Friday, August 22, 2008

Firework Friday

Firework at NDP Venue

Today I went with Clifton, ChongMing (Clifton's friend, not sure if I got the spelling right), Monica, ZhenZhen and my bro TungNgie to a place opposite to the Marina Bay floating platform, where the NDP 08 is held on August 9. We can see the floating platform, though small and dark at night. The fireworks were sure wonderful and we had an excellent time watching the amazing firework, which sponsored by France (heard from Clifton). Clifton, ChongMing and Monica were busy taking shots with their nice-techy camera, ZhenZhen used Monica's digital camera to take a 13 minutes video while TungNgie and I just watched at the fireworks.

The fireworks are pretty good and I had a nicer spot this time, compared to two years before when my friends and I tried very hard to find a place to look at the fireworks near the esplanade. This time I am far from esplanade and not as crowded as previous occasion. Haha...

Light travels faster than sound, haha... apart from thinking about lightning and thunder, now I can add fireworks to my example, haha... when the big fire-flower exploded at its height, I can only hear its exploding sound after a second, haha... it is like watching tv where the show and its audio are not synchronize. Haha...

Weekends tomorrow

Oh yes, weekends tomorrow, which means the week has ended. It is so fast to think that time really flies. Thank God for all these days that I may continue to walk in His will. I have not received the letter, whether it is an acceptance or rejection, from ICA regarding my application of PR. Pray that I will receive it soon, or God gives me the courage (and my call manage to get through) so that I can find out about my status.

Our product is going to release soon but our teams are behind schedule, in terms of testings. Our company is very strict on testing, as you know, that it doesn't want to appear bad in front of customers, right? Haha... especially when my company aims to become "Global Number One". Haha...

TungLieng will sit for his last paper of the semester on next Monday and pray that He does not forget about God's will for him. May he willing to take God's word seriously. I thank God that my friend Jiaen is willing to come for Saturday's evangelistic meetings, and he is asking another friend of ours, Cherchin, whom I am also inviting, to come with him. Hehe... I still need to pray for them, if God allows, hope they can come for other days as well. Haha... I will try my best to attend all the meetings. Will continue to pray for Kahying and Changkiat, pray that they are willing to come for any of the meetings. Haha... though Changkiat told me that he may not make it.

Emailing gospel

Considering to email my friends regarding my testimony for my Lord and the gospel. Not by my own words, but straight from God, hehe... we need not beautify God's word, because His word already contains the power. My target audience would be my father, my relatives and my friends. English or chinese, pray God grant me the wisdom to write these emails.

Biography of George Muller

Have been reading George Muller's biography (in chinese, thus it is quite tough to read the name of towns and people he visited or met), and found that it is very interesting to see how God's work in his life. His life, church and the three orphanges are not wealthy at all. A lot of time, I read that it is God who provided them the money to buy food, clothes and education materials. I have also read that Mr. Muller and his brothers and sisters in Christ remains to be faithful in God even when they were facing a financial crisis. They prayed non-stop, and encouraged one-another to remain faithful in God. In the end, God provided them all. I am so touched when I read one of the brothers or sisters who donated money to Mr. Muller's orphanage at the right time. God has His own time and we have no right to hurry God, because He is our creator. I felt so happy that I have such a caring and righteous God... one who cares about me, and one who never leave me no matter how bad I am.

Many times, when we are in a terrible situation, we thought God is not with us, or we took God as the last resort when we sought for help. It isn't like that actually. God shows forth His power when we remains faithful in Him during such terrible situation, and only then we can witness His power and strength, and thus we can thank God for that. He does not leave us when we are in difficult situation... continue to seek Him and He will provide an escape route for us. He has been speaking to your hearts, but can you hear? His voice is soft, thus we have to be calm to listen. If we are using our own way to solve a problem, just like looking for an escape path ourselves, rather than listening to God's soft-spoken voice in your heart. We will eventuall lose our way if we had taken our own ways.

Ok, I think that's all for now. Thank God for the lessons and I will continue to read the book. Haha... till I finish it of course. Haha... good night!

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