Monday, April 14, 2008

Heavy rain today

Start of Week 13

This is the last week of the semester before study and examination weeks. I have started my study week, because I will need some days to prepare for my poster presentation on 23rd. So first up, MA3245 on 26th April, have started revision yesterday by redoing some of the tutorials that I marked down. My plan, as usual, read lecture notes, then try some tutorial qns, then on with the previous final exams. For this module, I need to make a helpsheet for it... so probably after my poster presentation, although I need to modify my honours report, to be submitted online by 28th.


After ST1232's last lecture, my brother and I went for lunch. Thinking we would go directly to barber after lunch, dark clouds are all over the sky... looks threatening though... so we think it is about to rain, so we went back to PGP. However, it didn't rain... so 2pm, we decided to go barber. After it is done, on the journey of returning to PGP, the rain started while we were on the bus... it was a heavy rain... and my bro and I made it back to our rooms. The rain stopped after a while...

Next, dinner at Sukiya, on the way to bus stop... the heavy rain came again... haha... you can see the rain was washing the bus clean... haha... the rain stops after we started eating. Haha... thankful that it doesn't rain when we on the way back from Sukiya. Haha...

Some Malaysians in NUSHO

Not all Malaysians are in this picture though (there are more, =P)... Very strangely... looks like most people are looking at the wrong camera... LOL... the camera man didn't wave his/her hand and say "look here"? Haha...

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