Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Wednesday

How's work?

Yes, 4th week of my work and (jolly, I thought that my last post was 3 weeks ago, but after I checked, it was just 1 week ago, haha...) thank my Lord that He has been keeping us busy. Haha... we got some style in WPF to work fine and then moving on to finish our SAD document for our parts... now the implementation of it. Haha... most of our code is "following" colleagues' codes and I really thank God for that because these codes sure complex to understand... speaking of inversion of control, service dependency, injection construction... oh boy... how these theories... although I read (learn) about them online, I can't possibly understand all these things.. theories and ideas...

Prayer Night

Thank God for tonight's prayer meeting. Haha... Brother Hock Lee shared with us Psalm 25:15-22. He mentioned that God didn't promise a safe journey even after we have accepted the salvation. The bible also says that we will face trouble in this world. Truly... we all experience that. We know that God will protect us, God will give us strength to live through, God will bring us through... Yes, God can! But... many times, we are actually not welcoming His help eventhough He can help us... so we have to seek God, pray to God and get near to God. He is there for us... the bible says... those who seek will find Him.

From the Psalm 25:15-22, we saw that the psalmist has some sufferings that only God can save him.

1. Loneliness - Many times, after a person became a Christian, he lost all his friends... so he became lonely... he will go back to his old self if he didn't realise God is there with him. God will not leave us, conversely, He wants to be with us... He wants us to get near to Him... so remember Him when you feel lonely.

2. Bound by sin - Sin has been bounding the psalmist. It is pointless to tell your sin to any human being, they can't save (cleanse) you anyway... only God can. Keeping your sin in yourselves is deadly too, because it affects your relationship with God... the sin will cause you lost concentration in reading God's word or praying to God. So you have to set your heart, and kneel before the Lord, ask for His repentance.

3. Bear the world's hatred - The bible says that the world is not a friend of God. Those who are a friend of the world is an enemy of God. Refer to James 4:4. Haha... eventhough the world hate us, we must continue to spread the gospel to them. May they also have the chance to be a blessed people like us... hehe...

Well, I have summarised the points, it will good if you can come to the prayer meeting yourselves to hear the message. Haha... pray that God's word continue to work in our life. Hehe...

After we prayed, my brother and I talked with a brother (sorry I don't know his name) and we have a long discussion, haha... on all sorts of things... haha... pray that God brings every brothers and sisters safely home. Haha...

Only Wednesday I would stay up so late... because waiting for my hair to dry (bath after back from prayer meeting). Haha... has been feeling a bit sore throat these two days. Pray that God continue to heal me and I'll be better off tomorrow. Also pray that God also heals those brothers and sisters who are sick - some examples - family of Brother Hock Lee, Dr Chua and Pastor Huang.

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