Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Taking a break from my report

Directly 2 weeks left for my report submission on April 9! Hope I can finish my draft in these two or three days so that I can concentrate on my preparation for QF3101 and ST1232 term tests on April 1 and 3 respectively, and finish up CS4271 lab 2 assignment due on April 6. Viola, glory to my God for He is helping me all along.

"Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man." Ecclesiastes 12: 13

Ecclesiastes' author is King Solomon, the richest king ever in the world. He was left for the world from God's word during the 2nd half of his life, enjoying the world, something the people now are lusting for. However, in the end, he said everything is meaningless and he summed up with that verse. Thus we can see an example of a man here who has nothing to lose. He can regard as the most powerful person if he lives today. He is wise and rich in terms of the world, but all these comes to nothing when your live comes to an end... you come to the world naked, that's the same way how you leave the world... you can't bring anything into and out of this world, so why worth losing your soul for these things on earth? Hehe... money is not the root of evil, but the love of money is the root of evil. So beware of that. Haha...

I still have four sections to go: Design and Implementation, Lessons learnt, Enhancement and Conclusion. I have written the Naive design and implementation, but need to revise it. hehe... keep the reader in mind... haha... think that's all for my rest... going back to work on my report now, haha...

Nothing much happened lately... except the post concert celebration on March 24. Haha... that's all...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daunting Weeks

Marked on my calendar
April 1, 3, 6 and 9 are the four days I have marked clearly on my calendar. I have two term tests, each on April 1 and 3, an assignment deadline on April 6 and my Honours Year project report submission on April 9. So... what I can say is that I need to be very hardworking (surely I need some breaks of course) for these three weeks and I am aiming for April 10 (although the sem has not yet end)... but I am pretty relieved after April 10 I guess. The two term tests are QF3101 and ST1232, and I want to do them well too. I have CS4271 lab assignment 2 due on April 6 and it seems like the difficulty has a great leap from lab 1 to lab 2. Hmm... will continue to think about it and make sure I can finish it before due date. Just unfortunate to have it due before my report submission date (that means I am working on my final report as well as doing this assignment)... so... multi-tasking again and it is a very tedious experience.

Not much photo
Haha, yeah, not much photo on my blog. I know. Anyway, I am a student, so the things I see everyday are usually the same, nothing special. Haha...

Back to thinking
When I saw a great workload greeting me, I always have the eager to on my NBA Live 2004... but... I know this is not a solution, but just numb (as in drug or alcohol) my senses... after a game, the problem returns. So... I know I need to overcome this... and thanks to my brother, TungNgie who has been stopping me taking this "alcohol of mine"... sometime you just want to escape these burdens or workloads... but... they just keep hanging onto you... what can I do? Only thing I can do: Seek help from my Lord and continue to follow His will.. He knows what's best for us.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Final Semester Progress

Last time I blog was February 19, almost a month now. Time has passed very fast and I have less than a month to submit my Honours project's report and I have not start a single word of it. Still under implementation + testing phase. Double trouble, another trouble is my financial mathematics modules. Lectures of QF3101 and MA3245 have been going very fast and we have reached the 2nd last chapter for both modules. Their tutorials are difficult to do now, think that is because I didn't catch up on the contents of the modules. Especially MA3245, I really feel like "crying" when I look at the tutorial questions.

Thank God that I passed my midterms for CS4271 and MA3245. Have been telling myself not stop or rest after the midterms, I still got final exams to go and that's the real big boss (Don't you feel like you are in battle ground when you sitting for exams?)

I have done some bindings and glad they are working fine. These two weeks, I have been implementing on how to deal with array attributes and manage to get it done, though it doesn't look very professional. Haha... (I never mention I want to be a professional, it sounds big, haha...)

So now, will be working on the library resource example. Hopefully, can get it done by Wednesday and then try with the TiddlyCard store implemented by another developer. Hehe... I found it fun and great developing things, but when the deadline is near, (I remember I mentioned this before when I am taking CS3212, but that's "when there is a deadline"), a fun is no longer enjoyable. Haha... oh yeah... have to present my report's table of contents (content is empty btw) to my professor on coming Tuesday. I have a job interview on coming Monday as well and that would take 3 hrs of my free Monday afternoon.

Can't deny that I am stressed, but I know who I can depend on, and that's my Lord, Almighty God.

Gathering on 22/3 on "Losing your soul to gain the world?"
My church has a gospel gathering on 22/3, next Saturday, 2.30pm. Anyone interested? Can contact me. I am going, so we can all go together hehe... nothing better than listen to God's word. Hope I can take every opportunity to invite my non-believing friends, so that they have the chance to hear the gospel.

Ever wonder what's the meaning of "Losing your soul", or where will you go after you leave this world? Does your soul just disappear like that? We know that God is eternal. The soul He gave us, each and everyone of us, is eternal too, the only thing is... where does your soul go after it leaves your earthly body (when you die, your earthly body decays back to ground)? Haha... if you believe there is a heaven and a hell, then where would you like your soul to go? If your choice is heaven, are you sure that your soul can get there after you die? Come and listen to the gospel that our God has given to us through the blood of Jesus Christ. It is an act of love, agape love, not the love we all thought we know, not the love we can perform in our own will.

Other modules
Thank God that I have taken CS3234 last semester, thus able to follow through the contents of CS4271, still alright. Haha... ST1232, looks alright too, still waiting for the result for term test 1. MA3245 is the worst of all. QF3101 is not doing very good.. keep forgetting some concepts or mixed them up... haha... so... this is when I try to do multitasking, haha... and thus the efficiency for each modules + the project is not very good... ends up in bad time management... haha...

Anyway, I have the Soiree 2008 DVD (with my brother) and I'll see if I can get some new photos hehe... and then I can put them up here... hehe... San woo said my bro, him and I are synchronously in our movements, haha... woah... I was sitting beside San woo, so it's easy to say we are synchronous, but my brother sat two chairs away from us, haha... how did he do that? Haha... We had our NUSHO AGM last night and the "outgoing exco" (that's what they described themselves) are so happy that they are stepping down, transferring all the things to the next batch of exco. Haha...

Bah, back to my MA3245... not yet finish its tutorial yet... need to redo previous tutorials too... haha... how blessed are God's children! And hope that all God's children do not take this for granted. Hehe... always be thankful in all circumstances for our Lord is there with us all the time.