Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busy Thursday


I left my room at 6.45am (if I am not wrong) to the foyer, waiting for TungNgie and LiChe. We were going to Malaysia High Comm, someone got business there... haha... so... there we went... onto the bus 33 and dropped at a bus stop around Hill Street. We were told then that the Malaysia HC moved back to its original place. Geez... where's that "original" place? As it was already 7++ am, we took a taxi there, not bad, $7.50 (anything >= $10 is considered expensive to me for a ride on taxi). Haha...

It started to rain while we were waiting for our turn. Sadly, I didn't expect the rain, thus I didn't bring either my raincoat or my umbrella... so 3 persons with 2 umbrellas and a newspaper TODAY (luckily I took one from PGP)... after our turn, we were told to come back at 2.30pm. We ran to the nearest bus stop (with our umbrellas and newspaper), took a bus to Orchard. There we had our breakfast in Subway... (the rain stopped while we eating)

We studied for some time in Subway... then we decided to change our location (to a bench outside) as it was freezing in there... we were there till around 12pm... there's more ppl at that hr... and inconsiderately... they smoked... that's a push factor for us to pack up and retreat to MRT. Haha... LiChe has to go back to Malaysia HC to get her stuff, while my brother and I went to Yokogawa to sign our job offer letter. Hehe...

Got job

We are on 3 months probation and no leave is allowed during these period. Wah... meaning we can't join the church camps during June. Anyway, everything in God's hand. I believe my God, if it is His will for us to join the camps, He will make it so. After having a job, accomodation is the next thing on our mind... we need to leave PGP by latest 30 June.


Got stuck in my MA3245 tutorial 6 onwards again... it has been pretty smooth when I redo the tutorials from 1 to 5. Tutorial 6 and 7 has been a major obstacle, can't really get the things into my mind... and some of its solutions don't make sense to me... having a tough time understanding the concept behind this stochastic thingy... changing this to that and that to this... and how come like that? Haha... Nevermind... continue to think then.

That's all for now. Ciao... haha...

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