Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busy with Honours Project

Soiree 2008 details
March 1st, 8pm in UCC Hall
Orchestra pieces featuring: "America from West Side Story", "Under the Sea", "Toledo"
There are also solos and ensembles. Also solo performances by Harmonica Virtuoso Yasuo Watani, accompaniment by Josephine Koh (Music Director and Conductor of NUS Harmonica Orchestra)
Tickets at $12 (Get it at $10 from me!)

Honours Year Project (HYP) updates
I have been very busy with my HYP lately and usually do till around 1am, haha... I have been trying to tell myself to go to bed early. Anyway, thank God for all the help He has been blessing me all along. Managed to settled down on MVC idea and started to modify my library resource examples. There's three part in this MVC idea: Model - View - Controller.

I have done the models of this example, then also just completed the Controller yesterday (modify some methods of it today) and eventually the hardest part, View. My HYP titled 'Generating and Handling Forms' and View is the major part of the MVC idea in my project. My ultimate purpose is to program something that can automatically generate forms out of something, probably in text/json (if you know what that means). The Model(s) and Controller(s) will be provided by the user who wants to use my 'automatic form generation tool', and this tool will provide the View. User can configure the View easily, by editing the text/json (that can be load in and out from the tool). Looks complex, but given the time I have left, I got to do at least something working. Haha... at least a version 1. Haha... I think I will still continue to improve on this tool and also the TCTK after I graduated, though I may not continue to take on graduate research. All depend on my Lord's will for me as He knows me the best, better than I know myself. Haha...

Still deciphering or "guessing" how Michael wants the form tool to be like. Haha... his idea looks great but... when it comes to implementation... some things just need to get straight out...

Side dish is getting heavier
Side dish here refers to the other modules I am taking: CS4271, MA3245, QF3101 and ST1232. Lecturers started to post the date for midterm exams and the nearest one is this Friday, 22/2, CS4271. Next two will be MA3245 and ST1232 the week after the mid-semester break (next week). QF3101's midterm is in week 9. MA3245 and QF3101 have declared themselves to be close book exams, and ST1232 has a high probability that it is closed book too. Haha... wow... 3 closed book exams in my last semester... (have mostly open book exams in all my 3.5 sems in NUS, but average 1 per sem) and this sem the most - 3. Haha... luckily I got attempt the tutorials for these modules (except CS4271, only got lab assignments), that I manage to catch up... or else I will be very behind, because have not been revising the lecture notes over the weekends. Haha...

That's all for now, have to sleep early. Good night... oh ya... have been inviting friends for the Soiree 2008, harmonica concert. Haha... hope my friends are willing to come. I can even give them the tickets for free... as long as they willing to come... nightzz....

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