Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm graduated!

One Packed House

My family was here attending my brother's and my commencement on 7 and 15 July, which is one week apart... thus they need to stay here for more than a week... we thought that they won't want to live in our house because, to them, it'll be far away from the MRT and it has no air con... well... no problem at all... they really lived in my house (thus there's 5 of them... + we 2 + TungLieng who came in to 抽热闹 = 8 persons)... to my surprise... they managed to get themselves some place to sleep... and to enjoy during our working hours (we 2 need to go to work and Lieng went to school in the morning)... my parents went shopping after they discovered how easy to take a bus (just outside my block) to MRT... my grandfather shopped around here for food (now he knows here better than we 2)... he is the first one to cook in our kitchen... next... my cousin who came along with his mum... he kept himself entertained with our PS2... haha... my aunt managed to get wirelessly online sometimes, to read her novels online on her MacBook. Hehe... her MacBook looks cool. Haha...

Yes it is packed... but the food is nice... I ate alot... not sure how much kg I have gained... but after I checked with the weight machine... hmm I didn't gain much (good news, isn't it?)... then I read from the newspaper that drinking cold water in a cold environment burn calories... hmm maybe that's the reason... because I have been drinking cold water at my work place that is air conditioned. Haha...


Here are some photos that I took with my parents, grandfather and TungLieng... sorry TungNgie... he didn't get a leave that day (so do I for his commencement)

Don't worry, maybe we photoshop TungNgie in for some photos then I put it up again. Oopz I realise I don't have MSN Space anymore, so I'll see if I can put it into my Google Picasa as a slideshow over on the my sidebar. Haha...

Planned for Saturday?

Looks like I got a few things to do... or choose to do on the coming Saturday: Cut hair? Bring my dinosaur to service center? A trip to the bank? Haha... it's useless for us to plan ahead... but trust in the Lord for everything... hehe... let us all learn to sanctify ourselves from the evildoers... do what God likes... avoid what God dislikes... gather treasures in heaven... hehe... that's all for now.

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