Friday, April 18, 2008

End of Week 13

Preparing for April 23

Coming to the end of week 13 and going to study week, then exam week. So gear up for my poster presentation on 23rd. Haha... my supervisor told me to bring my laptop to do a demo of what I done for my project. I have some problem doing my Library Resource Application, thus I was thinking not presenting the application. If I have to present, I will present those that are working. However, I went to see the codes again and try debugging again... and thank God that He let me find the bug... the application runs well after I debug it.

Now, the application left some improvements to do. It is sufficient to show the Immediate Data Binding effect, but it still isn't up to what I would like it to be. But I guess I don't have much time to do it though... and sadly I still on tutorial 9 for my MA3245 revision. Tomorrow, my bro and I will go search for a printer in Bras Basah for our poster in A1 size. Hopefully it is cheaper there. SOC prints 1 A1 paper for S$12. So... make sure I don't forget to copy my poster onto my thumb drive tonight before I sleep. Haha...

So things to do before April 23 and 26:
* Prepare script for my poster presentation
* Finish MA3245 tutorial 10
* Attempt MA3245 past year papers
* Finish MA3245 helpsheet

Start Job on May 20

Though this is pretty early to me... my bro and I are going to start working from May 20... and our holiday break after exam lasts from May 7 till May 19. TungNgie say the earlier the better because the things still fresh in our brain. Well, he's right in the sense... and getting the 3 months probation out of the way earlier. Haha... so if that's the case, we can't go Italy anymore... can't join church camps... and can't go back KB le... haha...

Yeah... if want to work, then better get this 3 month probation out of the way, then I got 15 days "annual leave" to take. Haha... since there's 12 months in a year, meaning can only take 1.25 days leave on average per month. Hmm... need to use these leave wisely... haha... so... last but not lest, if this is what God brings to me, I shall enjoy the time working as much as I enjoyed my stay in NUS and PGP (despite the unpleasant events blogged yesterday). Haha... my Lord is the one in control of everything... I have no rights, because my Lord is my governor of life. =)

May my life be a good testimony for my Lord. Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Oh ya, here's some upcoming church camps:
* 8-10/6: FCF - Geylang Family Camp
* 11-14/6: FCF - Teen-Youth Missionary Camp
* ?-?/12: CFCKB - Camp in KK

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