Wednesday, April 23, 2008

HYP Poster presentation - Part 1

Existence of "Part 1" in title

Yesterday I received a call from the SoC undergraduate office that one of my evaluators can't make it during my allocated slot, so I will need to present to him on the next day 24th. So tomorrow will be part 2. Haha... however, I still need to present to another evaluator today during my allocated slot. It was Dr Michael S. Brown, specialise in digital photographies - He looks good, nice and friendly to me. I thank God for what I have been through this morning. Haha... alone in a room, TR10. Haha...

Tomorrow presentation is for Dr Roger Zimmermann. Continue to keep my faith on my Lord as He leads me through all things.

What's next?

Deep inside my heart, this question should not be asked because it is too obvious what's the next thing I need to do. Of coz, it is preparing for MA3245 finals on April 26. It's a morning 9-11am paper. By doing the past year papers, I feel that it isn't easy and I have not grasped the concept very firmly. I still needs to refer to the lecture notes... as if I am gonna copy all the contents of lecture notes into the helpsheet.

I have done the 2 pyp that set by this lecturer, leaving the last question which I do not how to do. So... what practice can I do? Hmm ... maybe I'll take a look at the midterm papers then do exercise from the textbook? Haha... hmm... one thing for sure, no PS2... need to wait till I finish the exam. Discipline, control, discipline, control... haha...


Oopz, yesterday while editing my speech for the presentation, this term "mushroom" caught my mind. I then look for some mushroom pictures, Super Mario mushrooms. Haha... and add it to my msn display picture. Haha...

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