Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Battling against sore throat

What's next?

Finally I have submitted my honours report. So coming out on my list is CS4271 Lab 2 Assignment, which due on coming Sunday 13/4, and an example for my project and the poster. Doesn't have time to give a thought for my poster yet. Haha. It has been few tedious weeks and eventually, I got sore throat, started yesterday. This morning was worse, felt swollen. Thank God that the pain has subsided and I don't feel it swollen now.

Went to visit the doctor and manage to get a Lore... (forgot the spelling) and another med, dun know what's the name. Hope these can calm down my throat. Haha... working relentlessly for the example and sparing half of my thoughts on the lab assignment. There are 3 questions, but I managed to finish 1 only... and wasn't sure I am correct or not. One of the properties can't be verified by my system.

Thank God for all

Really want to open my heart to thank God for all these. From pre-April period, I saw the bombs on April 1, 3, 6 and 9. On April 1, I received the news that the bomb on April 3 is delayed to 7, and April 6 to April 13. So now makes it April 1, 7, 9 13. So today is April 8 and I managed to survive for April 1 and 7. Next April 9, I have submitted the report, thus that bomb has been dealt. Praying for my brother who needs to make some changes.

Bah, stop here for now, going to print my brother's report, ciao!

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