Saturday, April 26, 2008

Horrible MA3245 finals

Lost my first battle

It was a really horrible paper, harder than CS2106 Operating System finals that I took in my 2nd year 1st semester. The helpsheet and calculator are useless after all... I feel like I am going to fail the paper because for all 5 questions, I never manage to finish one, all are incomplete... however, after the exams, looks like everyone on the same boat as me, so... hopefully I will be saved by the bellcurve... nevertheless, I lose that first round... nevermind, I am glad that is over... preparing for my next 3 battles then.

Family fellowship

My brother and I reached sister Evelyn's house around 2pm, haha... the fellowship was supposed to start at 2.30pm. Haha... we two just read newspaper while waiting for other brothers and sisters... when everyone comes, brother Eddie lead the Singinspiration, then we all have an hour of sharing before breaking up into groups to pray. Looks like the "hand feet mouth disease" is spreading quickly in Singapore, and many children have been falling ill. That's bad news... I saw in the newspaper that because of the disease, the nursery centres are going to close for a few days, so parents are looking for baby-sitters. Wow...

Eddie's children have been falling ill one after another before one's recovering... sister Celina has been very busy... have to pray for their health (parents and children). Sister Qiao Xiang also not feeling well, Wei Han started his cold few days ago. Sister Bao Zhu got a wisdom tooth extraction, and it must be very painful because she can only swallow food, can't bite... need to keep all these brothers and sisters in prayer. Not only those, pray for our non-believing family members and relatives... pray for their salvation.

We have very nice dinner. Evelyn's beef stew, auntie Nancy's homecook beehoon, Debbie's own made cheese cake, sister Ya Lan's sushi, etc. Can't name all of them here, but they all so nice. Haha... have a wonderful full dinner and we manage to dabao something back for LiChe and TungLieng. Haha...

Gold or silver? Wood or clay?

Today, brother Hock Lee shared with us from 2 Timothy 2:20-21. He mentions that whether we are gold or silver (whether high status or low status, got a degree or not, etc), it is only in the eyes of the world that only the people who are gold or silver will be assigned noble task, while people of wood or clay will be assigned ignoble task. That's the world. However, to the Lord, there are no ignoble task. As long as one who is willing to be used by the Lord will be assigned noble task, noble task as in the eyes of our Lord, no matter whether one is gold, silver, wood or clay.

Faithful servant

Shared by sister Carol (or Karen? Sorry, I can't hear the name clear enough) from Queenstown, based on Matthew 24:45. Let me explain in another way I familiar with. Haha... There's a lot of servants serving a master, the master entrust the food onto a servant, let's say Servant A. If servant A is a faithful and loyal servant, then while the master is away from home, the servant A will provide other servants with the food (or wages) at the "right" time. So what does this mean? We are servants that God entrust to us something, it may be time, talent, etc, that we ought to use it to serve God and other servants (brothers and sisters in Christ). We see that the faithful servant A give at the right time, not anyhow give, but at the right time. Hmm, I can't remember how to explain this part. Haha... sorry about that.

An interesting parable that Jesus mentioned at Matthew 25:34-46. Haha... at verse 40 ~ "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'" Interesting, right? Teaching us to serve one another. God knows that human will not serve one another by nature, but it is God's will that we serve one another, as Jesus had shown it to us by washing his disciples' legs. It is not an easy lesson, God knows, that's why He keep on reminding us. =)

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