Thursday, April 10, 2008

No more sore throat


Looks like the sore throat was the beginning of my illness. Haha... after I went to the doctor to get some medicine for my sore throat on Tuesday, I got headaches during lectures. Then cough and running nose followed on the next day. Thank God, I feel much better today, after a day of eating paracetamol yesterday.

Update on homework

Really thank God for the homework as I am finishing my lab assignment for CS4271. Not sure how much will I got, I did try my best to think for the solution, haha... I have submitted it onto the submission bin in IVLE le. Haha... now going to work on the library resource application and the poster. I have less than 2 weeks to do my poster because my presentation schedule is April 23, 9 - 11.30am. Need to work fast... so that I can give to my prof to have a look. Hehe... so my remaining schedule are:

April 23, 9-11.30am : Poster presentation
April 26, 9-11am : MA3245 Final
April 30, 5-7pm : CS4271 Final
May 5, 1-3pm : QF3101 Final
May 6, 5-7pm : ST1231 Final

Haha... after those... it's holiday. Haha... there goes my four years in NUS, tough, challenging and full of lessons learnt that my God has given me. Learning to depend on Him during the hard time is sure not an easy lesson, but it is a must. God is one who can take and give, in control of everything. Do you believe? I do. Haha...

Tenor C photo

That's a photo of my section in NUSHO, Tenor C or Cronets. Haha... once a cronet, always a cronet. Yeah... think my big "C" become a claw instead. Haha... oh... Grace, Niu Rui and Chiu Yee was doing our previous version of "C". My eyes may see wrongly, but Lareina, are you doing the "C" like everyone else or the one done by Grace, Niu Rui and Chiu Yee? Haha... or both?! Ooo... good luck to the 28th exco of NUSHO... help one another... don't forget the members and alumni are your supporters too... ask help from them too... haha...