Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Two rounds left

Second battle

Today's battle wasn't as tough as the first one, at least I can manage to do all the questions. Haha... luckily at the last few minutes, I managed to see some careless mistakes I made... so I quickly correct them. Anyway, thank God that this battle is over, coming up next is QF3101 and ST1232 and I expect them to be as challenging as the first battle. I looked through ST1232 previous semester's exam and I found that it is more like an English paper, well... like my General Studies paper 3 when I was in JIS, Brunei.


Will start revision tomorrow on QF3101, starting from reading lecture notes, do tutorials and past year papers. For QF3101, because it is the same lecturer as my previous semester's MA2222, so I think the most important thing is to really do a lot of past year paper and get used to his style of questions. Hehe... since ST1232 exam is directly a day after QF3101, fortunately I have finished its lecture notes beforehand, thus I can start doing its past year paper after I done with QF3101 revision. Haha... all in my Lord's hands. Continue to pray and depend on Him.

Examination timetable

So who's examination are next? Haha... LiChe has a paper on May 3 (coming Saturday) and looks like the sisters in UBD (University of Brunei Darussalam) are going to start their exam week on Monday, May 5 (same day as my QF3101 paper). Shee Yunn's exam starts on May 5, consecutively to May 10, except May 9. She has 2 papers on the same day for May 6. Other than that, all one paper per day. Let's see how's Yin Yee's exam timetable... woah... May 6 to May 8, May 10, May 12 and May 15. One paper per day, starting with Korean language. I will continue to pray for you all, hehe...

Dinner tonight

We went to chinatown, an open-air food court that has a lot of stalls... to have our dinner today. Pretty crowded, but thank God we managed to find a seat. LiChe got to drink her wanted soup anyway haha... and then we enjoyed the news and GAGs programme on the bus while we were on the way back. That's all haha... nothing more now and I shall be off to bed, start revision for QF3101 tomorrow. Cheers... hehe...

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