Saturday, May 24, 2008

Old vs New

Astro Movies

Wow, realize that Astro is back at my home, so I got "access" to HBO, Cinemax and Starmovie... and I seen quite a lot of movie haha... "Meet Joe Black", "The Hive", "Fly Away Home", etc.

New Laptop

This is a sad case... but luckily my new laptop has 3 yrs warranty. I can't switch it on in the airport when I was on the way back to KB. Strange... think the motherboard not working... the battery and power supply can't get it on too... so terrible... however, can only get it fixed when I return to Singapore... so just wait till 28/5. Haha...


Haha... it isn't me who is having exam... haha it's my little sister, TungCi. Haha... she has exam till 28/5. Haha... and... worst of all, she doesn't like to study... haha... I don't know how she can still watch tv calmly when her exam the next day. She didn't do well in her quarter-term exam... but she still doesn't buck up for this mid term exam. Haha... I wonder what she is thinking.


I bet we all hear or read about all the disasters happening around the world - Myanmar typhoon and China Si Chuan earthquake - that kills a lot of people and causing rising price of rice. So what can we tell from these disasters? It tells us that 2nd coming of Christ is approaching. Very near. So... brothers and sisters, quickly spread the gospel... time is running out...

Ok that's all for now.

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