Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back in the city

Here I am again in Singapore, NUS PGP Blk 4 level 4 room E... after a week++ in Kuala Belait, although the stay in KB is short, it has been a great refreshing days, playing with my sis, chatting with my grandma and mum, driving in my dad's prado and giving thanks to my Lord for all the good cooked food at home...

What's next?

In the process of my laundry (waiting for the dryer), I have taken things out of my bags and put them in the original places... tomorrow... I shall go to LT26 technical helpdesk to get my laptop "checked" (hopefully replaced), go to bank to deposit in Brunei currency (so that I can use in Singapore) and lastly, getting the house key from the house owner during the evening (another trip to bedok...)

Pray that we can book a mover company to move our boxes on 30 May to the new house. May God continue to lead us through our life. My life is all in His hands and He has been bringing, changing and leading me all along... such a comfort to know that I have someone guiding me through my life... and it is not just anyone... but the one and only true God, the all-mighty God... no one can surpass Him, because He is the creator of all. Hehe... He's the alpha and omega, the first and the last. Hehe...

What's home?

My mother asked my bro and I last night whether we would call KB as home or treating Singapore as home now and KB is just a holiday place. Haha... to my bro and I, we treat them like... if we're in Singapore, then we treat KB as going back to KB... else if we're in KB, then we say we gg bk to Singapore, haha... this makes me ponder further... neither KB nor Singapore is home... heaven is the true home... haha...

Anyway, that's all for it and I won't be going back to KB again for at least, the next 3 months (probation months - can't take any leave). Haha... may all God's children continue to work according to God's will. Hehe...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Old vs New

Astro Movies

Wow, realize that Astro is back at my home, so I got "access" to HBO, Cinemax and Starmovie... and I seen quite a lot of movie haha... "Meet Joe Black", "The Hive", "Fly Away Home", etc.

New Laptop

This is a sad case... but luckily my new laptop has 3 yrs warranty. I can't switch it on in the airport when I was on the way back to KB. Strange... think the motherboard not working... the battery and power supply can't get it on too... so terrible... however, can only get it fixed when I return to Singapore... so just wait till 28/5. Haha...


Haha... it isn't me who is having exam... haha it's my little sister, TungCi. Haha... she has exam till 28/5. Haha... and... worst of all, she doesn't like to study... haha... I don't know how she can still watch tv calmly when her exam the next day. She didn't do well in her quarter-term exam... but she still doesn't buck up for this mid term exam. Haha... I wonder what she is thinking.


I bet we all hear or read about all the disasters happening around the world - Myanmar typhoon and China Si Chuan earthquake - that kills a lot of people and causing rising price of rice. So what can we tell from these disasters? It tells us that 2nd coming of Christ is approaching. Very near. So... brothers and sisters, quickly spread the gospel... time is running out...

Ok that's all for now.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nothing much at home

It has been quite some time that I have made an entry. Haha... because those few days in Singapore, I have sent my laptop for service... "It shuts down abruptly"... think it is the exhaust fan in my laptop. There are 3 fans and they only run as required. However, one of them can't move at all, so causing my laptop to get hot very quickly and then it shuts down itself.

The service center told me that they ordered the fan and it will only be available in June. However, they are not confirm whether it is the fan or the motherboard. Anyway, that would added $82.50 to the cost. So I decided to take it back, and think a cooling pad would be enough to keep the temperature down. Haha... (I haven't buy one)

That's all for now, haha a short one. Will go back on 28/5, get house key on 29/5 and then move house on 30/5. Haha... may God continue to bless His children.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Going to the next stage: Career

Last 2 exams

QF3101 final paper was hard to me... because think I am too stressed myself or I am just being proud and God wants me to realise that... because the moment I saw the paper, my mind went blank... can't think of anything... but I thank God that I managed to attempt 2 questions completely, 2 questions 3/4 done and a question 1/5 done. Haha... then after that... study for ST1232, that's today paper and... although not sure I'm on the right track or not, I managed to attempt all questions. Haha... thank God for all these.

LiChe still has one more on May 8 and sisters in UBD just started their exam week yesterday. SheeYunn will have her chemistry test and YinYee has inorganic chemistry if I am not wrong. Hahaha... will check it out later before I off to bed.

Prayers for brothers and sisters

Apart from praying for brothers and sisters having exams, have to continue to learn to pray for brothers and sisters, especially those who have families, have infants on hand. Just read sister Joan's blog and she is in great stress - handling an infant, a toddler and construction workers... wow... pray that God will overcome her stress, and she willing to put the trust on our Lord.

Holiday now... and I know I should not and will not spend my holiday (before I start my job) playing ps2. Hehe... keep myself to play at most one game per day. Then the rest of the days, give to my Lord for what He has brought me through all these years... haha... really thankful to Him. Without him, I won't be who I am now...

What's next?

Apart from commencement on July 15, need to start cleaning and packing my stuff because I am moving rooms ard May 12 I guess. Haha... so continue to trust in Him for He is all caring and loving. He is just and righteous too, not wanting His children to sin against Him. Everything is under His control. Won't you feel safe if you know that everything is under control by someone? That someone is related to everyone of us too... we learn His characters from His words (bible) and how glad we have such a guardian! Haha...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Before going to bed


I have done two past year papers now. After some discussions with TungNgie with some concepts and methods how to deal with some questions, I went back to correct my 1st pyp, then continue on with my 2nd pyp. Felt more confident after doing them, but it hasn't reach the stage that I can call "peace" or "rest assured" that I can slack tmr morning. Haha... somethings are not in the formula sheet, so I need to check them out and understand thoroughly (worst, memorise). Haha...

Lunch time in church

Today we had our lunch in church and it is such a good moment to have lunch together with brothers and sisters in Christ. Hehe... I like to see the children walking around, playing with one another... haha... today... because brother Eddie and sister Celina got something on, thus they need to leave after church, so we only have Keziah, Abel, Abigail and Timothy with us during lunch. Dawn went back with her parents too. Haha... a scene when Abigail and Timothy were "competing" to have a packet of biscuit, haha... when Timothy saw Abigail putting the packet to her mouth, finishing the bits I guess, he quickly shouted, "No!" Haha... then their mother took the packet from Abigail and let them share the bits of biscuit. Haha... then Timothy said, "Don't put the packet to your mouth, share." Haha...

Children grow so fast... now Keziah also know how to speak... "wet wet" when she saw wet floor in front of her. Then her grandma told her not to step into it. Haha... She walked all over the place... very active and energetic. Haha... thank God for all these moments. Oh ya, later Abigail went to tracting with us. Haha... this time, she brought a hat with her too, as it has been burning hot in Singapore... haha... but she took it off before we even reach our destination, haha...


We did block 45, totalled 13 levels and thank God that there are three persons who are willing to hear the gospel and brother Peter spread the gospel to them. Two of them believes. One say still need to consider. Haha... there were 6 of us: ZhenEn, LiChe, TungNgie, HongJan, brother Peter (and Abigail) and I. So we separated into two groups and went around asking whether the house owner (or anyone in the unit at that time) would want to accept our invitation pamphlets. Hehe... may God work on those who willing to accept the pamphlets, open their heart, so that they are willing to come to hear your gospel. Haha...

Brother Peter shared with us his experience of tracting long long time ago. Haha... he said that there was a case that a man came all the way to our church (our brothers and sisters returned to the church to have a rest after tracting) to return us the pamphlets and scolded the brothers and sisters. Woah... so garang... this case, brother Peter was in the washroom... when he got out, the man had left. It was other brothers and sisters who told the incident to him. Another case is what he experience... he said once he passed the pamphlets to a child.. the child, with the pamphlet, ran inside, think calling his parents... then... his angry father came out and threw the pamphlets at Peter and slammed the door close... woah... what an experience... so he has to pick up all the pamphlets. I thank the Lord that we have not been discouraged by all these incidents, but more strive and determine to spread His word to the ends of the world. Peter remains guiding us for our tracting sessions. I have to thank the Lord because I have not meet with such a case. Even when one day I met such a case, there's more I should thank the Lord (because I didn't get sued or killed for that? Haha...).

Going off to bed

I am amazed that TungNgie really go do all (some are non examined, so skipped) examinable questions from the 11 tutorials... haha I only did till tutorial 7 when I gave up and just look at the questions with the solutions... and... semi-try them. Haha... anyway I thank God for all those he brings unto me. Haha... good night... hehe... rest well for tomorrow's 1pm paper!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Last 2 rounds won't be easy

Comfort Zone

I have been in "comfort zone" last night because the tutorials I am dealt with are all contents that is set in midterm, thus I have practiced them the third time, no wonder they are all so familiar. However, I have came out of the zone this morning, dealing with tutorials on those not included for the midterm and I found them hard to understand, after not touching the modules at all for the past few weeks. Only then I realise... this paper QF3101 is not going to be easy... and it can't be handled by just mere practice... understanding the concepts and questions have been the most difficult part doing the tutorials.

Moreover, I have been busy with my HYP during those point of time when the lecturer was teaching on this part... but they are not excuses... I still have to face it during exam and... there I go... sin again... haiz... trying to get myself calm down, pray to Him, ask for guidance, listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and not to be distracted by the worldly stuff... Haha...

Food in PGP

I realise the food in PGP has increased in price again this week (maybe started from last week?) and I have no reason why... the price here I would have regard as expensive (for students) and they further increase it... and I think the price here is the same as prices outside campus by now. Will the increase in price make the food better? No... it just that the vendors want to earn more. Some didn't increase charge... but give a less portion. Very strangely, I feel that there's no control for the food cost in PGP, it just keep on going up and up. No survey asking the students how's the food, how's the pricing like OED rarely done with other canteens in NUS. I think the survey will be redundant for they know the students will comment "too expensive"... however, nothings done to deal with that even if the owner of the canteen has known about this. Food prices increases by the vendors could be caused by the increase in rent. Then the owner of the canteen should be blamed... not only he/she/they know that students will complain the food price is expensive, he/she/they happily increase the rent... trying to earn more from the vendors, indirectly the students... haiz... can't do anything to change the situation... hehe... what can I say if the hostel fee is increasing too over the next few half-years.

Craps for non-Singaporean juniors

Sad juniors from foreign countries... they all need to be richer to study in NUS now... I bet the current 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students, after realising the high flying charges in Singapore will feel some sense of being cheated... so what I can suggest before going to the final year is... go join NUS overseas college and student exchange programme, so that you make use of your time in NUS to do travelling, haha... dun care abt the result la... pia at the last semester... or do more internship... the working force outside prefer working experience than good result, so long you can get a degree (no matter what class it is)... if you have no working experience but first class honours, you will probably get a job with the same salary as someone who got no work experience with just mere bachelor. Haha... unless you love research and want to do more research... I don't have to say that, you need good result for supervisors to believe that you really like research. Haha... if you have poor result, even if you have all the enthu to do research, no one will believe you... haha... then you can do your research in your own home then, ={D

That's all the craps for now, haha... ciao... back to my revision...

Friday, May 02, 2008

QF3101 tutorials


The title spoke for me what I have been doing the whole day... but I still haven't finish them yet... there's 11 tutorials and I am in tutorial 6... very slow huh... hmm tomorrow is Saturday, meaning Monday (5/5) is very near... my mood to continue with these tutorials starts diminuending... want to go fast track to the past year paper le... haha... feel like not enough time to do the past year papers le...


Hmm wow this playlist is very long... I combine all those songs by various artists into one playlists, start playing ard 8am... till now it hasn't end... I had left it on when I went for my lunch or washroom as well. Haha... ahh... now it reaches its final section of the song I think, hehe... window media player shows that the total time is 11++ hrs. Haha... wow...


I am watching some online newspaper from and TODAYonline (just google for it, I forgot the link). Realize that people has became so inhuman now... an example is a man in Austrian who caged his daughter for 24 yrs... in the while raped and tortured her... have 7 children with her... that's the most inhuman crime I ever heard of.

Bah that's all for now. Going for dinner now, ciao!