Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tough past year papers == tough finals?

MA3245 Revision

Finally "gone" through all the tutorials of MA3245. Some questions are just so difficult to understand that I need to resort to the solutions repeatedly. I looked at the past year papers, which set by Dr. Oliver Chen... and it is harder than what I have expected. Haha... I expect I can at least answer one question completely after going through lecture notes and tutorials... but I can only do some parts of a question... well "do" as in... I at least understands what the question wants... not ensuring I know how to go about solving it.

Redoing tutorial 6, 7, 9 and 10 have been very depressing to me, because although I redid them not long ago, I still can't answer the questions when those tough questions appear in front of me again. Looks like I have not grasp the concept tightly... no confident at all. By looking at the past year papers, it depresses me more when I don't even understand what the questions want, not to say going about solving it... haha... solving for what? haha... this gonna be worse than CS2106... haha... anyway, still need to attempt them no matter what, at least a best shot... haha... so start after I wrote a draft script for my poster presentation tmr after church. Haha...

Vacation room stay

My vacation room stay is in R1 this time, block 4, lvl 4, room E. Hehe... wohoo.. that's my final residence of type C that I am going to stay in. Haha... have stayed in R4 (vacation), R5 (my 3rd year) and R6 (my 1st, 2nd and 4th years) till now, haha... R1 for vacation next... need to find a house outside quick... coz PGP gonna chase me out on 30 June. Haha... shoo shoo...

Dry cough

Thank God that my running nose no longer haunting me... still got dry cough... and TungNgie must be very frustrated by my cough... haha... very sorry... I doesn't mean it... hope I can get better soon... speaking of eating oranges... although I have 5 oranges in the fridge, I haven't start eating them... partly bcoz of the cough... haha... let's see if I can start (and remember) to eat tmr...

Deviation from revision

When the exams are near, I always tend to look for things other than revisions... like online comics, youtube, and... you can see me blog more often during exam period haha.... one thing that I found this time is a cartoon of 90's when I am still a young kid... "King Arthur and the knights of justice". Haha... found that on youtube. So... nono... will discipline myself not to watch it... or else I will not study.... cannot deviate from revision, haha...

My laptop is trying to discipline me too... because whenever I watch youtube for less than 1 minute, you can hear my latop's fan making a lot of noise... depicting "You better quit watching because I am about to reach my TURNOFF-point (CRAP: there's boiling point in chemistry, why not turnoff point in IT? Haha... )!"

Bah think that's all for now, going to off my laptop soon. Ciao!

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