Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Two rounds left

Second battle

Today's battle wasn't as tough as the first one, at least I can manage to do all the questions. Haha... luckily at the last few minutes, I managed to see some careless mistakes I made... so I quickly correct them. Anyway, thank God that this battle is over, coming up next is QF3101 and ST1232 and I expect them to be as challenging as the first battle. I looked through ST1232 previous semester's exam and I found that it is more like an English paper, well... like my General Studies paper 3 when I was in JIS, Brunei.


Will start revision tomorrow on QF3101, starting from reading lecture notes, do tutorials and past year papers. For QF3101, because it is the same lecturer as my previous semester's MA2222, so I think the most important thing is to really do a lot of past year paper and get used to his style of questions. Hehe... since ST1232 exam is directly a day after QF3101, fortunately I have finished its lecture notes beforehand, thus I can start doing its past year paper after I done with QF3101 revision. Haha... all in my Lord's hands. Continue to pray and depend on Him.

Examination timetable

So who's examination are next? Haha... LiChe has a paper on May 3 (coming Saturday) and looks like the sisters in UBD (University of Brunei Darussalam) are going to start their exam week on Monday, May 5 (same day as my QF3101 paper). Shee Yunn's exam starts on May 5, consecutively to May 10, except May 9. She has 2 papers on the same day for May 6. Other than that, all one paper per day. Let's see how's Yin Yee's exam timetable... woah... May 6 to May 8, May 10, May 12 and May 15. One paper per day, starting with Korean language. I will continue to pray for you all, hehe...

Dinner tonight

We went to chinatown, an open-air food court that has a lot of stalls... to have our dinner today. Pretty crowded, but thank God we managed to find a seat. LiChe got to drink her wanted soup anyway haha... and then we enjoyed the news and GAGs programme on the bus while we were on the way back. That's all haha... nothing more now and I shall be off to bed, start revision for QF3101 tomorrow. Cheers... hehe...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Difference between Christians and non-Christians

CS4271 preparation

I have finished reading (reviewing) my lecture notes for this module. I have reviewed the midterm paper too. Next is to try out the past year papers. Unfortunately, there is only one past year paper set by this lecturer. Previously, it was set by Dr Abhik (my CS4272 lecturer last semester). Their style of setting paper is different, but hopefully I manage to attempt some questions set by Dr Abhik. Haha...

Difference between Christians and non-Christians

This is the topic of today's sermon, by brother Hock Lee. Well, I just put here some of the stuff I learnt. May not be the entire sermon. Haha... The passage from the Scripture is Romans 6:5-23. There's no doubt that Christians and non-Christians are different. When a person accepts his/her salvation, he/she will experience a difference, e.g. aim in the world, certain of where to go after leaving the world, and the status (God's children).

Some Christians said that they felt no difference before and after they accepts their salvation, that's because they didn't know the true meaning of what they ought to do... Christians' aim of life is to serve our Lord. Some Christians take the salvation for granted, treating it like a passport to heaven. Knowing that they can go to heaven no matter what after accepting the salvation, they go on sinning... Apostle Paul tells us here that since we are slaves to righteousness (no longer slave to sin), we can live a life without sin. May be a Christian will say, "I tried, but I just can't live a life without sin. Many time I fail to overcome sin, I have tried my best."

Battling against sin is a spiritual battle, not a physical battle. We can never defeat sin on our own... our Lord has promised us strength to defeat these sins, so we ought to depend on our Lord's strength to overcome these sins... but it doesn't mean you don't take the step to solve the problem. For example, a Christian A feels lazy to read bible... so he prayed that God will grant him the strength to read bible... Christian A need to take the step to open the bible and start reading, keep praying to God to give him the understanding in His words... not the case where Christian A pray to God everytime to give him strength to read bible, but not doing anything... does he expect God one day play a miracle on him that he suddenly become a bible scholar? No way, God won't help him like that... Christian A need to take the effort to read the bible.

If a non Christian say he doesn't have the urge to read bible, it is understandable... because he wasn't a born-again Christian... but if a Christian claim that he has no urge to read the bible, then he should reflect on his life and relationship with God... whether he really is a born-again Christian, or just a regular church-comer (one who come to church every Sunday, but may not have accepted the salvation)? It is very dangerous. Because salvation is personal... your parents, or your friends are Christians, doesn't imply that you are a Christian. You got to accept your own salvation.

True prophet and false prophet

How do we identify a true or false prophet? One thing for sure, you got to know the bible well. False prophets know bible very well... but they like to twist the truth into something human like to hear... Read Micah chapter 3 and 4 to see how the Lord speaks through Micah, against the false prophet. If a prophecy prophecied by a prophet comes true, then that prophet is a true prophet. A true prophet prophecied according to God's will.

When we see the human has gone into such a terrible state, e.g. accept homosexuality, murders and robbery, divorce cases, etc... all these against the Lord's command, God still in control. Believe it or not, He is the sovereign Lord and he let men to have this "free will" to choose whether they want to submit themselves to Him willingly. God has the power to make everyone to worship Him, but He chooses not to. He want men to follow Him willingly... unfortunately, men let sin grow in them and that's why the world are in such a mess now. From what's happening around the world, we can sense that God's judgement is near. This is the last days... when Christ comes 2nd time, the door of grace will be close and thus those who want to be saved, has to pay with their life during the great tribulation. Horrible disasters are mentioned in the book of Revelation. I do not want to be in this great tribulation and thank God that I am able to know Him and accept Him as my personal saviour.

So do you want your family members or relatives, those who has not accept the salvation, to be in that tribulation years to come? Hopefully 'no' is your answer, so hurry spread the gospel to them so that we all can gather at the Lord's house, far away from the tribulation.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Horrible MA3245 finals

Lost my first battle

It was a really horrible paper, harder than CS2106 Operating System finals that I took in my 2nd year 1st semester. The helpsheet and calculator are useless after all... I feel like I am going to fail the paper because for all 5 questions, I never manage to finish one, all are incomplete... however, after the exams, looks like everyone on the same boat as me, so... hopefully I will be saved by the bellcurve... nevertheless, I lose that first round... nevermind, I am glad that is over... preparing for my next 3 battles then.

Family fellowship

My brother and I reached sister Evelyn's house around 2pm, haha... the fellowship was supposed to start at 2.30pm. Haha... we two just read newspaper while waiting for other brothers and sisters... when everyone comes, brother Eddie lead the Singinspiration, then we all have an hour of sharing before breaking up into groups to pray. Looks like the "hand feet mouth disease" is spreading quickly in Singapore, and many children have been falling ill. That's bad news... I saw in the newspaper that because of the disease, the nursery centres are going to close for a few days, so parents are looking for baby-sitters. Wow...

Eddie's children have been falling ill one after another before one's recovering... sister Celina has been very busy... have to pray for their health (parents and children). Sister Qiao Xiang also not feeling well, Wei Han started his cold few days ago. Sister Bao Zhu got a wisdom tooth extraction, and it must be very painful because she can only swallow food, can't bite... need to keep all these brothers and sisters in prayer. Not only those, pray for our non-believing family members and relatives... pray for their salvation.

We have very nice dinner. Evelyn's beef stew, auntie Nancy's homecook beehoon, Debbie's own made cheese cake, sister Ya Lan's sushi, etc. Can't name all of them here, but they all so nice. Haha... have a wonderful full dinner and we manage to dabao something back for LiChe and TungLieng. Haha...

Gold or silver? Wood or clay?

Today, brother Hock Lee shared with us from 2 Timothy 2:20-21. He mentions that whether we are gold or silver (whether high status or low status, got a degree or not, etc), it is only in the eyes of the world that only the people who are gold or silver will be assigned noble task, while people of wood or clay will be assigned ignoble task. That's the world. However, to the Lord, there are no ignoble task. As long as one who is willing to be used by the Lord will be assigned noble task, noble task as in the eyes of our Lord, no matter whether one is gold, silver, wood or clay.

Faithful servant

Shared by sister Carol (or Karen? Sorry, I can't hear the name clear enough) from Queenstown, based on Matthew 24:45. Let me explain in another way I familiar with. Haha... There's a lot of servants serving a master, the master entrust the food onto a servant, let's say Servant A. If servant A is a faithful and loyal servant, then while the master is away from home, the servant A will provide other servants with the food (or wages) at the "right" time. So what does this mean? We are servants that God entrust to us something, it may be time, talent, etc, that we ought to use it to serve God and other servants (brothers and sisters in Christ). We see that the faithful servant A give at the right time, not anyhow give, but at the right time. Hmm, I can't remember how to explain this part. Haha... sorry about that.

An interesting parable that Jesus mentioned at Matthew 25:34-46. Haha... at verse 40 ~ "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'" Interesting, right? Teaching us to serve one another. God knows that human will not serve one another by nature, but it is God's will that we serve one another, as Jesus had shown it to us by washing his disciples' legs. It is not an easy lesson, God knows, that's why He keep on reminding us. =)

Friday, April 25, 2008

End of Reading Week

MA3245 finals

Tomorrow is the start of exam week and my 1st paper happens to fall on the first day too. Haha... TungNgie said "Can't wait for it any longer, have been holding this MA3245 on my mind, preparing to vomit all out during the exam period". Haha... I remember the lecturer of SSA2211 told us "Hold it, hold it, hold it... exam start, then pour all out" during my first semester in NUS. Haha...

In this MA3245, we learnt a Black Scholes Model (BSM in short), and the lecturer said that is the focus of the module and it is an unrealistic model... so... haha... which means, to me, we are learning this model for the sake of exam, haha... well.. a wrong model is easier than a real and correct model, right? Haha... but I want to thank God for what He bring me through, see how does this "unrealistic" model trying its best to avoid arbitrage, look at how the options, forwards and futures are priced. More investment instrument are learnt over at QF3101 and I am sure that the way how to prove some claims using non-arbitrage arguments learnt in MA3245 has been prove useful in QF3101. Haha...

So if the unrealistic model is making its best to avoid arbitrage and the fact that it is unrealistic, does that mean that arbitrage oppurtunity can be found in the real world? A food for thought. Haha... I think when people found there is an arbitrage oppurtunity, they will plunge into it... then when the demand is high, the price increases, thus close the gap for arbitrage oppurtunity. Haha... done my helpsheet and still got space for more questions and solutions, hehe... will put more after I brush up.

Today is Friday

I feel like today is a Saturday... haha but it is Friday, the end of reading week. That's really fast. Think it is because of my HYP presentation that cause me having this sense. Haha... really glad and joyful in my heart when I looked at what God have brought me through. Really, Soiree 2008... QF3101 midterm... ST1232 test 2... CS4271 Lab 2 assignment... deadline for HYP report... 1st interview... 2nd interview... job offer by Yokogawa... HYP poster presentation... all glory unto my Lord. My heart is full of joy (I'm not a psalmist like King David) and my heart will continue to build faith on my Lord, seek Him and trust Him no matter what circumstances I am in, for He is in control of everything. He is the only living God, and there is no other gods other than Him.

John 15:5 ~ "I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in Me, I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing." There you go, a verse from the bible, the word of the sovereign God.

Think that's all for now, haha... going to brush up and fill up my remaining space on my helpsheet.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

HYP Poster presentation - Part 2

End of HYP

Thank God for bringing me through one year of HYP. Learning to trust in Him in the process and I am glad He has helped me to pull through this one year. I had my 2nd evaluators' presentation today 10am and I think it was okay. Haha... manage to say about what I have prepared. Haha... my evaluator is Dr Roger Zimmermann, taught me in CS3230 before,

Last battle

What's left is the finals of the 4 modules I am completing this semester: MA3245, CS4271, QF3101 and ST1232.

* Make MA3245 helpsheet
* Submit HYP feedback
* Upload my HYP report into electronic digital library

April 26 looks very near now... and I don't think I have fully prepared for MA3245 finals. Trouble trouble... sweat sweat... haha... bah going to prepare my help sheet now.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

HYP Poster presentation - Part 1

Existence of "Part 1" in title

Yesterday I received a call from the SoC undergraduate office that one of my evaluators can't make it during my allocated slot, so I will need to present to him on the next day 24th. So tomorrow will be part 2. Haha... however, I still need to present to another evaluator today during my allocated slot. It was Dr Michael S. Brown, specialise in digital photographies - He looks good, nice and friendly to me. I thank God for what I have been through this morning. Haha... alone in a room, TR10. Haha...

Tomorrow presentation is for Dr Roger Zimmermann. Continue to keep my faith on my Lord as He leads me through all things.

What's next?

Deep inside my heart, this question should not be asked because it is too obvious what's the next thing I need to do. Of coz, it is preparing for MA3245 finals on April 26. It's a morning 9-11am paper. By doing the past year papers, I feel that it isn't easy and I have not grasped the concept very firmly. I still needs to refer to the lecture notes... as if I am gonna copy all the contents of lecture notes into the helpsheet.

I have done the 2 pyp that set by this lecturer, leaving the last question which I do not how to do. So... what practice can I do? Hmm ... maybe I'll take a look at the midterm papers then do exercise from the textbook? Haha... hmm... one thing for sure, no PS2... need to wait till I finish the exam. Discipline, control, discipline, control... haha...


Oopz, yesterday while editing my speech for the presentation, this term "mushroom" caught my mind. I then look for some mushroom pictures, Super Mario mushrooms. Haha... and add it to my msn display picture. Haha...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Study week

Everyone is gearing up for exams now, very obvious from the name given to this week by the uni, haha... study week... oopz... the correct name is Reading Week... haha... sound nicer? Haha... a week where all the students will read... read what? duh... doesn't need me to say. Haha... "Reading is Fun" from Smarties (Remember the character with a big glasses and a cool hair). Haha...

I have just written a script for my presentation and I have left off the part where I explain the mechanism behind my immediate data binding support. I thought I can explain about the mechanisms on the fly, but hmm.... I just tried on my own and got a lot of pause and stumbled... my mind keeps on thinking of correct words to use... that's what happened when I don't usually speak good English. Haha...

Anyway, will further edit it when the time gets nearer... haha... will need to continue to look at my MA3245 past year papers now... need a lot of brain cells for only just a single part of a question. Haha... terrible... but must try my best haha...

That's all for this one, short and simple, haha...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tough past year papers == tough finals?

MA3245 Revision

Finally "gone" through all the tutorials of MA3245. Some questions are just so difficult to understand that I need to resort to the solutions repeatedly. I looked at the past year papers, which set by Dr. Oliver Chen... and it is harder than what I have expected. Haha... I expect I can at least answer one question completely after going through lecture notes and tutorials... but I can only do some parts of a question... well "do" as in... I at least understands what the question wants... not ensuring I know how to go about solving it.

Redoing tutorial 6, 7, 9 and 10 have been very depressing to me, because although I redid them not long ago, I still can't answer the questions when those tough questions appear in front of me again. Looks like I have not grasp the concept tightly... no confident at all. By looking at the past year papers, it depresses me more when I don't even understand what the questions want, not to say going about solving it... haha... solving for what? haha... this gonna be worse than CS2106... haha... anyway, still need to attempt them no matter what, at least a best shot... haha... so start after I wrote a draft script for my poster presentation tmr after church. Haha...

Vacation room stay

My vacation room stay is in R1 this time, block 4, lvl 4, room E. Hehe... wohoo.. that's my final residence of type C that I am going to stay in. Haha... have stayed in R4 (vacation), R5 (my 3rd year) and R6 (my 1st, 2nd and 4th years) till now, haha... R1 for vacation next... need to find a house outside quick... coz PGP gonna chase me out on 30 June. Haha... shoo shoo...

Dry cough

Thank God that my running nose no longer haunting me... still got dry cough... and TungNgie must be very frustrated by my cough... haha... very sorry... I doesn't mean it... hope I can get better soon... speaking of eating oranges... although I have 5 oranges in the fridge, I haven't start eating them... partly bcoz of the cough... haha... let's see if I can start (and remember) to eat tmr...

Deviation from revision

When the exams are near, I always tend to look for things other than revisions... like online comics, youtube, and... you can see me blog more often during exam period haha.... one thing that I found this time is a cartoon of 90's when I am still a young kid... "King Arthur and the knights of justice". Haha... found that on youtube. So... nono... will discipline myself not to watch it... or else I will not study.... cannot deviate from revision, haha...

My laptop is trying to discipline me too... because whenever I watch youtube for less than 1 minute, you can hear my latop's fan making a lot of noise... depicting "You better quit watching because I am about to reach my TURNOFF-point (CRAP: there's boiling point in chemistry, why not turnoff point in IT? Haha... )!"

Bah think that's all for now, going to off my laptop soon. Ciao!

Friday, April 18, 2008

End of Week 13

Preparing for April 23

Coming to the end of week 13 and going to study week, then exam week. So gear up for my poster presentation on 23rd. Haha... my supervisor told me to bring my laptop to do a demo of what I done for my project. I have some problem doing my Library Resource Application, thus I was thinking not presenting the application. If I have to present, I will present those that are working. However, I went to see the codes again and try debugging again... and thank God that He let me find the bug... the application runs well after I debug it.

Now, the application left some improvements to do. It is sufficient to show the Immediate Data Binding effect, but it still isn't up to what I would like it to be. But I guess I don't have much time to do it though... and sadly I still on tutorial 9 for my MA3245 revision. Tomorrow, my bro and I will go search for a printer in Bras Basah for our poster in A1 size. Hopefully it is cheaper there. SOC prints 1 A1 paper for S$12. So... make sure I don't forget to copy my poster onto my thumb drive tonight before I sleep. Haha...

So things to do before April 23 and 26:
* Prepare script for my poster presentation
* Finish MA3245 tutorial 10
* Attempt MA3245 past year papers
* Finish MA3245 helpsheet

Start Job on May 20

Though this is pretty early to me... my bro and I are going to start working from May 20... and our holiday break after exam lasts from May 7 till May 19. TungNgie say the earlier the better because the things still fresh in our brain. Well, he's right in the sense... and getting the 3 months probation out of the way earlier. Haha... so if that's the case, we can't go Italy anymore... can't join church camps... and can't go back KB le... haha...

Yeah... if want to work, then better get this 3 month probation out of the way, then I got 15 days "annual leave" to take. Haha... since there's 12 months in a year, meaning can only take 1.25 days leave on average per month. Hmm... need to use these leave wisely... haha... so... last but not lest, if this is what God brings to me, I shall enjoy the time working as much as I enjoyed my stay in NUS and PGP (despite the unpleasant events blogged yesterday). Haha... my Lord is the one in control of everything... I have no rights, because my Lord is my governor of life. =)

May my life be a good testimony for my Lord. Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Oh ya, here's some upcoming church camps:
* 8-10/6: FCF - Geylang Family Camp
* 11-14/6: FCF - Teen-Youth Missionary Camp
* ?-?/12: CFCKB - Camp in KK

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cluster mess

Cluster Gate Fine

This semester is my first time (throughout my 4 yrs in PGP) receiving a fine for not closing the cluster gate or the fire escape doors. Last semester, I have only received a warning letter. Some of the cluster mates from previous semester left (may be they are exchange students or have found somewhere outside), but some still stay like me... and the most depressing thing is... we got a fine for not closing the cluster gate without a warning letter this semester. The officers said we have received two warning letters before so the third time is a fine... hmm they considered the warning letter from previous semester... oh wellz... what can I say? Can't do anything when your officers are as stubborn as any human... so... pay up...

I check with the officers which door is the main culprit and it was a fire escape door... so... I put a note there... reminding cluster mates to make sure this door is close... and it has been good for around 3 weeks... then think some of the cluster mates become ignorant... leave the door open again (I close it everytime I see it open)... hopefully the security doesn't come at the wrong time... some cluster mates never pay up for the fine... haha saw some mails in the kitchen from the office reminding that person to pay the fine.

Playing with fire extinguisher

Coming to a recent mess (yesterday), someone bring along his friends and they play with the fire extinguisher... or may be that fire extinguisher is so strategically located that they accidentally hit it when fooling around. Anyway... it is charged as an act of vandalism... and sadly to say... IT HAPPENED IN MY CLUSTER... now... did I do the right thing? Because it is I the one who call the officer this time... I fear that if they find out (soon, by latest next morning), the entire cluster have to pay for it (or take the charge)... so I risk it and called the officers at fire command centre and they started investigate yesterday night (and they have a suspect, coz someone say it is an Indian). Anyway the person with his friends have escaped I think... it is such a pity that my door was close at that time and I didn't get to witness the culprit (could be any of his friends too)...

This afternoon, while I was signing the offering letter, I received a call from the management office that the suspect denied that he trigger the fire extinguisher... hopefully a witness will be able to stand up and point at the rightful culprit... or else... the same consequence of not reporting - the entire cluster gets the charge and requires to pay for it... NOOoooo (I'm not sure how much is that, but I don't think it is a small amount)... this is my worst semester as a cluster mate of Blk 26 Level 2. I thought only insects will bug me... but looks like this culprit is a big insect... the worst thing is that this insect doesn't want to own himself up.

Anyway, I put all things in my Lord's hand, for He is the justice one. If the Lord wants the entire cluster to take the charge, then so be it, pay up then. Haha... for the name of the Lord is more important than anything. The officers should know that it wasn't I the one who did it (I report it, as a duty of a cluster mate)... and give glory to my Lord. I believe in my Lord, no other words, only follow His will, for His will is always best to me.

Busy Thursday


I left my room at 6.45am (if I am not wrong) to the foyer, waiting for TungNgie and LiChe. We were going to Malaysia High Comm, someone got business there... haha... so... there we went... onto the bus 33 and dropped at a bus stop around Hill Street. We were told then that the Malaysia HC moved back to its original place. Geez... where's that "original" place? As it was already 7++ am, we took a taxi there, not bad, $7.50 (anything >= $10 is considered expensive to me for a ride on taxi). Haha...

It started to rain while we were waiting for our turn. Sadly, I didn't expect the rain, thus I didn't bring either my raincoat or my umbrella... so 3 persons with 2 umbrellas and a newspaper TODAY (luckily I took one from PGP)... after our turn, we were told to come back at 2.30pm. We ran to the nearest bus stop (with our umbrellas and newspaper), took a bus to Orchard. There we had our breakfast in Subway... (the rain stopped while we eating)

We studied for some time in Subway... then we decided to change our location (to a bench outside) as it was freezing in there... we were there till around 12pm... there's more ppl at that hr... and inconsiderately... they smoked... that's a push factor for us to pack up and retreat to MRT. Haha... LiChe has to go back to Malaysia HC to get her stuff, while my brother and I went to Yokogawa to sign our job offer letter. Hehe...

Got job

We are on 3 months probation and no leave is allowed during these period. Wah... meaning we can't join the church camps during June. Anyway, everything in God's hand. I believe my God, if it is His will for us to join the camps, He will make it so. After having a job, accomodation is the next thing on our mind... we need to leave PGP by latest 30 June.


Got stuck in my MA3245 tutorial 6 onwards again... it has been pretty smooth when I redo the tutorials from 1 to 5. Tutorial 6 and 7 has been a major obstacle, can't really get the things into my mind... and some of its solutions don't make sense to me... having a tough time understanding the concept behind this stochastic thingy... changing this to that and that to this... and how come like that? Haha... Nevermind... continue to think then.

That's all for now. Ciao... haha...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Kahying!

April 16
Hmm... I publish my post at 12.20am April 16, haha... but it is still recorded April 15. Anyway, happy birthday to Kahying. For other friends of mine, sorry that I didn't wish you all on my blog, because it just happened that I am blogging while realising there's someone birthday on April 16. Haha... I will try my best to blog on someone's birthday (at least the title wishing the birthday boy/girl happy birthday, haha...). Haha... but no guarantee la...

MA3245 lecture

I thought MA3245 lecture will end today, but it didn't because the lecturer can't finish the review. Think he spent quite a lot of time on Notes 5, which I think it is the hardest part, and it is the foundation for the BSM. He said that BSM is the main focus of this module, haha... so I better get myself familiar with Notes 6 and 7, which are all on BSM, before the exam.

So we will have another lecture tmr 12-2pm. Haha... will be discussing past year paper qns as well... but I haven't start looking at those past year papers... no harm listening to how the lecturer giving some tips to tackle these qns. Haha...

Preparing for poster presentation and exams

Currently, still reading MA3245 lecture notes... the last notes now (taking a break to blog). Next, redo the tutorials and if I have been comfortable with what I have read, I could do the tutorials fast enough and complete them in two or three days, haha... well... if not, then four or five days? Haha... but I am booking 21st and 22th to prepare myself for my 23rd poster presentation. Need to write a script so that I know what to say on that day to my evaluators.

One of my evaluators, Dr. Roger Zimmerman, seems like a nice person to communicate with... he taught me in CS3230 before. Not sure about the other one, Dr. Michael Brown if I am not wrong (will go check again... will correct here if I am wrong). Never lectured or tutored by him before. Haha... oh ya... I need to check out their fields of interest too, so that I am able to gauge what kind of questions they will ask. Haha... or what answer they are looking for.

I corrected something for my poster this morning, resent it to my prof, Dr. Martin Henz le. Now waiting for his reply... he told me that the poster should be a tool for my oral presentation, haha yea... sound logical... thus I putting more diagrams than words on the poster. Strangely, my brother keep receiving comments from his prof to be clear on this and that... does that mean more words? Haha... strange, but want him to be more concise on the description? Strange...

Family fellowship on April 26

2 things will be happening: my MA3245 finals and a family fellowship at sister Evelyn house. One is 9-11am and another is 2.30pm onwards. So... haha... still can make it, thank God for that. Hopefully my bro and I are doing all for our Lord to glorify His name in these examinations. Haha... and pray that brothers and sisters are able to find time to join the fellowship, where we learn about one another's situation, and learn to pray for one another. Hehe... God is so merciful.

Another photo of my friends in NUSHO (international mixture)

From left to right, up to down: Minh, Ferry, Yung Hua, Me, Hoa, Tung Ngie and Mung Yee. This photo is where I got my profile photo though. Haha... so you know who's behind me now from my profile photo? Haha... oopz we missed Ha Yin, or else this photo contains 2 batches, my batch and my previous batch (those playing for this year's Soiree). Haha... an Indonesian, two Vietnamese and four Malaysians.

Acne attacks and my illness

My face is attacked by acnes... oh gosh... haha... sister Enn Yew advised my bro and I to eat oranges... to have more vitamin C. Haha... just manage to have one today, but she said two oranges per day... haha... still trying to achieve that... need to be careful about what I eat... avoid spicy, oily and hot stuff... and peanuts as well, haha...

My illness has been "consistent" (negative sense)... coughing and running nose... but I think it is getting better le, because I am using less tissue papers. Haha... thank God for these that happening around me. Hehe... He is surely a God who can give and take because He has the authority.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Heavy rain today

Start of Week 13

This is the last week of the semester before study and examination weeks. I have started my study week, because I will need some days to prepare for my poster presentation on 23rd. So first up, MA3245 on 26th April, have started revision yesterday by redoing some of the tutorials that I marked down. My plan, as usual, read lecture notes, then try some tutorial qns, then on with the previous final exams. For this module, I need to make a helpsheet for it... so probably after my poster presentation, although I need to modify my honours report, to be submitted online by 28th.


After ST1232's last lecture, my brother and I went for lunch. Thinking we would go directly to barber after lunch, dark clouds are all over the sky... looks threatening though... so we think it is about to rain, so we went back to PGP. However, it didn't rain... so 2pm, we decided to go barber. After it is done, on the journey of returning to PGP, the rain started while we were on the bus... it was a heavy rain... and my bro and I made it back to our rooms. The rain stopped after a while...

Next, dinner at Sukiya, on the way to bus stop... the heavy rain came again... haha... you can see the rain was washing the bus clean... haha... the rain stops after we started eating. Haha... thankful that it doesn't rain when we on the way back from Sukiya. Haha...

Some Malaysians in NUSHO

Not all Malaysians are in this picture though (there are more, =P)... Very strangely... looks like most people are looking at the wrong camera... LOL... the camera man didn't wave his/her hand and say "look here"? Haha...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

No more sore throat


Looks like the sore throat was the beginning of my illness. Haha... after I went to the doctor to get some medicine for my sore throat on Tuesday, I got headaches during lectures. Then cough and running nose followed on the next day. Thank God, I feel much better today, after a day of eating paracetamol yesterday.

Update on homework

Really thank God for the homework as I am finishing my lab assignment for CS4271. Not sure how much will I got, I did try my best to think for the solution, haha... I have submitted it onto the submission bin in IVLE le. Haha... now going to work on the library resource application and the poster. I have less than 2 weeks to do my poster because my presentation schedule is April 23, 9 - 11.30am. Need to work fast... so that I can give to my prof to have a look. Hehe... so my remaining schedule are:

April 23, 9-11.30am : Poster presentation
April 26, 9-11am : MA3245 Final
April 30, 5-7pm : CS4271 Final
May 5, 1-3pm : QF3101 Final
May 6, 5-7pm : ST1231 Final

Haha... after those... it's holiday. Haha... there goes my four years in NUS, tough, challenging and full of lessons learnt that my God has given me. Learning to depend on Him during the hard time is sure not an easy lesson, but it is a must. God is one who can take and give, in control of everything. Do you believe? I do. Haha...

Tenor C photo

That's a photo of my section in NUSHO, Tenor C or Cronets. Haha... once a cronet, always a cronet. Yeah... think my big "C" become a claw instead. Haha... oh... Grace, Niu Rui and Chiu Yee was doing our previous version of "C". My eyes may see wrongly, but Lareina, are you doing the "C" like everyone else or the one done by Grace, Niu Rui and Chiu Yee? Haha... or both?! Ooo... good luck to the 28th exco of NUSHO... help one another... don't forget the members and alumni are your supporters too... ask help from them too... haha...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Battling against sore throat

What's next?

Finally I have submitted my honours report. So coming out on my list is CS4271 Lab 2 Assignment, which due on coming Sunday 13/4, and an example for my project and the poster. Doesn't have time to give a thought for my poster yet. Haha. It has been few tedious weeks and eventually, I got sore throat, started yesterday. This morning was worse, felt swollen. Thank God that the pain has subsided and I don't feel it swollen now.

Went to visit the doctor and manage to get a Lore... (forgot the spelling) and another med, dun know what's the name. Hope these can calm down my throat. Haha... working relentlessly for the example and sparing half of my thoughts on the lab assignment. There are 3 questions, but I managed to finish 1 only... and wasn't sure I am correct or not. One of the properties can't be verified by my system.

Thank God for all

Really want to open my heart to thank God for all these. From pre-April period, I saw the bombs on April 1, 3, 6 and 9. On April 1, I received the news that the bomb on April 3 is delayed to 7, and April 6 to April 13. So now makes it April 1, 7, 9 13. So today is April 8 and I managed to survive for April 1 and 7. Next April 9, I have submitted the report, thus that bomb has been dealt. Praying for my brother who needs to make some changes.

Bah, stop here for now, going to print my brother's report, ciao!