Saturday, February 02, 2008

Soiree 2008, please support!

Soiree 2008 - Our NUS Harmonica Orchestra annual concert will present you very interesting pieces from a variety of songs, orchestra pieces featuring "Under the Sea", "America" (very interesting arrangement by Martin Bills), "Jewish Folksong", "Toledo" (orchestra playing with a soloist) and a grand piece "Marche Slave".

* 1st March 2008 (Saturday), 8pm
* UCC Hall (Opposite Raffles Hall... or take NUS internal shuttle bus A2 (free) till the stop after opposite YIH... still don't know? Go to and click on the "[Location]" link at the top. You can't probably miss it!)
* Buy tickets from any of our members (best if you want to buy from me), just $10.60 for exciting pieces, gurantee no regrets! (Unless you are those really like classical music one, because we play music of different types, hehe...)
* Music Director and conductor - Ms Josephine Koh
* A harmonica virtuoso, Yasuo Watani is playing some of his best solo pieces too
* Anyone know who is Tan Aik Hong? He has a concert coming August, so this is a "peek" session too on his concert!

That's all for advertising Soiree 2008. I am playing in the orchestra too, please support us... 请你们愿意赏脸。

As the concert is approaching, we are indeed practising very hard for it and I can see that the juniors are improving wonderfully. From 2005 till now, I think the batches of juniors coming in are getting better and better, haha... because the pieces we playing year to year are getting harder and harder, not to mention last year's "Bacchanale" and this year's "America". They are certainly good music (nice to hear) but difficult to play, as always the case... a nicer music is always a tough piece for the performer(s). Haha...

My harmonica (used for 3 years) didn't survive through its 4th year, sad... its hole 5 draw (D) gone flat... or should I say... becomes B of a lower octave... so... I am thinking whether I should buy a new one or just borrow one from the orchestra, haha... well this is the last year I have subsidy as I am graduating this semester (cheerzz... hmm... not that happy... need to look for job and house...).

Homeworks and revision starts to pile up and I have been neglecting them (the only thing I did is just attending lectures and tutorials for the modules I am taking this semester)... all my time goes to my HYP... haha... shouldn't spend too much time on it... need to balance out my time. Haha... need to seek my Lord, continue to follow His command as He knows what's best for us. Hehe...

Anyway, good night for now... very late already... I have a TiddlyCard meeting later (coz it is today le) at 9.30am in MR4. I have finish prepared the slides for it, hehe... updating my supervisors and the team on what I have done throughout my holiday in Brunei and these few weeks. Tutorials started this week and got to tell myself to be hardworking. This semester's determination is not to touch PS2 till the end of my last paper (exam), haha... see if I can fulfill my determination or not (I failed to do so last semester, hehe...)

Good night...

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