Saturday, August 02, 2008

Had a break from programming

Home programming

About this program tha my bro and I have been developing for the one week, we has finally done at least the skeleton of it... the pictures and the words are there, yea! Now, the audio and making some exercises (e.g. multiple choice? drag-n-drop feature?) , haha... the audio is alright, as we have tested that it can work before we start off the project, haha... but the drag n drop feature is a pretty hard one to add... we'll see about that... the multiple choice exercises should be ok, but we have to come out with the questions, answers, choices and the mechanism behind choosing the questions. Haha... so next version, R1.02.

Home cooked dishes

I have put up a slideshow on my sidebar on the photos that TungNgie took for our home cooked dishes. Haha... however, I haven't add in the captions for them... I'm pretty lazy to do that though. Haha...

This is our last home-cooked dinner. There are two bowls of rice, a dish of meat + veggie and a dish that should be an omelette, mushroom omelette to be precise. Haha... the former is cooked by TungNgie and the latter me. Haha... so happy. Haha... a clearer view:

TungNgie is so nice to take a closer picture for all of you... and you see... it is a mushroom omelette. I'm not lying. Haha... still learning...

Spiritual lesson learnt from cooking

You must be wondering, wow, what can I learn from that? Well, it is because I am very scare of the "jumping" oil, when the oil is heated and some dips of water dropped into it... the oil started to "jump", haha... then I learnt that if I wanna cook, I just have to hang on, work through those pain (when "they" hit onto your hands), haha... yea true... if we want to spread the gospel and do this great commission from the Lord, we need to face people's rejection (or scolding perhaps) bravely. Hehe... pray for these people who rejected God's word. Hehe... yea, so then, that's one lesson. Always depend on my Lord.

Other than that, I just played my NBA Live 2004, a good game... then went on to play a RPG game that I had stopped for a long time ( > 6 months). Haha... that's all for now. What a "playing" afternoon (+ evening) I have today... haha... anyway... moving on to the next phase of programming after the "break". Haha...

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