Monday, July 21, 2008

First meat dish

Church General Cleaning

I thought I have written in one of the posts before that I missed both of my churches' general cleaning day, but after I heard about last week's announcement, I realised that I have not miss the Geylang one. Hehe... so it was a great afternoon cleaning the church. Like previous years, TungNgie and I usually responsible for two big windows downstair. Haha... too bad TungLieng got project to finish, thus he didn't join us for the cleaning, but I am glad that he came early for bible study yesterday. Hehe... may God continue to guide him.

Hmm... anyone knows what's the address of Monica's blog? She took quite a number of photos I guess (I wanted to steal from her website) and she took a video clip of our cleaning... haha... anyway, it's so great to serve our God, and brothers and sisters. Thank God for giving us the diligence to clean His house, so that we (the users) can enjoy the clean environment. Haha...

Dinner for Monday

It is a mystery everyday during our working hours what's for dinner. Haha... after our work, we went to NTUC to buy some meats, (can't have hotdog all the time, though it is so easy to prepare) and fishballs. Hehe... TungNgie cooked today... chicken (thanks TungNgie) + tauge, campbell soup and whompok + crabstick... haha... haiz... I thought the whompok will shrink, thus I left it quite big for TungNgie to cook haha... he found that out later... after he put in the veggie into the wok. Haha... silly him, shud tell me so that I can chop them down again, haha... but anyway, it's good... and we have a full dinner... the rice is to the right amount this time... and no half porridge half rice this time, hehe... see... practice makes perfect! Haha...

Master of Computing

There's an introduction for graduate programme by SoC on Aug 2 in Suntec City, hehe... so am I going for part time master course? Well, will pray about this and let God guide us... hmm unfortunately LiChe is returning to Singapore on that day too... so wonder what TungNgie's plan for that day. Haha... (I'm just following... and be the light bulb, haha... hey, I always think of finding a photo of we 3 - LiChe, TungNgie and me, then I replace my head with a light bulb, haha... just for fun... hehe)

Anyway, I think my grandfather is very keen that we 2 go on to take master. Haha...

Lost Oppurtunity

Did I lose my oppurtunity to spread gospel to my family members during their stay with us? Hmm... to some extent, I think I really did... although I have given a book to my father, hope that he will read, and manage to know about the salvation that God has prepared for everyone of us... anyway, what I can do now is pray... and encourage my mum and sister, who are at home, be a good testimony for God... so that my father can be saved through them, haha...

This Sunday's service, the speaker talked about Mr. Muller, who has prayed non-stop, eagerly, for his 5 unconverted friends... after x years, one of them converted, Mr. Muller thanks God and continue to pray for other 4. After y years, another converted. Mr. Muller thanks God again, and continue to pray for other 3. Then on zth years, 3 of his friends are converted. He thanks God and pray for the other 2. However, these two only believes after Mr. Muller has prayed for them for 52 years. (I put x, y and z because I can't remember, =P oopz...) I am astonished by the determination of Mr. Muller and his love for his friends. I have to ask myself... did I pray to that extent for my friends? I can only look down and say 'no' sadly... but God told me not to stop there... a single word 'no' and no actions is useless... but to reconcile and start praying for my friends' salvation is a way to do God's will.


Hmm trying to make an artwork out of this picture:

Maybe cut diagonally and make it a background? Haha... anyway, that box is empty, it just looked good... trapezium shape. Don't know who has left an empty box in my house. Haha... I have never seen the stuff that should be in it. Haha... so I just put up for fun la. Haha...

Have been doing WPF (Window Presentation Foundation) and C# in my workplace. I don't know how to grade easy or hard for WPF... haha... we only learned it in two weeks (we didn't learn this in uni) and after that, just trial and error and... "MAKE IT WORK" that's all! Haha... it needs 2 brains to think for 1 day before we completed a progress spinner and fixed a date picker. Haha... but I found it fun sometimes... when the result is what you want. Haha... I thank God for the help He has given us... without Him, we can't possibly complete our jobs! Haha... may my God be glorified in all ways!

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Tang said...

hey... it is chicken with tauge... not pork -_-||