Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nothing much at home

It has been quite some time that I have made an entry. Haha... because those few days in Singapore, I have sent my laptop for service... "It shuts down abruptly"... think it is the exhaust fan in my laptop. There are 3 fans and they only run as required. However, one of them can't move at all, so causing my laptop to get hot very quickly and then it shuts down itself.

The service center told me that they ordered the fan and it will only be available in June. However, they are not confirm whether it is the fan or the motherboard. Anyway, that would added $82.50 to the cost. So I decided to take it back, and think a cooling pad would be enough to keep the temperature down. Haha... (I haven't buy one)

That's all for now, haha a short one. Will go back on 28/5, get house key on 29/5 and then move house on 30/5. Haha... may God continue to bless His children.

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