Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cluster mess

Cluster Gate Fine

This semester is my first time (throughout my 4 yrs in PGP) receiving a fine for not closing the cluster gate or the fire escape doors. Last semester, I have only received a warning letter. Some of the cluster mates from previous semester left (may be they are exchange students or have found somewhere outside), but some still stay like me... and the most depressing thing is... we got a fine for not closing the cluster gate without a warning letter this semester. The officers said we have received two warning letters before so the third time is a fine... hmm they considered the warning letter from previous semester... oh wellz... what can I say? Can't do anything when your officers are as stubborn as any human... so... pay up...

I check with the officers which door is the main culprit and it was a fire escape door... so... I put a note there... reminding cluster mates to make sure this door is close... and it has been good for around 3 weeks... then think some of the cluster mates become ignorant... leave the door open again (I close it everytime I see it open)... hopefully the security doesn't come at the wrong time... some cluster mates never pay up for the fine... haha saw some mails in the kitchen from the office reminding that person to pay the fine.

Playing with fire extinguisher

Coming to a recent mess (yesterday), someone bring along his friends and they play with the fire extinguisher... or may be that fire extinguisher is so strategically located that they accidentally hit it when fooling around. Anyway... it is charged as an act of vandalism... and sadly to say... IT HAPPENED IN MY CLUSTER... now... did I do the right thing? Because it is I the one who call the officer this time... I fear that if they find out (soon, by latest next morning), the entire cluster have to pay for it (or take the charge)... so I risk it and called the officers at fire command centre and they started investigate yesterday night (and they have a suspect, coz someone say it is an Indian). Anyway the person with his friends have escaped I think... it is such a pity that my door was close at that time and I didn't get to witness the culprit (could be any of his friends too)...

This afternoon, while I was signing the offering letter, I received a call from the management office that the suspect denied that he trigger the fire extinguisher... hopefully a witness will be able to stand up and point at the rightful culprit... or else... the same consequence of not reporting - the entire cluster gets the charge and requires to pay for it... NOOoooo (I'm not sure how much is that, but I don't think it is a small amount)... this is my worst semester as a cluster mate of Blk 26 Level 2. I thought only insects will bug me... but looks like this culprit is a big insect... the worst thing is that this insect doesn't want to own himself up.

Anyway, I put all things in my Lord's hand, for He is the justice one. If the Lord wants the entire cluster to take the charge, then so be it, pay up then. Haha... for the name of the Lord is more important than anything. The officers should know that it wasn't I the one who did it (I report it, as a duty of a cluster mate)... and give glory to my Lord. I believe in my Lord, no other words, only follow His will, for His will is always best to me.

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