Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daunting Weeks

Marked on my calendar
April 1, 3, 6 and 9 are the four days I have marked clearly on my calendar. I have two term tests, each on April 1 and 3, an assignment deadline on April 6 and my Honours Year project report submission on April 9. So... what I can say is that I need to be very hardworking (surely I need some breaks of course) for these three weeks and I am aiming for April 10 (although the sem has not yet end)... but I am pretty relieved after April 10 I guess. The two term tests are QF3101 and ST1232, and I want to do them well too. I have CS4271 lab assignment 2 due on April 6 and it seems like the difficulty has a great leap from lab 1 to lab 2. Hmm... will continue to think about it and make sure I can finish it before due date. Just unfortunate to have it due before my report submission date (that means I am working on my final report as well as doing this assignment)... so... multi-tasking again and it is a very tedious experience.

Not much photo
Haha, yeah, not much photo on my blog. I know. Anyway, I am a student, so the things I see everyday are usually the same, nothing special. Haha...

Back to thinking
When I saw a great workload greeting me, I always have the eager to on my NBA Live 2004... but... I know this is not a solution, but just numb (as in drug or alcohol) my senses... after a game, the problem returns. So... I know I need to overcome this... and thanks to my brother, TungNgie who has been stopping me taking this "alcohol of mine"... sometime you just want to escape these burdens or workloads... but... they just keep hanging onto you... what can I do? Only thing I can do: Seek help from my Lord and continue to follow His will.. He knows what's best for us.

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