Sunday, April 27, 2008

Difference between Christians and non-Christians

CS4271 preparation

I have finished reading (reviewing) my lecture notes for this module. I have reviewed the midterm paper too. Next is to try out the past year papers. Unfortunately, there is only one past year paper set by this lecturer. Previously, it was set by Dr Abhik (my CS4272 lecturer last semester). Their style of setting paper is different, but hopefully I manage to attempt some questions set by Dr Abhik. Haha...

Difference between Christians and non-Christians

This is the topic of today's sermon, by brother Hock Lee. Well, I just put here some of the stuff I learnt. May not be the entire sermon. Haha... The passage from the Scripture is Romans 6:5-23. There's no doubt that Christians and non-Christians are different. When a person accepts his/her salvation, he/she will experience a difference, e.g. aim in the world, certain of where to go after leaving the world, and the status (God's children).

Some Christians said that they felt no difference before and after they accepts their salvation, that's because they didn't know the true meaning of what they ought to do... Christians' aim of life is to serve our Lord. Some Christians take the salvation for granted, treating it like a passport to heaven. Knowing that they can go to heaven no matter what after accepting the salvation, they go on sinning... Apostle Paul tells us here that since we are slaves to righteousness (no longer slave to sin), we can live a life without sin. May be a Christian will say, "I tried, but I just can't live a life without sin. Many time I fail to overcome sin, I have tried my best."

Battling against sin is a spiritual battle, not a physical battle. We can never defeat sin on our own... our Lord has promised us strength to defeat these sins, so we ought to depend on our Lord's strength to overcome these sins... but it doesn't mean you don't take the step to solve the problem. For example, a Christian A feels lazy to read bible... so he prayed that God will grant him the strength to read bible... Christian A need to take the step to open the bible and start reading, keep praying to God to give him the understanding in His words... not the case where Christian A pray to God everytime to give him strength to read bible, but not doing anything... does he expect God one day play a miracle on him that he suddenly become a bible scholar? No way, God won't help him like that... Christian A need to take the effort to read the bible.

If a non Christian say he doesn't have the urge to read bible, it is understandable... because he wasn't a born-again Christian... but if a Christian claim that he has no urge to read the bible, then he should reflect on his life and relationship with God... whether he really is a born-again Christian, or just a regular church-comer (one who come to church every Sunday, but may not have accepted the salvation)? It is very dangerous. Because salvation is personal... your parents, or your friends are Christians, doesn't imply that you are a Christian. You got to accept your own salvation.

True prophet and false prophet

How do we identify a true or false prophet? One thing for sure, you got to know the bible well. False prophets know bible very well... but they like to twist the truth into something human like to hear... Read Micah chapter 3 and 4 to see how the Lord speaks through Micah, against the false prophet. If a prophecy prophecied by a prophet comes true, then that prophet is a true prophet. A true prophet prophecied according to God's will.

When we see the human has gone into such a terrible state, e.g. accept homosexuality, murders and robbery, divorce cases, etc... all these against the Lord's command, God still in control. Believe it or not, He is the sovereign Lord and he let men to have this "free will" to choose whether they want to submit themselves to Him willingly. God has the power to make everyone to worship Him, but He chooses not to. He want men to follow Him willingly... unfortunately, men let sin grow in them and that's why the world are in such a mess now. From what's happening around the world, we can sense that God's judgement is near. This is the last days... when Christ comes 2nd time, the door of grace will be close and thus those who want to be saved, has to pay with their life during the great tribulation. Horrible disasters are mentioned in the book of Revelation. I do not want to be in this great tribulation and thank God that I am able to know Him and accept Him as my personal saviour.

So do you want your family members or relatives, those who has not accept the salvation, to be in that tribulation years to come? Hopefully 'no' is your answer, so hurry spread the gospel to them so that we all can gather at the Lord's house, far away from the tribulation.

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