Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sharing some photos

Home-cooked pictures

I am not intending to make a slideshow of our home-cooked dishes and put on the sidebar. Haha... so was gonna put here. Hehe...I'll add some description for each pic. Hehe...

This is the first dinner on Wednesday when my parents, grandfather, auntie and cousin all went back to Brunei. Well this is actually easy because it is basically like heating the stuff, they are already cooked.

This is the 2nd night... TungNgie cooked cabbage and hot dogs, haha... hmm but then we feel that the hot dog is "safer" by toasting them in the toaster. Haha... then the rice is from yesterday one... Haha... we had the dinner with fruit drinks.
So on Friday

We dabao from downstair, rice + 1 meat + 1 veggie. Then I cook a dish - cabbage. Haha... wow... 2 days of cabbage already. Haha... here's the prove!

Hahaha... k... moving on... Saturday night dinner - cabbage (mixed with Whompok because not enuf cabbage le) and Whompok soup by TungNgie, hot dog toasted with the toaster to jumbo size (overheated, lucky no chaoda)

Oh ya, we even cooked rice ourselves this time, but TungNgie put a bit too much water... so haha... thus we have a half porridge half rice. Haha.. nevermind, try harder, will make it one day! Haha... think there's all for my home-cooked dinner for the past... 4 days, from Wednesday to Saturday. Haha... tmr a new week!

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