Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Kahying!

April 16
Hmm... I publish my post at 12.20am April 16, haha... but it is still recorded April 15. Anyway, happy birthday to Kahying. For other friends of mine, sorry that I didn't wish you all on my blog, because it just happened that I am blogging while realising there's someone birthday on April 16. Haha... I will try my best to blog on someone's birthday (at least the title wishing the birthday boy/girl happy birthday, haha...). Haha... but no guarantee la...

MA3245 lecture

I thought MA3245 lecture will end today, but it didn't because the lecturer can't finish the review. Think he spent quite a lot of time on Notes 5, which I think it is the hardest part, and it is the foundation for the BSM. He said that BSM is the main focus of this module, haha... so I better get myself familiar with Notes 6 and 7, which are all on BSM, before the exam.

So we will have another lecture tmr 12-2pm. Haha... will be discussing past year paper qns as well... but I haven't start looking at those past year papers... no harm listening to how the lecturer giving some tips to tackle these qns. Haha...

Preparing for poster presentation and exams

Currently, still reading MA3245 lecture notes... the last notes now (taking a break to blog). Next, redo the tutorials and if I have been comfortable with what I have read, I could do the tutorials fast enough and complete them in two or three days, haha... well... if not, then four or five days? Haha... but I am booking 21st and 22th to prepare myself for my 23rd poster presentation. Need to write a script so that I know what to say on that day to my evaluators.

One of my evaluators, Dr. Roger Zimmerman, seems like a nice person to communicate with... he taught me in CS3230 before. Not sure about the other one, Dr. Michael Brown if I am not wrong (will go check again... will correct here if I am wrong). Never lectured or tutored by him before. Haha... oh ya... I need to check out their fields of interest too, so that I am able to gauge what kind of questions they will ask. Haha... or what answer they are looking for.

I corrected something for my poster this morning, resent it to my prof, Dr. Martin Henz le. Now waiting for his reply... he told me that the poster should be a tool for my oral presentation, haha yea... sound logical... thus I putting more diagrams than words on the poster. Strangely, my brother keep receiving comments from his prof to be clear on this and that... does that mean more words? Haha... strange, but want him to be more concise on the description? Strange...

Family fellowship on April 26

2 things will be happening: my MA3245 finals and a family fellowship at sister Evelyn house. One is 9-11am and another is 2.30pm onwards. So... haha... still can make it, thank God for that. Hopefully my bro and I are doing all for our Lord to glorify His name in these examinations. Haha... and pray that brothers and sisters are able to find time to join the fellowship, where we learn about one another's situation, and learn to pray for one another. Hehe... God is so merciful.

Another photo of my friends in NUSHO (international mixture)

From left to right, up to down: Minh, Ferry, Yung Hua, Me, Hoa, Tung Ngie and Mung Yee. This photo is where I got my profile photo though. Haha... so you know who's behind me now from my profile photo? Haha... oopz we missed Ha Yin, or else this photo contains 2 batches, my batch and my previous batch (those playing for this year's Soiree). Haha... an Indonesian, two Vietnamese and four Malaysians.

Acne attacks and my illness

My face is attacked by acnes... oh gosh... haha... sister Enn Yew advised my bro and I to eat oranges... to have more vitamin C. Haha... just manage to have one today, but she said two oranges per day... haha... still trying to achieve that... need to be careful about what I eat... avoid spicy, oily and hot stuff... and peanuts as well, haha...

My illness has been "consistent" (negative sense)... coughing and running nose... but I think it is getting better le, because I am using less tissue papers. Haha... thank God for these that happening around me. Hehe... He is surely a God who can give and take because He has the authority.

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