Saturday, June 14, 2008

Teen Youth Camp 11-14/6

First Job - 2 weeks

Yes, I have worked for 2 weeks now and I thank God for continue to pull my bro and I through the two weeks. We have been studying the product specs and making a test plan for the product (a way for us to get a better understanding of what our team is doing). We realized that the product is using some framework and tools that we have not learnt in NUS before, thus we need to pick it up ourselves... self learn with the Internet. It isn't easy after all... doze off while reading... haha...

Yesterday we just got our "todo" tasks... haha... will get on to it as soon as possible because there are milestones (in other word, DEADline!). Haha... here are some pictures of me in the office... my brother sits beside me in the office. Haha, he is the one taking the photo for me.

Sorry for my messy hair there, just reach office after a walk from home. Haha... it is a nice working environment... except that I think it is cold, haha...

Teen Youth Camp

The camp has three theme messages: 11/6 evening, 12/6 morning and 12/6 evening. We didn't went for 11/6 evening and can't possibly attend 12/6 morning one, thus we only attend 12/6 evening. The campsite is in PGP in NUS... the place where my bro and I have lived 4 years. Haha... The theme of the camp is "Not I But Christ". Yes, this is a very important lesson all Christians must learn.

I didn't take down notes for this message, so it is all from my memory... forgive me if you find there's broken parts, haha... the speaker shared with us how "Not I But Christ" applied to decision making. He used a lot of stories to illustrate his points. "Press the pause button" when there's a decision to make... stop and pray to the Lord to ask for His guidance. Our Lord knows the best for us... even better than we know ourselves.

An example he gave to illustrate that some people don't believe what they are saying. There's an event where a man walked on the rope to cross a large river. Large means the length of crossing from one bank of the river to the other bank. There's a huge crowd watching this... the man walked the rope... he crossed the river on the rope, then turned, walk back the rope again successfully. The crowd goes wild, cheer loudly for him. The man picked up an umbrella and a suitcase, started his challenge again... once again, he succeed. The crowd give him a loud cheer as well. He then told his crowd that his next challenge is to play violin while walking the rope. He ask whether he should do it or not. The crowd supported him and give him a loud cheer. He did it again... playing a nice tune on the violin while crossing the river on the rope and returning with another tune. Wow... he then offers another challenge, he is going to balance a person on the chair and cross the river. The crowd saw what he has done for the past three challenges. They gave a great cheer... saying "Go ahead! We believe you can do it!" The man brought a chair and asked... "I need a volunteer!" and what did you notice? the crowd went into silence... no one volunteers... anyone can hear the sound of a golden pin drop... haha... does the story convey the message - people don't believe in what they are saying.

Hmm... oh no... my memory is not working very well now... the conclusion is that when you want to make a decision, pause and pray to God, ask for His advice. Haha... that's all for now... if I do remember, I will include them in future posts. Haha...

The camp came to an end today... and I heard from TungLieng that everyone has enjoyed themselves yesterday night during their Family Night where each of the "dorm" requires to perform an act. Haha... anyway, we all need to pray for all the campers that they don't forget what God has spoken to them through the speaker, willing to live a life that God pleased... the end of the camp doesn't mean the end of living a life that God pleased... this requires a lot of praying because it is not natural for us to pursue after God's word (it is natural for our spiritual life to feel thristy for God's work), i.e. there are many obstacles that hinder us from drawing near to our Lord. Haha... pray that the campers (full-time or part-time) are able to apply what they heard from God onto their life. Haha... may God continue to bless and teach His children the right way.

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Tang said...

yea, sure guess those ppl in ty camp enjoy themselves... heh

hope the 2nd and 3rd generation can grow in their faith... well, hope kids in christian families get to grow spiritually as they face less persecution compare to those born in non-christian families.