Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Going to the next stage: Career

Last 2 exams

QF3101 final paper was hard to me... because think I am too stressed myself or I am just being proud and God wants me to realise that... because the moment I saw the paper, my mind went blank... can't think of anything... but I thank God that I managed to attempt 2 questions completely, 2 questions 3/4 done and a question 1/5 done. Haha... then after that... study for ST1232, that's today paper and... although not sure I'm on the right track or not, I managed to attempt all questions. Haha... thank God for all these.

LiChe still has one more on May 8 and sisters in UBD just started their exam week yesterday. SheeYunn will have her chemistry test and YinYee has inorganic chemistry if I am not wrong. Hahaha... will check it out later before I off to bed.

Prayers for brothers and sisters

Apart from praying for brothers and sisters having exams, have to continue to learn to pray for brothers and sisters, especially those who have families, have infants on hand. Just read sister Joan's blog and she is in great stress - handling an infant, a toddler and construction workers... wow... pray that God will overcome her stress, and she willing to put the trust on our Lord.

Holiday now... and I know I should not and will not spend my holiday (before I start my job) playing ps2. Hehe... keep myself to play at most one game per day. Then the rest of the days, give to my Lord for what He has brought me through all these years... haha... really thankful to Him. Without him, I won't be who I am now...

What's next?

Apart from commencement on July 15, need to start cleaning and packing my stuff because I am moving rooms ard May 12 I guess. Haha... so continue to trust in Him for He is all caring and loving. He is just and righteous too, not wanting His children to sin against Him. Everything is under His control. Won't you feel safe if you know that everything is under control by someone? That someone is related to everyone of us too... we learn His characters from His words (bible) and how glad we have such a guardian! Haha...