Saturday, May 03, 2008

Last 2 rounds won't be easy

Comfort Zone

I have been in "comfort zone" last night because the tutorials I am dealt with are all contents that is set in midterm, thus I have practiced them the third time, no wonder they are all so familiar. However, I have came out of the zone this morning, dealing with tutorials on those not included for the midterm and I found them hard to understand, after not touching the modules at all for the past few weeks. Only then I realise... this paper QF3101 is not going to be easy... and it can't be handled by just mere practice... understanding the concepts and questions have been the most difficult part doing the tutorials.

Moreover, I have been busy with my HYP during those point of time when the lecturer was teaching on this part... but they are not excuses... I still have to face it during exam and... there I go... sin again... haiz... trying to get myself calm down, pray to Him, ask for guidance, listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and not to be distracted by the worldly stuff... Haha...

Food in PGP

I realise the food in PGP has increased in price again this week (maybe started from last week?) and I have no reason why... the price here I would have regard as expensive (for students) and they further increase it... and I think the price here is the same as prices outside campus by now. Will the increase in price make the food better? No... it just that the vendors want to earn more. Some didn't increase charge... but give a less portion. Very strangely, I feel that there's no control for the food cost in PGP, it just keep on going up and up. No survey asking the students how's the food, how's the pricing like OED rarely done with other canteens in NUS. I think the survey will be redundant for they know the students will comment "too expensive"... however, nothings done to deal with that even if the owner of the canteen has known about this. Food prices increases by the vendors could be caused by the increase in rent. Then the owner of the canteen should be blamed... not only he/she/they know that students will complain the food price is expensive, he/she/they happily increase the rent... trying to earn more from the vendors, indirectly the students... haiz... can't do anything to change the situation... hehe... what can I say if the hostel fee is increasing too over the next few half-years.

Craps for non-Singaporean juniors

Sad juniors from foreign countries... they all need to be richer to study in NUS now... I bet the current 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students, after realising the high flying charges in Singapore will feel some sense of being cheated... so what I can suggest before going to the final year is... go join NUS overseas college and student exchange programme, so that you make use of your time in NUS to do travelling, haha... dun care abt the result la... pia at the last semester... or do more internship... the working force outside prefer working experience than good result, so long you can get a degree (no matter what class it is)... if you have no working experience but first class honours, you will probably get a job with the same salary as someone who got no work experience with just mere bachelor. Haha... unless you love research and want to do more research... I don't have to say that, you need good result for supervisors to believe that you really like research. Haha... if you have poor result, even if you have all the enthu to do research, no one will believe you... haha... then you can do your research in your own home then, ={D

That's all the craps for now, haha... ciao... back to my revision...

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