Thursday, April 24, 2008

HYP Poster presentation - Part 2

End of HYP

Thank God for bringing me through one year of HYP. Learning to trust in Him in the process and I am glad He has helped me to pull through this one year. I had my 2nd evaluators' presentation today 10am and I think it was okay. Haha... manage to say about what I have prepared. Haha... my evaluator is Dr Roger Zimmermann, taught me in CS3230 before,

Last battle

What's left is the finals of the 4 modules I am completing this semester: MA3245, CS4271, QF3101 and ST1232.

* Make MA3245 helpsheet
* Submit HYP feedback
* Upload my HYP report into electronic digital library

April 26 looks very near now... and I don't think I have fully prepared for MA3245 finals. Trouble trouble... sweat sweat... haha... bah going to prepare my help sheet now.

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