages of implementation. Haha...

That's all for now. I thank God for all things!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

December in Singapore

December in Singapore

This is the first time I am going to spend my December in Singapore. Previously I would have gone back home to KB for the month, spent time with my family. However, this year is different, I can get to go for my church's open day on Dec 25. Haha... (I have never been to my church's open day before) How glad I am to be a member of my Lord's home, because I have so many brothers and sisters to share every joy and sorrow we have. Hehe...

In one of the service, the speaker mentioned about two brothers (the elder one is a Christian, but the younger not). Once they went for travel around the world, and at every place they were going to spend the night, they always stay in a house of a "friend". Then the younger brother got curious and ask his big brother, "Hey bro, you have never told me that you have friends all over the world!". The elder brother replied, "These are not my friends, but my brothers and sisters in Christ." Haha... looks like this elder brother did some homework before he went travelling - contact the local churches' brothers and sisters before he went visit that place. Haha...

Work never ends

Nevertheless, speaking of my work, it is very challenging. Also, still learning to apply God's word in our life. Hehe. His word comforts my heart when I looked down on my schedule and felt tense that I have so many to-do in such a short time. Haha... once this week my boss and team leader came to my desk. The team leader jotted down my pending tasks, then my boss asked me when I expect to complete them. I looked at my pending tasks, ticked some of them and said that I could complete those I ticked by next week. The boss looked at me and told me that he expected by this week. Haha... see what did I tell you? Sure it is tense. Haha... anyway I told them that I will try my best (give myself some breathing space) but I don't want to overestimate myself, or else I won't be able to complete by next week as well (haha, then I can pack up and go le). The boss didn't say anything, just went away.

I have been working till 6.20pm++ for these few days, (today 6.55pm), trying to meet the expectation, but not sure if I can complete those I ticked tomorrow or not. Haha... thank God for the long weekends (next Monday is a public holiday, when we will have our outreach event - The Game of Life). I will continue to pray to my Lord for wisdom to complete my pending tasks in His time. Hehe... He knows me the best, and how much work I can handle. Hopefully I won't think too much when I am coding, as in, there are many ways to tackle a problem, and I tend to spend time thinking about their advantages and disadvantages, thus delaying my work. Haha...

Project 0812

Yes, next Monday is our outreach event. I thank God that He has prepared his own workers for His work. I have finally settled the three brothers and sisters to share their personal testimonies. Next, I have also chosen 3 sections in the video - The Case For the Creator, that should take approximately 30 minutes in total. Finally, I have written my sharing to link up all the activities with the gospel. Hopefully I can get it checked before Dec 8, haha... and need to practice before Dec 8.

Speaking of practicing on Sunday (Dec 7) night, I thought of the drama series TungNgie and I have been watching every weekends - Royal Tramp on Channel U. The drama series ended on Saturday (Dec 6) night. Thus I will have plenty time to practice on the night of Dec 7. Haha... God knows that I won't practice if the drama series had not ended. Haha... He sure knows us better than ourselves (He paid a great price for us). Haha... I thank my Lord God that He has opened my eyes to acknowledge myself as a sinner, willing to throw away any idols' in my heart, and let Him sit on the throne of my heart. Without Him, I don't dare to think what I will be.

Hopefully I can continue to spread the gospel to my dad, the only member in my family who has not believe in Christ. I will continue to pray that God will open his eyes one day, and he will be willing to acknowledge himself as a sinner, need Christ's blood to cleanse his heart. Thus, willing to accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior, be a member of God's children.

Tomorrow (Dec 5, Friday), we will practice for the skit for our outreach event. Hong Ling, Enn Yew and Tung Ngie have tough roles. I thank God that I can be a part of the skit too, and they assigned me an easy role... but I must force myself not to laugh. Haha... oopz... sorry... NG NG! The Great Exchange is the title of the skit. May the meaning of the story be clear to those who watch it, especially those who are not yet a Christian.

Haha... I learnt that phrase "those who are not yet a Christian" from Vincent, one of our brothers in church. He asked Tung Ngie whether all our family members are Christian or not. Then we told him that only my dad is not a Christian. He corrected us by saying that he is not yet a Christian. Haha... we must all have faith that God will work in His own time, we just have to keep sowing the seeds, the seeds will grow if God allows them to. Haha... most important thing is that we must not take God's word for granted. Hehe...

God blesses all His children and may His number of children increases every moment so that there are cheers and celebrations in the heaven!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Start to get hot


My busy time came earlier than expected (next week as I mentioned in my previous post). It was today. My boss took a look at my work, a configuration tool. He then told me that I didn't add this and that. He told me that his "OK" includes validation, user-friendliness and full functionality. Haha... looks like we have a different definition of "OK" haha... his "OK" is my "Finish". Haha... anyway, look like I need to be more hardworking than usual le, as time is not on my side. Haha...

Another surprise thing is that I have some bugs to debug... we had a demo and I realise that there are so many bugs... at least 8 of them for me to check them out. I have started debugging after the demo (and a meeting) and manage to debug one, pending two, can't reproduce two and remaining untouched yet. Haiz, I have thought some bugs should not happen because I have tried them on my machine. Anyway, haha... that's one of programmers' tasks - eliminate bugs. Haha... can't call ourselves Bug-buster, coz we create them as well. Haha...

Project 0812

Why do I always talk about these two things (Work and Project 0812)? Haha... that's pretty simple - these two are the only things on my to-do list. Haha... we thank God that Hong Ling has finished her GCE A'Level exams, and we can now concentrate on putting a good skit. Haha... so we will practice tomorrow, not sure if Enn Yew have found enough brothers and sisters to take part in the skit or not. Hehe...

I have been working (and thinking) on how to link all the activities on the outreach event up with a presentation. Not sure if we will be using it, but I did it for my own purpose as I need to bring out the complete picture of the gospel. Haha... then regarding the three persons for personal testimony, I got one - Clifton. Hehe... will confirm with him on Sunday again. Then still got two more. Not sure if Li Hui and Zhen Zhen wants to or not, I am sure I got a backup, either Tung Ngie or myself. Hehe... so I need to prepare for it as well. May God continue to bless His work! Hehe... and give His servants the the heart to be submissive to Him and do His work! Such a joy to serve my Lord.

My sister's birthday

My sister's birthday is tomorrow, but I can only sms her. Hehe... hopefully she can see it after she got back! Hehe... that's all for now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Work never ends

Project 0812

Oopsy, just realise last Saturday that double whacko isn't one of the icebreaker games for this outreach event. Hehe. We had our tracting session and though the response we had wasn't that good, we put all this into our Lord's hand. We have given some tracts to some teens and youths playing at basketball courts. We visited the basketball courts around Fook Chong's home. Li Ting and Li Hui led us around the basketball courts. There are 9 of us - Li Ting, Li Hui, Debbie, Zhen En, Tung Ngie, Enn Yew, Hong Ling, Hong Jan and me. Hehe...

We started around 3pm with discussions of the outreach event, then we broke into groups to pray for 15 minutes before we went out to give out tracts at 4.15pm. Haha... their home's clock is 15 minutes after the actual time, but a lot of time, I forgot about the fact and think that "wow, time sure flies today!" till the others reminded me. Haha...

During our discussion on what to pray about, we are reminded by Enn Yew not to be ashame of the gospel, and do not lose heart even when we see the attendance is low. Hehe... very true. All this work belongs to the Lord, not ours. We are just servants of the Lord, and do what He wants us to do. Hehe... also, we need to prepare our testimony, so that, in anytime we can share our testimony with our friends and relatives, so that they can know Christ through our testimony! How blessed we are as the children of God.

Still thinking and working on the words to link the activities up, so that it gives a clear picture of the true gospel. May my Lord continues to help me in this task.

Work, work, work

The first construction iteration for my project is coming to the end this week, and we will start off the next iteration next week. I think I am much excused for the current iteration that I just do what my team leader asked me to do, as I do not have some targets I need to produce by the end of an iteration. Next iteration, I don't think I am excused anymore. Be sure that they will give me a "thing" and expect me to deliver it on time at the end of that iteration. Haha... so need to be hardworking still, that I need to complete the implementation and its unit tests. Haha... true enough, work never ends... just like "money is never earned enough" (but what's the use of money after you left this world? You can't bring money out of this world anyway).

Going round and round, like a clock... that's my feeling towards work... and I am glad that God has given me two days break every week. Monday to Friday, everyday seems doing the same thing - wake up, read bible, breakfast, walk to work, work, return home, dinner, rest, read book and sleep. Haha... yeah, that is what I did every Monday to Friday. Thus I see that the only time I can make my weekdays different is my resting time. It depends on how I use that time... is it for my own entertainment? Is it for my Lord? so on... haha...

Still pondering whether to take leave on the end of December or next year's end of January. I know what's the airticket price like now, and all I can do is just pray and let God decide for me. He is the One and Only God who holds my future. If I don't ask Him, who do I ask? Haha... thus I need to pray and put my holiday plan onto His hand.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

In the mid of November

My birthday

My birthday has passed and it is just another day, haha... this year I have some cakes in the pantry with my colleagues and Tung Ngie (of course, haha...). Nothing much, but I like such quiet birthday. Haha, God didn't mention anyword when Christ was born, but human went and cracked a Dec 25. I read that it was actually previously for celebrating the birthday of some idols, sun god. Now they clothes the day with Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. Really sad to hear that.

Another event, Good Friday and the following Resurrection day (受难日), human (women in this case) previously celebrated some god of fertility, so that they can be blessed with sons or daughters. However, you see that the tradition for this celebration still around, as there are "eggs" in a basket and the rabbit (the symbol for the god of fertility). So, another day clothed. Human trying to be holy? Haha.. I don't know.

Another art

Haha, what's that brown paper? Does it look like a treasure map? Hmm... anyone got any ideas how to make it better? Haha... but please, not too high tech, I am using Photoshop and still an intermediate player.


C1 Integration testing has begun this week, but looks like I have been assigned another task. Hence I don't know how's the progress is like, but I saw my teammates have quite a number of bugs to fix. Haha... early better than never! Hehe... I thank God for all His guidance that I have managed to produce some output to show my boss. Hehe...

Once Tung Ngie is cleared that he can take holidays in the end of Dec, then we will apply for the leave, hehe... that's all.

Project 0812

Looks like Dec 8 is approaching, haha... need to know how the groups are doing, especially the skit group, haha... not sure if they have finalised the scenes and the players, need to check that out. Another thing to check out will be the logistics for the games group. Wonder how's their preparation. Haha...

I came upon a verse today from 1 Peter. "... not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be ..." 1 Peter 5:2. Yea, not because we must, but because we are willing to serve God. Also from the same verse leading to the next, "... not greedy for money, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples ..." 1 Peter 5:2-3. Hehe... I have to keep remind myself the purpose of this event - to share God's word, and not to show forth my own talent. I am suppose to use my talent for the preparation of this event. Hehe... pray that God continues to watch over His children.

That's all. Haha... another weekends!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

New Album -- My Own Art Production

My Own Art Production

I have just added an album over at my MSN Space, "TungLeh's Lobby". The title is the name of the album. There are two pictures in it, depicting an all-tied-up game and a upgrade version of an usual-icebreaker game, whacko - double whacko! Haha... I don't remember when I first played it, but I remember this game was played during our 2nd year in NUS, when we organised the music camp for NUSHO. Hehe... the best double whacko game is when the group is not too big, or else only those simpler names (names that are easy to call) will be targeted more. We need to make it such that everyone has a go being a whacker (that means being whacked before you are "promoted" to whacker), hahaha...

The string game is left as a surprise at the moment. I blogged about it after I play it on December 8. Haha... these two are not the only icebreaker games we will be having. Hehe... soon I will come up with some arts for other activities for December 8 outreach event. Just to let you (anyone who read, and still deciding whether to come for our December 8 outreach event) know, there is a meaning for each activities we are having here, including the lunch! Haha... can you get the meaning for the lunch? Hehe... very easy de.

Speaking of lunch, Tung Ngie and I went down this afternoon to check out a restaurant downstair to see whether they work on December 8 (because it's a public holiday) and ask if they can cater for our lunch. However, they aren't open today. Thus, will ask them next time I saw them open. Hehe...


Just had a basketball throwing session with Tung Ngie. Haha... some miss some hit, haha... the usual thing. Hehe... my legs got a bit "suan" just by jumping a few times. Haha... old le? Haha... anyway, someone shared the court with us later... and when more people came, we two decided to leave. By then we have played around 47 min, think that's quite enough for our long-time-no-exercise body (and legs). Haha... now going to have a shower... then awaiting 7.30pm for Royal Trump drama on Channel U. That's the weekend... haha...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rejoice in the Lord

Rejoice in the Lord

Philippians 4:4 says "Rejoice in the Lord always. I (apostle Paul) will say it again: Rejoice!". Apostle Paul was at the prison when he wrote an epistle to the church in Philippians. So rejoice in the Lord because we know our Lord is the (one and only) God who hears our prayers, as long as we are not pondering about sin. We know from Psalm 29 that no matter what circumstances or situation we are in, He is still in control of everything, He knows what we can bear and He will not let us bear what we can't.

Rejoice too for the moment I read about Acts, where the holy spirit comes down upon the Gentiles. I thank the Lord that He does not exclude us, non-Jews, from His mercy. How merciful our God is, that "... He gave His One and Only son ..." (John 3:16) to us. Although we have sinned against God, He still loves us so much. For these reason, you can't say you don't have anything to thank God. This is the biggest present that He gave us all.

Project 0812 updates

I thank God that He has provided His own workers for this outreach event. I pray for God's forgiveness as my hearts are blinded that I never realise that the content in the tract was not enough. I was thinking that as long as there's something to distribute, that's enough. But during our 3rd meeting, I thank the Lord that sister Enn Yew pointed out the missing contents in our design. "If this tract is hand to a non-believer, what would attract him/her? or is there any information to tell him what's this event all about?"

Thus, we made a couple of points down and back to the drawing board for the design. Hopefully the design could be done before the coming Sunday as we need to print by then. I thank God that on the just-over Sunday, we managed to finalize the schedule for the event. Yes, I really thank God that the discussion was brought up that day, although I was "lazy" to discuss about it at the beginning.

Now there's a slot in the schedule for "someone" to link all the purpose of every activities together. Haha... I am the first one to say that I can't, because I'll stammer in my speech. Truly, I have never been good in my speech, even I myself sometime don't get what I am trying to say. Sigh, no matter what language I am speaking. Sometime I thought I have planned the speech well, this then that then this then that... but when I am actually speaking them, my initial plan seems to be vanished, I lost what I am trying to say.

Although I have a desire to overcome this weakness, the fire (desire) is getting smaller and smaller when I thought about my previous experiences of speaking to a crowd (more than 2, I guess?) Thus, I continue to pray to God that He helps me in this, give me another chance and I think this is another chance for me... to learn to have faith in God and learn how to overcome my weakness.

Overcome my weakness

Speaking of my weakness, there's more terrible one, like hot-tempered or despise those who scold me, or order me around, etc. Yeah, I guess this is because of "pride and proud", haha... by looking at the words "pride" and "proud", they sure look similar. Haha... let's add in "price" too... haha... by being pride and proud, you will realise soon that you will pay a price for them. Hehe...

Sometime things don't work out between another person and you, right? The proud and pride will tempt you to "fight back!", "gain your positions!", "if you don't fight back, you're a loser!", "hey, stay our of my sight!". Wow... lots of examples there. Haha... worse still when you don't feel good, haha... the proud and pride will be like a spark for the fire (anger). Haha...

Another scenario will be the other person you are facing is not having a good day. Haha... you touched him, before you say "sorry" (if you wanna say so), he gave you an angry look. Woah... haha... you feel the heat. Last time, I always thought that I have got that person to heat up, feel sorry for him/her and I feel I am useless... haha don't need other people to look down on me, I have looked down on myself.

I give some thoughts on this and found that this is not the right way for a Christian. Christ doesn't give us a timid heart. So I am learning to face every situation with "What would Jesus do?". Although I know I can't possibly do that for all the time, I will try. Also, God told us not to judge others.

Am I really ready for...

I am still asking myself this question, "Am I really ready to be baptised?" Eventhough I am not clear now, I will continue to pray and make preparation in my heart to serve my Lord... Psalm 2:11 "Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling."

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Raining in the morning

I love weekends

Weekends again, how great it is. Haha... as I have mentioned before, ever since I have started working, I appreciated that I don't have to work on weekends. However, some brothers and sisters do work on weekends, especially when their name is stated in the shift roster. Anyway, it is not because "I hate working" or "working is tough", it is because men (and women of course) need rest. Hehe... God rested from all His work on the seventh day, after He has completed His work with six days.

Updates on my work

Still catching up to the schedule. Although I have finished all the parts assigned to me, I am currently helping my team leader to clear his pending works. However, most of my parts are on the client side, but the team leader's work is on the server side. So, it is quite hard to understand all the mechanism working in the server. Dealing with NHibernate and WCF, which I have no experience in both, though I am still learning (or adapting), to help him out. Haha...

After the kick-off meeting, I realised that the product my group is working on needs to be delivered on Mar 2009, but the product another group is working on will deliver at June 2009. Wow... no wonder the project leader is rushing my group. -.-"

That's all the updates, two more days we are going for integration testing. Hehe... no matter what situations or circumstances I am in, my Lord said that he is always by my side. If you have Christ in your heart (recognise you are a sinner, is willing to let Christ to sit on the throne of your heart, believe that Christ resurrected on the third day after he died), you, too, will have this joy and peace of heart. If you are a Christian, but don't have the joy and peace in your heart, pray to the Lord, and let him guide your way... and you must have a submissive heart to obey his words.

Updates on project 0812 preparation

October has gone and we are in the month of November. I have a month and 7 days to prepare for my gospel story. Hehe... I thank God that I found some nice pictures from the internet and I have re-done the slides for Genesis 1. This time, a slide for each day. Hehe...

Not much nice pictures for Adam and Eve, especially Eve. Anyway, our 3rd meeting will be this afternoon at my place here. Just mopped on Monday. Hehe... should be still quite clean I guess. Haha... I have planned the agenda and am going to have my breakfast soon. Hehe...

That's all for now. Still awaiting friends' sms whether they are coming or not. I have sent my invitation (in SMS) few days ago. Hope they received it... will send another one soon too. Hehe... Nov 23 is the latest time to submit the names of who's coming. Hehe... don't worry, we welcomed people who submit their names later than that, but try to be earlier so that we can make all the preparations beforehand. Hehe.... cheers! Jolly morning, it has been raining before I got up... bet those who are still on their bed, cuddling with their bolster, blanket, etc. Haha...


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Learning the lesson the hard way

Too full

It is really silly of me to eat more than I should. We just had our family fellowship yesterday at sister Feng Mao residence's function room. Thank God that He has granted great cooking skills for most of our brothers and sisters that they brought a lot of good food for the fellowship. This time we had our lunch first before the fellowship. Thus the children have the go first. Hehe..

However, not usually having such good and nice-looking food for lunch to me, I think I ate too full. I thought my stomach can digest the food I kept on adding during the fellowship. Then yeah, after the fellowhip, there are still some food left. My stomach gave me a false alarm (or maybe it could be me ignoring the signal from my stomach that it hasn't finish digesting the previous one), so I learnt my lesson... I just can't resist the foods, haha... some thoughts like "Oh, this hotdog is so small, no harm eating one." Haha... until I realise I really full then I stop... by that time, haha, think my stomach calls a timeout, and rested. Haha... maybe it wait till I finish eating, then it only starts digesting slowly... haha... (smart stomach? Haha I just making it out)

By the time I got home, I keep yawning and I feel bloated... oh dear, when does this bloated feeling end? I wanted to vomit them out, but the food just doesn't come out. TungNgie told me to hold on for a longer time. -.-" I just hold on before I sleep, reading a book on my bed, back straight up. I wait till I am comfortable before I lie down... what a tough lesson... then I remind myself again not to eat too full... haha... it has been a long time since I encounter such lesson again... its a lesson I usually forget, haha... so this time, I hope I can learn for good now! Haha...

Recce-ing blocks around here

In order for the November tracting session, I went around yesterday to count the number of units for block 512 to 518. My initial idea was just going for block 512, 513, 515 and 516. When I was recce-ing and counting number of units for these blocks, I came to block 514, so I just count it too (Block 514 looks old, and a creepy one). Then as I returned to block 515, I came across block 517 and 518, so I just count them as well. Thus, a records of number of units for the 7 blocks. Will decide with the committee which block to go for soon.

Story for Project 0812

There's a story time in our schedule for this project 0812. I am still preparing for it. I have a sketch of it and will seek some guidance from the teachers before I starts off looking for the pictures. Hehe... hopefully I can get the progress of all groups today. Hehe... ciao, almost breakfast time!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Peeling orange can hurt my thumb

Project behind schedule

When I joined the team, it has been behind schedule for 2 weeks. Thus, no warm-up... straight to exercise. Our group made our first build successfully (yeah!), but it was under expectation (boo-hoo-hoo). So we were given a warning about rushing up to clear the delays, at the point while I am still "catching up", learning about those tasks and templates... haha... so... hopefully I can get more things done tomorrow.

Progress of organizing project 0812

I think I will probably confirm the venue of this outreach event at Bedok then (meeting place at my place). Too bad the "my place" here doesn't refer to my house in KB, haha... or else, it will be sure enough for 30 people (and more!). Haha... Singapore, you know, has a small land... and my place here is also a rented one. Not sure if it can hold 30 people, but I am sure my Lord will take care of this. For the games, skit and logistics, I need to keep on reminding myself to follow-up closely on them, but... I have no news since last Sunday.

Priority number one will the tracts. Its design, details on the design, printing, number to print, the blocks to distribute the tracts... these sorts of things need to get them fast. I was thinking of carrying out the tracting over at Bedok North, block 512, 513, 515 and 516. Look ambitious yea? Haha... let me get the countings right before I decide which blocks should we distribute.

Oh no, while I keep on asking brothers and sisters to invite their friends, I have not started inviting my friends. Soon! As long as I don't forget... hmm need to be quick as well, or else they have planned their days ahead! Haha... wow.. everything need to be so quick... and how could I possibly do all these at the same time? Look unto the face of my Lord... and remember who He is...

My thumb hurts

Finally I remember to eat the oranges in my fridge today, but the skin is so hard that hurts my thumb. Can't see clearly what's causing the pain... it's just painful... haha and to think I still can write this post, haha... you can see that it isn't so painful after all. Bah that's all for now. I added an album (9 photo-es I think) in my lobby, regarding a pizza lunch with my old team... two persons missing from the pictures are the photographer and our team leader (different person from the photographer). Hehe... "team lunch", without the team leader, huh? Haha...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Never remember me

Blogger sign-in

I think blogger sign-in has a bug. Even if I have checked the "Remember Me" box, it still doesn't remember my email and password. I have to type the two details all the time. Haha... not sure when are they going to fix that, or maybe they don't even know about it. Haha... nvm, it doesn't hurt for retyping my username and password anyway. Haha... that's how this post title comes about... never remember me. Haha...

Project 0812

Yeah, I have invited brother Peter and sister Siew Khim to come for our December 8 outreach event. Feel relieved that I have done so, thank God, because at first, I don't know how to invite them. Haha... but yeah, I know... December 8 is a 难得public holiday (after I started working, I realise how precious are public holiday, hehe...), so I gave them till Nov 23 to reply me whether they can come for the event or not. I am glad that God has helped me to classify the activities into 3 groups: games, design & food (basically logistics) and skits. Brothers and sisters from TYF volunteered themselves into these groups and they will plan among themselves what to do for that activity, while I just trying to help out... also... to understand all their parts. I need to gather all the information together. Hmm...

As our committee meeting, I'll set on Nov 1 (Saturday), I am planning to gather the info before the meeting, so wondering each groups can present me a detail of what they have discussed by next Sunday. Think that's enough time. Haha... alrighty, get on with the work.

Oh yea, I need to prepare the message with the visual aids. Hmm.... I know the content must be the gospel.... but then... how do I put it? Will continue to pray for this, then after I done, of course, need to send to the teachers for reviewing and, if any, further customization. Haha...

Service today

Today, the speaker shared with us John 9:1-7 regarding Jesus' teaching on how to handle misfortunes. There was a man borned blind, and Jesus' disciples asked if it is due to the sin of the man or his parents? You can see Jesus reply from the bible. The man borned blind has nothing to do with his sin or his parents' sin, nothing to do with what he has done or what his parents' have done... (or ancestors have done). If you read the bible, it mentioned that it is an oppurtunity for God to show His power. It doesn't mean that when we engaged in an accident or misfortune, we thank the Lord ("Lord I thank you that I broke my leg!"), no, it does not mean that.

It means that when a misfortune happens to us, like hit by a car, we shouldn't murmur or complain... many ppl tends to complain "why me? why is this happening to me? not others?". We should know that even we are paralysed or blind, or other injury, we still can serve God. If we willing to let God use us, God will still use us. A hymn writer Fanny Crosby, who is blind, has written a lot of songs in our hymn book. See, how wonderful God is. He does not give up on us even when we become paralysed.

Don't think "what else I can do? Even the doctor say he can't help me with my injury..." but think "what can I do?". Don't think "what others can do for me?" but think "what can I do for others?". These applied whether your friends or you meet with misfortune. For example, your friend has met an accident, don't think that "Hey, I am not a doctor, I can't cure him, what else can I do? Nothing!"... but you can pray for him, buy him food to eat if he is paralysed, feed him if he can't use his hands, support him financially if he has financial problems.

The pastor also told us that there was a youth who found out that he has only two years to live because he has a terminal illness. He was a happy-go-lucky Christian. After he knew he has two years left, he thought he had not done a good job in evangelism. Thus he does the commission that Christ has given to every Christians. He quited his university and start to evangelise. From his town to neighbouring cities to neighbouring countries... many people believes. No matter what condition we are in, we still have this mission that Christ has given unto everyone of us... and that's to spread the gospel.

That's all for now. May God continues to guide us in our walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Invite your friends for this December 8 outreach event as well! I need to invite mine too. Hehe...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New seat

Moved to a new seat

I just moved my stuff over to my newly assigned seat, no longer sit beside TungNgie anymore. Haha... oh well, still in the same office though. We went to the barber as well yesterday after work. Then, yeah, I done my todo-es stated in the previous post. Haha... the video "The Case for a Creator" is some kinda complicated to me as it mentioned about some science terms that I never heard of. Haha... but I can see that the video is trying to tell me that the science factors are all leading to a Creator, the One and Only God. It explains from different perspective, physics, biology, cosmology, etc. Haha... anyway great that I done my todo-es.

Must remember to bring my windbreaker on next Monday. Haha... TungLieng is busy with his final year project now as he is in his final semester in Singapore Poly. I can see the children in the church are growing fast. Need to pray for the health of all brothers and sisters as illness are getting more and more difficult to cure. The bacteria looks more resistant now to the medicine, as if they can adapt to the medicine, haha.. wow... that's powerful... and a bad news for us... even a simple fever last time needs only a few days rest to recover, but now... few months... or could lead to death. As technology becomes better, the germs becomes stronger as well...

Very sad to hear two of my friends have passed away in the last two weeks...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have been lazy

Some todo-es

I have not blog since 2 or 3 weeks ago, if I didn't recall wrongly, TungLieng just went back to KB then. Now, 6 days ago to be precise, he has returned to Singapore, and he is in his final semester. Time sure flies very fast, but.. I have been lazy myself. I thank God that I completed at least one of my todo-es, i.e. preparing the minutes for the 2nd meeting of Project 0812 (December 8 Outreach event).

Some other todo-es that I have are watching a video, "The Case for the Creator" and prepare a notes on what I should bring out during the next TYF (Oct 18, coming Saturday). Another todo is to select some songs for the next Saturday's family fellowship (Oct 25), hopefully I don't forget about this. Haha... human needs to be reminded everytime. Everytime I went back home after work, I don't feel like doing anything, just wanted to bath, brush up then sleep. Haha...

How forgetful I am

Yesterday my bro and I went to attend our church's prayer meeting after work. I set off without my wallets (with my ez-link card) and house keys. I only realised that when we reached MRT, about to go through the card scanning devices. I reached for my wallet and stunned... it wasn't there... I reached my hand into another pocket... and I found a cabinet key... haha... so we went back to the office again to take my stuff. Haha... sorry bro, teeheehee... n.n

That's all for now, lazy to write more now. Oopz, 8.30am ++ le... better start working! Haha...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Planning the journey home

Going back to KB

Athough my bro and I do not have a lot of leave this time (we joined during June and the company didn't give us the full leave, but 2/3 of it), we saw some oppurtunity during December where the company has deducted 2 days from our annual leave. Thus including the weekends, we do not have work on Dec 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, Jan 1, 2, 3 and 4. As you can see, we just need to apply leave for Dec 22, 23, 29 and 30. Haha... anyway, I put this in God's hand, and if He allows us to go back to KB, then our bosses will approve our leave for those days. Haha... haven't apply for the leave yet.

Challenging programming task ahead

I received the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) this afternoon regarding my next programming project and it sure doesn't look easy. I thank God that there's someone from my previous project coming along with me to this new one, (sadly it's not my bro). Haha... that friend of mine has better working experience than me, (at least he knows NHibernate, that is to be used in this project)... haha... WPF, something I learned during my previous project, is not used for what I assigned to do (there is a part that uses WPF, but I am not assigned). Haha... what to do? Haha... only pray and trust my Lord that He will bring me through this. Hehe...

Eastern System Client

We have suspend our progress in this our very own project at home for some time now. We are looking on some articles regarding composite WPF, thinking whether we should apply this "pattern & practice" (from Microsoft) in our Eastern System Client or not. Haha... still learning (reading and trying to understand actually), haha... it sure looks "wonderful" from its examples, but it does look complicated as well, especially the definitions and terms. Haha... guess the importance of this is not to rush through, but trying to learn something out of this project as well, haha... but yea... we do still wanna get it done soon, after understanding the composite WPF? Haha... haven't try to program something to get it printed on the printer. Haha... but I am sure the solution should be somewhere out there on the net. Haha...

That's all for now. Thanks to TungNgie for the dinner and the photo (upload to my Home Cook Meal album at TungLeh's Lobby)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Adapt to changes

Dinners for these few days

Except yesterday (Mon, Oct 6), TungNgie have been cooking for our dinner. Hehe... his cooking skill is getting better and better, I thank God for that (coz if not, then we have to eat outside everytime). For me, I have tried once or twice... look out for the chao da french bean and a mushroom omelette, somewhere near the 4th or 5th photos from my Home Cooked Meal album. Hehe... other times, the chef is TungNgie. I am just helping out... or maybe my bro will say "The more I help, the more trouble he get", haha... -.-" (sweat sweat)

I will update my photo album once I receive the pictures from my bro. Haha...

Project 0812 and TYF meetings

Have a TYF meeting recently, and I realised that I need to plan for the next TYF's programme as well, because it is related to this Dec 8 outreach event. Sadly to say, I just had my first meeting on Oct 4. Thus I thank God that we agreed to shift the next TYF to be on Oct 18, and I need to arrange an urgent second meeting on Oct 11, this Saturday. Haha... (kinda agree, haha... it's bcoz of no choice, another -.-" for other TYF committee members)

Thus the agenda for this coming meeting will be setting up the theme and activities for the outreach event, and plans for Oct 18 TYF. I need to pray for these items and also the understanding of my committee members. Hopefully they do undersand what I am saying, and we can share the same vision.

In this TYF meeting, we are planning the TYF for next year. We continue to pray that our TYF continues to help the teens and youths in their spiritual walk and also, a meeting that they can bring their friends/relatives, who have not heard of the gospel, so that these non-believing friends/relatives can see how our fellowship is like. While we are discussing, I heard someone mentioned about "comfort zone", and that struck me, because I felt that I am one of them that likes to stay in my comfort zone and not willing to change... I'll be reluctant to change, eventhough I know it is for my own good. This come practically true, and I need to adapt to change (whether reluctant or not) in my workplace! Comfort zone was in the same section as TungNgie, but starting from next week, I need to shift to another section, different from TungNgie's and we will do different work from now on. So... what a change I need to adapt... at the beginning I really felt reluctant... and also "why me?", then I give it a long thought... and I believe that this is the Lord's will for me... to learn to depend on Him only, not anyone including TungNgie.

This maybe also a chance for me to learn new things, so that TungNgie and I can put what we learnt together to do this second programming exercise at home, i.e. writing a system for my parents' company, Eastern Company in KB. Hehe...

Stealing time from boss

This is something that apostle Paul told us to avoid in Ephesians. Today, as my boss asked me to go to the new section, he also told me his evaluation about my work. There's good and bad things of course. For the good things, I thank God for them. For the bad things, I also thank God for reminding me about not to steal time from my boss. Although my boss didn't put it directly, I felt my own guilt that I did steal time. What he told me is to use my time in a useful way, not kill time. My cubicle is just directly diagonal of my boss and thus he can see clearly what's on my monitor screen. He also told me to work harder (hmm, guess I am not hardworking enough. I also think so too about myself, haha... usually I watched TodayOnline news till 9am, when more colleagues arrive)... he also remind me to bring my notebook for all meetings. That's very true enough that my bro and I seldom bring our notebook for any meetings, oopz, haha... think they really want us to bring the notebook around, haha...

Lessons learnt: 1) Don't steal time from the boss, working time is 8.30am to 5.30pm. 2) Work harder. 3) Bring notebook (not laptop) for all meetings... also a pen/pencil. Haha... hmm TungNgie go to bed so early today... haha... guess I'm off too... gd nite!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Home Cook Meal album relocated

Photo Album Relocation

Yup, as my title says, I have upload all photos about home cook meal onto my MSN Space (, including some recent one. Hehe... the dinner is great, thank God for them (for giving TungNgie the right skill to cook), haha... his cooking is getting better, thank God for that too. Teeheehee... what a blessing God has given unto us!

3 more months

The last 3rd month of the year... time flies... 4 more pears in my fridge, hehe... can't imagine I have worked for 4 months... haha... but our product has not been released... there's still 2 deadliest bug remaining... hidden somewhere around the corner that we still can't locate it... we set up a trap for one, and tried very hard today to catch the other one... but it was useless... still can't catch the 2nd one... we hope our trap can help us get the 1st bug there, haha... that's more deadly than the other one, comparatively speaking. Haha... our boss wasn't happy that we still find the 2nd bug today, because the Japan headquarter there found it, but lost it... haha... what a bug-infested week...

Not only was my office buggy, but at home too.. hmm this few days I have been seeing cockroaches... is anything not tidy here? Hmm... need to find a time to clean the whole place again. I hate cockroaches... they are "eek"... haha... the next thing I do when I see them is to find my pesticide and spread them to a "half-wake" mode... then I smash it with the back of the ben-dou... eventually sweep it and into the dustbin it goes... haha... it is not funny and it is not fun... hate to see them... too bad can't find their lair and throw a dynamite into it! Haha... the pesticides we got here weren't strong enough to kill them at first blast... the instruction say, spread 30 seconds at the same target. Wow... haha... think that's why the ben-dou did the job quicker, haha...

That's all for now. Hehe... have been reading the book "I kissed dating goodbye", nice book to learn. I'll include it in my MSN Space after finish reading it. Hehe...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I want to go home too

Waiting for December

My brother, TungLieng, returned to Brunei yesterday as he is still having his holiday. Haiz, TungNgie and I don't have such luxuries anymore after we started to work, as expected. We don't have long holidays like semester breaks or year-end breaks. We only have public holidays, haha...

The last time I came back to Singapore was May 29, so it has been 4 months that I have not return home to KB, haha... then something came into my mind, the Israelites had been exiled to Babylons for 70 years. Wow, they had been away for that long and it is hard for us to imagine that, haha... they really have to thank God that He has revealed to them that they would return to their land after 70 years. Haha...

There are fixed annual leaves and public holiday during December, thus hopefully we can go back home that time, something like taking 4 days leave, I can have 2 weeks break. Haha... have to plan carefully now. Haha... probably going back too during Chinese New Year? Haha... TungNgie and I had been having our Chinese New year in Singapore for 6 years. Haha... don't mind another year if our Lord doesn't allow us to go back. Haha... He knows what's best for us. Hehe...

Hehe... we have assigned a task for TungLieng this time, asking him to take screenshots of all the menu, forms, etc of the current Eastern system. Anyway, still got a lot of things to learn before we really can make our own Eastern system "useful". Haha... e.g. communicating with the default printers to print what is required.

The Royal Tramp

We saw this title on Channel U one Saturday, 7.30-9.30pm, playing two episodes every weekends nights. Haha... that's one of our leisure for weekends, something to expect from the TV during evening. Haha... TungLieng found that out and went to "torrent" them, thus think he would have watched faster than us by now, haha...

Project 0812 first meeting

After hearing what sister EnnYew told me, I decided to meet the committee coming Saturday (Oct 4) and the aim of the meeting is to tell them the vision and purpose of the outreach event on Dec 8. I have emailed/sms-ed them and awaiting for their replies. For now, I got one reply from Samantha that she can make it. Great to hear. Hehe... the venue I suggesting is Burger King and the time is 2pm, hopefully it isn't that pack. Haha... I got some discount coupons for Burger King, maybe can call a burger and drink for "booking" a table. Haha...

May God continue to speak to me, and pray that I have a heart of a servant, and be encouraged and hardworking, haha... I learnt from this few days of reading the bible that action and faith must go together, or else, either one is consider useless/dead. Haha... very true indeed...


TungNgie has tried cooking "sweet-sour" chicken twice and although the meats didn't turn red, the sweet-sour sauce and the meats are nice to eat. They are still a great dinner. Also he tried something like "claypot chicken rice", haha... putting meats, cutted hotdogs and vege in the rice cooker with half-boiled rice in there. Haha... what a way to cook. Haha... anyway, they are very good dinner. You can go to my Picasa Web Album to see them, under the album Home Cook. Haha...

That's all for now I guess. Preparing for what to tell my committee, the vision and purpose of the outreach event (Dec 8).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's next?

Looking back

Yesterday was a Saturday, at last, that my brother and I need not go back to office. We have finally done our testing... our product has one last testing stage to go through but that doesn't involve the developers now, haha. Glad that it is over now, what we gonna do I think will be solving any bug that is reported during this last stage. Haha...

We have our teen youth fellowship at sister Delina's place and I would like to thank God for His message shared by brother Eddie and sister Celina. It is a fulfilling session learning more about marriage and commitments from the bible. Hehe... God is so wise that He knows what is BEST for all His creations.

After the fellowship, I managed to play my "msn conversation" video and invited brothers and sisters to join me in organizing an outreach event on December 8. I have three names this morning, for that I thank God for preparing His workers. Hehe...

My brother, TungLieng, went home and returned. He got some programmes arranged for the next few days, before he goes back again on Sept 29. Wow, what a "busy" guy he is. Haha...

Second Programming Exercise

After our first programming exercise MMPi, we have started working on our second programming exercise now, which seems like a huge jump from the first one. Haha... need to learn more things for this because we have to deal with events and delegates in order to establish the correct flow. Haha... not only that, we are going to use more controls than the first one, thus I am currently looking on ListView. It isn't an easy control to use afterall, haha...

Pray that God leads us to learn new things while doing this exercise, preparing us for any upcoming projects at our workplace. Haha... also pray that this exercise helps us to trust in God more because of the difficulties we faced (facing right now, hehe...), instead of dragging us away from God. Haha...

Project 0812

December 8, a public holiday, our teen youth fellowship is going to hold an outreach event at a venue that is to be decided. Haha... Aloha Changi if we manage to get a spot. The last resort will be my place here and I wonder if around 30 people can fit here or not. Haha...

Mentioned earlier, I have three sisters who willing to join me for organizing this event. Really thank God for that. And this is the toughest question I facing right now, "what's next?" haha... as if I am just responsible for the trailer. However I know that's just the beginning. Although I have managed a concert before, they are two different events. Organizing a concert involves some "fixed" steps like what to prepare before the concert, be ready during the concert and also close up some stuff after the concerts, and that's it.

Truly a Spiritual Warfare

This is really a spiritual warfare... to be frank, I am really scare to be a leader (leaderphobia?), I am scare to lead because I am afraid that whatever steps I take, it is always a wrong step and end up being scolded, or in trouble, or not up to someone standard that I heard complains. I am really scare people disappointing in me... simply said... I am fear of losing face, from young till now... my fear and my desire for the Lord continues to fight in my heart. Many times I felt alone... I know I can't always depend on my families, especially my twin brother. Sometime I can sense his anger or disappointment on me when I failed to lead. Many times it is my own feeling and for that I sinned greatly. Being a leader or making decision is a struggle to me, and my sinful nature's first option is always to go for "Follower" instead of "Leader".

Many times, God's words, like a sword, penetrate into my heart and it really hurts... I felt ashamed of myself... yes... I know so much about God's words, but I didn't apply it in my life. I have not tried my best to overcome this fear of mine. This is something similar to when I have a bruise somewhere, I want to rub the bruise (to heat it up), but I gave up when I feel the pain. Haha... oopz, nothing to laugh about.

God's word does not only penetrate through my heart, but comforts and encourages me. That's why I am taking up this role of chairman for this event, desire to trust in my Lord to overcome my fear, "leaderphobia". I trust that He will provide the workers, the wisdoms and other necessities to organize such an event, though small (a day only) but significant. All be in His will! Prayer is an important factor for God's work too. Hehe...

Friday, September 05, 2008

Lamb and Coin

September Evangelistic Meetings

Tomorrow is the last night of the meetings and I thank God for bringing my bro and I to all 5 nights. Also, may grace be upon those non-believers that they are willing to accept Christ as their personal saviour after listening to the message, whether it is in english or mandarin. The speaker for the mandarin evangelistic meetings shared the gospel from Luke 15:1-32 where Jesus mentioned the 3 parables: one of the 100 sheeps is lost, one of the ten coins is lost and the story about the son who depart with his share of inheritance from his father, but returned to his father after losing all his wealth.

How joyful it is to sing hymns, praise God and listen to His message with all the brothers and sisters in Christ. Hopefully Jia En and Cher Chin are willing to join us for the meeting tomorrow, so that they can have the chance to hear the gospel, the good news about this wonderful Jesus that has been guiding my brother and I through our life.

My MSN Space

Have been decorating my MSN space these few days, not too sure what to do with it till I finally set the title for my MSN Space be "TungLeh's Lobby", haha... don't think I will put my blog there, because I just too lazy to move... the only thing moved will be some of the links and photo slideshow. Haha... turning it into a central homepage, where my blog posts still reside here. Haha... so that my sidebar here won't be too clustered or too much information. Hehe...

Over at the workplace

My bro and I have been sitting at our testing area with some of our reserved CPU and some shared monitors. Haha... # of CPU > # of monitors there, thus we have some switchers that allow us to force 4 CPUs to share a monitor. Hehe... and it was at these few weeks that my bro and I did some ghosting of CPU image. Haha.... it was our first time... but we realised that we have ghosted a lot of times. Haha... due to required clean-up before re-installation of some program. So there we go...

As we are pretty late on our schedule, starting from next week, my bro and I are assigned different jobscope now, haha... so... pray that God continues to guide us in our assigned area of work and I have faith that it is for our best that we will probably learn new things, may it be spiritually, mentally, physically or all. Haha... weekends start tomorrow and glad to have two days break, hehe...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

ICA Trip

PR Application

I thank God for my Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) application going well yesterday and today. Thank God that He alerted me to get an extension to my temporary employment pass so that I can attend my appointment slot for this completion of PR application today, or else I will be an illegal immigrant today, haha... and that's bad, because it is not glorifying God's name. I thank God for these two days, having a safe trip back and forth ICA, and also the time waiting there... haha... so the next thing to do is to collect my blue IC next week.

End of probation period

Another thing for thanksgiving... my boss today asked my bro and I to come to a room for a chat... he hand us a letter and told us that we have gone through the probation period and the company is willing to accept we two as its permanent employees now. Hehe... thank God for that and glorify my Lord's name for He is the one behind all these blessings. May God continue to lead us in our working life and I bet there are more difficult times ahead... more difficult times for us to test our faith on my Lord. Hehe... how merciful our God is.

Two nights of gospel meetings

Yes, time flies and it is September now. Two nights of english evangelistic meetings have passed and I am glad that the speaker shared with us God's word, especially pointing out how "sick" the world is. Although medical science and technology are improving, the world is not getting any better. The root of all evil, not money, but it is the sin of all men still exist... the sin causes men (refering to people in the world, including women) to the lust for money, lust for fame, etc. Everyday we read the newspaper and we can't deny this fact... including a small city like Singapore, crime rates just keep increasing. There's only one solution (or medicine) that can "cure" this problem... that is believing in Christ Jesus our Lord... Jesus Christ is the saviour of the world. No other can lead you to heaven or clear your sin.

Thank God that some friends and relatives that are invited by brothers and sisters are willing to come down tonight eventhough it was raining. Hopefully God's word has been sowed onto their heart and may God let the seed to grow so that they will have the passion or the curiousity in their heart to find out more about who this saviour of the world, Jesus Christ, is. Hehe... that's all for now... our job at work still involves testing and reporting bugs, haha... not much time left though... haha... ciao... gonna read a book then sleep. Nitez...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Long wait at SATA Chai Chee

Medical Report Form (27 Aug)

I thank God for He finally answered my prayers regarding my PR Application. For His grace unto me, it is a letter of approval and some forms that I need to complete, including medical report form (for doctor to fill up) and a company form (for my employer to fill up). I decided to go to SATA this morning to complete my medical report form. I thought I could get back to company as early as 10am, thus I didn't apply for a half-day leave.

Thank God that I manage to find my way to SATA, up on a hill, with TungNgie screaming at the other end of the phone because I didn't get what he meant before. Haha... for registration, I got a queue number "005" and I was indeed happy... thought that I really can make it to the company around 10am... it was 8.45am after I am done with registration, thus I got a new queue number, "105"... and I saw numbers like "102" and "104" on the TV (numbers don't run in sequence)... thus that led me to think it would be my turn soon... I need to do X-ray, HIV screening and consultation with a doctor.

However, to my surprise... my first activity, X-ray, only begun at 9.45am... 1 hr after my registration... my 2nd activity, consultation followed on, that's good... but my 3rd activity, blood test, is an hour next again. Haha... so... a long wait at SATA. Tonight I saw on the Today newspaper, under Voices column, the big title "Long wait at polyclinic" made me recalled this event. Haha...

Tough Testing (28 Aug)

Friday is coming... and it means we need to buck up our effort for lab testing... there's a lot of on demand build-ings this 2 weeks... and I won't be surprise if there's more too next week, haha... though we are moving forward to another phase of development is not as easy as you think... or... as I think, haha... especially testing... problems arose even before my team's product get to open... haha... anyway, will continue to pray to my Lord for giving us the wisdom and knowledge to solve all the problems we met... haha... busy and rush periods, hehe...

MSN Space vs Google Blogger

Looks like MSN has improved a lot, trying to improve the image of its Vista. The chief developer of Window 7 has started up blogging and willing to receive comments from users, although I am not sure if they are going to implement what does their user want. Haha... I have been using Window from young and... I can't deny that I am so used to Window this OS. Haha... although sometime I do find it frustrating to use, after I tried Ubuntu... I still think I better get back to Window. Haha... and I will not be able to recognise all the features by Apple Mac after I used my friend's mac. Haha... it has only one button for the touchpad.

I have tried once to uninstall Ms Office, using open source, free software like Open Office, Firefox, etc, but I just can't find the features I want. Haha... I have tried Ubuntu and kinda like it, hoping to have install it in a machine, so that I can play with. Haha... I thought my dinosaur will be that machine, but haha... it died before I install it... haha...

I heard Google is having some problems, with its app engine, Gmail, etc... for now, I haven't experience such trouble from Blogger yet. Haha... I got back my MSN Space,, but haven't decorate it, haha... thinking how should I dealt with that... not sure when I move it to there... (after I used up my Picasa storage?) Haha... I will state here when I move over. Haha... where's Yahoo? Haha... I would like to hear how YUI is doing... haha... it is one of the nice GUI library online that I have tried during my Honours year. Haha...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spaghetti for dinner

Home cooked meal

My bro TungNgie and I have spaghetti for dinner tonight. We bought a pasta sauce from NTUC Fairprice (Bedok), and began cooking once we reached home. TungNgie also cooked a vegetable, "xiao bai cai" to accompany the spaghetti. He also cooked the sauce for the spaghetti by adding the pasta sauce to a cooked dish of minced meat and capsicum. Haha... It was a good dinner. Haha... I helped out by preparing the spaghetti. Here are the photos:

Here's a larger view of our spaghetti sauce:

Haha... sure great to trying out things. We are thinking of borrowing a recipe book from the library after TungNgie get his PR. Haha... that's in September. Haha... in the mean time, still trying things ourselves... and I am still waiting for my letter, whether it is acceptance or rejection. Hehe... everything in God's hands.

How I have spent my Saturday (today)

This morning, my bro and I went back to the company to work on something... and thank God that it worked, although there were quite a number of issues. Haha... we left the company around 2.30pm for lunch at Bedok MRT, then we took a bus to Tan Boon Liat building. We went to SKS bookstore because TungNgie wanted to buy some books. Hehe... you can ask him yourselves what book he is buying. After that, we took the bus with the same number back to Bedok here. Well, that's it for my Saturday. Haha... feel like "recce"-ing (LiChe said that this is the right spelling for what I have thought "reki" is not an english word, haha...) when we were on the way to the Tan Boon Liat building, passing the petrol station (wow, the price is sure 4x more than what I saw in Brunei, yikes...)


Hmm... one of my neighbours here has an ICQ account and I think he/she has a lot of friends to chat too? Haha... because these few nights, I just kept on hearing the "uh-oh" ICQ alert sound... and it "uh-oh" frequently. Haha...

Correction: I realised that it is not ICQ, but he is playing a game. No idea what game is that. Haha...

Previous home cooked meal

For this week's Monday to Friday, we have not had a home cooked meal, haha... the previous one is on last Sunday I guess... a capsicum dinner. Haha... look at this yourselves:

Haha... bah, that's all for now. Tomorrow is Sunday! Haha... the Lord's day!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Firework Friday

Firework at NDP Venue

Today I went with Clifton, ChongMing (Clifton's friend, not sure if I got the spelling right), Monica, ZhenZhen and my bro TungNgie to a place opposite to the Marina Bay floating platform, where the NDP 08 is held on August 9. We can see the floating platform, though small and dark at night. The fireworks were sure wonderful and we had an excellent time watching the amazing firework, which sponsored by France (heard from Clifton). Clifton, ChongMing and Monica were busy taking shots with their nice-techy camera, ZhenZhen used Monica's digital camera to take a 13 minutes video while TungNgie and I just watched at the fireworks.

The fireworks are pretty good and I had a nicer spot this time, compared to two years before when my friends and I tried very hard to find a place to look at the fireworks near the esplanade. This time I am far from esplanade and not as crowded as previous occasion. Haha...

Light travels faster than sound, haha... apart from thinking about lightning and thunder, now I can add fireworks to my example, haha... when the big fire-flower exploded at its height, I can only hear its exploding sound after a second, haha... it is like watching tv where the show and its audio are not synchronize. Haha...

Weekends tomorrow

Oh yes, weekends tomorrow, which means the week has ended. It is so fast to think that time really flies. Thank God for all these days that I may continue to walk in His will. I have not received the letter, whether it is an acceptance or rejection, from ICA regarding my application of PR. Pray that I will receive it soon, or God gives me the courage (and my call manage to get through) so that I can find out about my status.

Our product is going to release soon but our teams are behind schedule, in terms of testings. Our company is very strict on testing, as you know, that it doesn't want to appear bad in front of customers, right? Haha... especially when my company aims to become "Global Number One". Haha...

TungLieng will sit for his last paper of the semester on next Monday and pray that He does not forget about God's will for him. May he willing to take God's word seriously. I thank God that my friend Jiaen is willing to come for Saturday's evangelistic meetings, and he is asking another friend of ours, Cherchin, whom I am also inviting, to come with him. Hehe... I still need to pray for them, if God allows, hope they can come for other days as well. Haha... I will try my best to attend all the meetings. Will continue to pray for Kahying and Changkiat, pray that they are willing to come for any of the meetings. Haha... though Changkiat told me that he may not make it.

Emailing gospel

Considering to email my friends regarding my testimony for my Lord and the gospel. Not by my own words, but straight from God, hehe... we need not beautify God's word, because His word already contains the power. My target audience would be my father, my relatives and my friends. English or chinese, pray God grant me the wisdom to write these emails.

Biography of George Muller

Have been reading George Muller's biography (in chinese, thus it is quite tough to read the name of towns and people he visited or met), and found that it is very interesting to see how God's work in his life. His life, church and the three orphanges are not wealthy at all. A lot of time, I read that it is God who provided them the money to buy food, clothes and education materials. I have also read that Mr. Muller and his brothers and sisters in Christ remains to be faithful in God even when they were facing a financial crisis. They prayed non-stop, and encouraged one-another to remain faithful in God. In the end, God provided them all. I am so touched when I read one of the brothers or sisters who donated money to Mr. Muller's orphanage at the right time. God has His own time and we have no right to hurry God, because He is our creator. I felt so happy that I have such a caring and righteous God... one who cares about me, and one who never leave me no matter how bad I am.

Many times, when we are in a terrible situation, we thought God is not with us, or we took God as the last resort when we sought for help. It isn't like that actually. God shows forth His power when we remains faithful in Him during such terrible situation, and only then we can witness His power and strength, and thus we can thank God for that. He does not leave us when we are in difficult situation... continue to seek Him and He will provide an escape route for us. He has been speaking to your hearts, but can you hear? His voice is soft, thus we have to be calm to listen. If we are using our own way to solve a problem, just like looking for an escape path ourselves, rather than listening to God's soft-spoken voice in your heart. We will eventuall lose our way if we had taken our own ways.

Ok, I think that's all for now. Thank God for the lessons and I will continue to read the book. Haha... till I finish it of course. Haha... good night!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Testimony

My family

I thank God that I am borned in a wealthy family, not lack of food, clothes and shelter. I thank God I do not have a broken family. I have a twin brother, a little brother and a little sister. Although my family isn't a Christian family (where both parents are Christians), I thank God my mother is a Christian and my father does not object my mother to bring us to church, where we learnt about Christ Jesus and the salvation the One and Only God has prepared for everyone of us.

I thank God for my family and I continue to pray that God will open my dad's heart and willing to accept Christ as his personal saviour too.

My grown-up place

I grew up in a small town in Brunei, Kuala Belait. It's a peaceful town, and not much activities though. I thank God for that because night activities can be sinful temptations. Hehe... I thank God for my church, Christ Fellowship Church, KB. I start to get interested about the bible, because it contains a lot of interesting stories, especially the one on a pair of twins - Esau and Jacob. You can guess why, because I am myself have a twin brother. In this story, I heard about how Jacob tricked his brother and father (Isaac) with the help of his mother (Rebecca). At that point, my Sunday School teacher explained to us what's sin. She also told us how Jacob escaped from his brother, and how God has protected him during his runaway.

Then I start to know about who God is, what sin is and so on. More and more, I became interested in the stories in the bible. I learnt about Jesus Christ and the salvation he has completed for us by sacrificing on the cross and so on as well. I recognised myself as sinner, and willing to accept Him as my personal savior. However, for all these, I kept them in my brain. As I grow, I thought my faith in my Lord has grown too. Due to my non-lacking lifestyle in KB, I do not experience any hardship (except when studying for exam, I felt that's the worst thing in life then), my faith is not tested and I have not realise how weak my faith is till when the time came...

Test of my faith

I thank my Lord for my "sudden"-good result, haha... just joking, at that time, I know I need to study hard for my Lord, thus I put myself through for my secondary school. In Brunei, it is Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3 for lower secondary and Form 4, 5 for upper secondary. I completed my lower secondary with good results (better than I was in primary school)... and I believe what happened next is really His wonderful plan... my brother TungNgie got an ASEAN scholarship to pursue his education in Singapore. My parents, in order to keep my bro company, sent me out too, even when I failed to get the scholarship and didn't get in the same school as my bro. I went to a neighbourhood school near TungNgie's school (arranged by Singapore's MOE)... and I thank the Lord that the RI Boarding School (where TungNgie is arranged to live in) boarding master was kind enough to let me stay with my brother. Yes, it is indeed a God bless and it was the start of our test... of my faith (our faith to be precise).

Away from our non-lacking lifestyle, here comes the lacking lifestyle, we felt like our parents had threw us out of the house, left us both alone in Singapore to ... "suffer" haha... yes, my brother felt the same way. At that time, I threw all I know about this Almighty God at the back of my brain. We cried every night before sleep (for the first week)... because we missed our home, our family and all the "fun" things at home... how weak is our faith. Haha...

I thank God that He has arranged Brother Hock Lee here in Singapore, serving in one of the church... and it is the church we are serving now too, hehe... the Fishermen church of Christ Fellowship (if I have not written the name wrongly, I know in short is FCF), haha... he brought us to the church in Geylang. Our Sunday School teacher was Brother Anson.

Every Sunday, we would need to take MRT from Bishan to Aljunied (the nearest MRT station to the church)... yes, we think it is very far -.-"... In KB, we have cars... here in Singapore, no cars... only got bus 11 (our human legs)... Brother Anson would call every Saturday night, asking us whether we will be coming on Sunday.

Yes, this is the most rememberable event... the phone call every Saturday night... after a year been to the church, we became lazy... we are not used to the chinese-to-english translation or english-to-chinese translation during the service... as like all teenagers, we felt that it is boring... we didn't know the exact meaning of worship afterall... we tried to escape the phone call a year attending the church... we asked our friends, non Christians, to help us take the phone call, and told Brother Anson over the line that we were not in. What a lier we are... and my non Christian friends witnessed all this... they must be thinking, "Wow, Christians are the same like us! Great, let's go for fun, or party, or study for our exam, etc"... haha...

That's the worst fall of my life... eventhough we always ask our friend to take the phone call, Brother Anson just never stop calling... every Saturday night, he just kept calling one time for us... during those period not going to church, on Sunday, I don't feel happy... I felt that I am lying to someone... I also didn't make good use of those time, I was sleeping rather than studying and preparing for my exams...

At the end... when our preliminary exams for our GCE O'Level are near, we couldn't take it anymore, my heart was very heavy, sick of lying to Brother Anson that we were not in... my non Christian friends even offer to help us answer the call now, as he "got used to it" le, haha... we decided to persuade Brother Anson not to call us anymore, because we don't feel good lying to him and telling him we are preparing for our exams, so won't go to church anymore... TungNgie went to take the phone this time.

If Brother Anson was to say, "OK", then both of us are doomed. However, he did not... he is not persuaded by us, but I thank God... God gave Brother Anson His word, and we 2 are being persuaded in the end... we two went to the church the next day. We had a great chat with Brother Anson in church... and on that hour... I realise how weak is my faith... and how merciful my God is... He is willing to pardon my sinful act... from that time, my brother and I go to church every Sunday, with the joy and peaceful heart... we learnt what's the meaning of worshipping our Lord... and start to depend on Him on living our life... including through our tough periods, our preliminary exams and the GCE O'Level exams. Our results didn't fare much from our non-Christian friends although we spend Sunday morning in church.

From that time, I truly repent and commit myself to the Lord once again... not only O'Level, but also through the periods of my A'Level and throughout my uni days... yes, Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world! Nothing in the world is better than that. You won't experience this joy and peace till you truly recognise yourselves as a sinner, and you need Christ's blood to cleanse your sin away... after Christ died on the cross, He rose on the third day, signifying that He has victory over death! Thus we will know where we will go after we leave this world... and it is the heaven... where God is.

This is my most rememberable testimony for it has affected my life... from that time I really know what is lacking in my life... not food, not clothes, not shelter, but a healthy spiritual life...