Friday, May 02, 2008

QF3101 tutorials


The title spoke for me what I have been doing the whole day... but I still haven't finish them yet... there's 11 tutorials and I am in tutorial 6... very slow huh... hmm tomorrow is Saturday, meaning Monday (5/5) is very near... my mood to continue with these tutorials starts diminuending... want to go fast track to the past year paper le... haha... feel like not enough time to do the past year papers le...


Hmm wow this playlist is very long... I combine all those songs by various artists into one playlists, start playing ard 8am... till now it hasn't end... I had left it on when I went for my lunch or washroom as well. Haha... ahh... now it reaches its final section of the song I think, hehe... window media player shows that the total time is 11++ hrs. Haha... wow...


I am watching some online newspaper from and TODAYonline (just google for it, I forgot the link). Realize that people has became so inhuman now... an example is a man in Austrian who caged his daughter for 24 yrs... in the while raped and tortured her... have 7 children with her... that's the most inhuman crime I ever heard of.

Bah that's all for now. Going for dinner now, ciao!

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