Thursday, June 19, 2008

Working in my third week

All glory to my Lord

It's almost the end of my third week working. Time flies very fast. Haha... yes, all glory to my Lord because He cares, He guides and He disciplines all His children, whether good or naughty. Haha... I thank my Lord for today, my brother and I got our first praise from our team leader that we did a fairly good job. Haha... I can't post what we did on the blog because it's confidential. Haha.. but I thank my Lord once I received the praise. It is God all along who gives us the wisdom, patience, faith and trust.

Things don't stop there, haha... and do not be proud. Be thankful always and continue to trust in my Lord for all things... whether good or bad. He is God, one who can give and one who can take. Yes, He is my Lord and my savior. I am glad that I did not bring shame to His name.


Haha... although I have been in the Lord's house for more than 10 years, I have not been baptised yet. Yes, it is time that I am giving this baptism a great thought. Am I willing to sacrifice for my Lord? Am I willing to bear my own cross and follow my Lord? Etc... These are the questions that comes out to my mind when I think about whether should I go for baptism. Haha...

Anyway, dinner time, haha... Mmmmm...=)

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