Friday, April 25, 2008

End of Reading Week

MA3245 finals

Tomorrow is the start of exam week and my 1st paper happens to fall on the first day too. Haha... TungNgie said "Can't wait for it any longer, have been holding this MA3245 on my mind, preparing to vomit all out during the exam period". Haha... I remember the lecturer of SSA2211 told us "Hold it, hold it, hold it... exam start, then pour all out" during my first semester in NUS. Haha...

In this MA3245, we learnt a Black Scholes Model (BSM in short), and the lecturer said that is the focus of the module and it is an unrealistic model... so... haha... which means, to me, we are learning this model for the sake of exam, haha... well.. a wrong model is easier than a real and correct model, right? Haha... but I want to thank God for what He bring me through, see how does this "unrealistic" model trying its best to avoid arbitrage, look at how the options, forwards and futures are priced. More investment instrument are learnt over at QF3101 and I am sure that the way how to prove some claims using non-arbitrage arguments learnt in MA3245 has been prove useful in QF3101. Haha...

So if the unrealistic model is making its best to avoid arbitrage and the fact that it is unrealistic, does that mean that arbitrage oppurtunity can be found in the real world? A food for thought. Haha... I think when people found there is an arbitrage oppurtunity, they will plunge into it... then when the demand is high, the price increases, thus close the gap for arbitrage oppurtunity. Haha... done my helpsheet and still got space for more questions and solutions, hehe... will put more after I brush up.

Today is Friday

I feel like today is a Saturday... haha but it is Friday, the end of reading week. That's really fast. Think it is because of my HYP presentation that cause me having this sense. Haha... really glad and joyful in my heart when I looked at what God have brought me through. Really, Soiree 2008... QF3101 midterm... ST1232 test 2... CS4271 Lab 2 assignment... deadline for HYP report... 1st interview... 2nd interview... job offer by Yokogawa... HYP poster presentation... all glory unto my Lord. My heart is full of joy (I'm not a psalmist like King David) and my heart will continue to build faith on my Lord, seek Him and trust Him no matter what circumstances I am in, for He is in control of everything. He is the only living God, and there is no other gods other than Him.

John 15:5 ~ "I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in Me, I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing." There you go, a verse from the bible, the word of the sovereign God.

Think that's all for now, haha... going to brush up and fill up my remaining space on my helpsheet.

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