Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Testimony

My family

I thank God that I am borned in a wealthy family, not lack of food, clothes and shelter. I thank God I do not have a broken family. I have a twin brother, a little brother and a little sister. Although my family isn't a Christian family (where both parents are Christians), I thank God my mother is a Christian and my father does not object my mother to bring us to church, where we learnt about Christ Jesus and the salvation the One and Only God has prepared for everyone of us.

I thank God for my family and I continue to pray that God will open my dad's heart and willing to accept Christ as his personal saviour too.

My grown-up place

I grew up in a small town in Brunei, Kuala Belait. It's a peaceful town, and not much activities though. I thank God for that because night activities can be sinful temptations. Hehe... I thank God for my church, Christ Fellowship Church, KB. I start to get interested about the bible, because it contains a lot of interesting stories, especially the one on a pair of twins - Esau and Jacob. You can guess why, because I am myself have a twin brother. In this story, I heard about how Jacob tricked his brother and father (Isaac) with the help of his mother (Rebecca). At that point, my Sunday School teacher explained to us what's sin. She also told us how Jacob escaped from his brother, and how God has protected him during his runaway.

Then I start to know about who God is, what sin is and so on. More and more, I became interested in the stories in the bible. I learnt about Jesus Christ and the salvation he has completed for us by sacrificing on the cross and so on as well. I recognised myself as sinner, and willing to accept Him as my personal savior. However, for all these, I kept them in my brain. As I grow, I thought my faith in my Lord has grown too. Due to my non-lacking lifestyle in KB, I do not experience any hardship (except when studying for exam, I felt that's the worst thing in life then), my faith is not tested and I have not realise how weak my faith is till when the time came...

Test of my faith

I thank my Lord for my "sudden"-good result, haha... just joking, at that time, I know I need to study hard for my Lord, thus I put myself through for my secondary school. In Brunei, it is Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3 for lower secondary and Form 4, 5 for upper secondary. I completed my lower secondary with good results (better than I was in primary school)... and I believe what happened next is really His wonderful plan... my brother TungNgie got an ASEAN scholarship to pursue his education in Singapore. My parents, in order to keep my bro company, sent me out too, even when I failed to get the scholarship and didn't get in the same school as my bro. I went to a neighbourhood school near TungNgie's school (arranged by Singapore's MOE)... and I thank the Lord that the RI Boarding School (where TungNgie is arranged to live in) boarding master was kind enough to let me stay with my brother. Yes, it is indeed a God bless and it was the start of our test... of my faith (our faith to be precise).

Away from our non-lacking lifestyle, here comes the lacking lifestyle, we felt like our parents had threw us out of the house, left us both alone in Singapore to ... "suffer" haha... yes, my brother felt the same way. At that time, I threw all I know about this Almighty God at the back of my brain. We cried every night before sleep (for the first week)... because we missed our home, our family and all the "fun" things at home... how weak is our faith. Haha...

I thank God that He has arranged Brother Hock Lee here in Singapore, serving in one of the church... and it is the church we are serving now too, hehe... the Fishermen church of Christ Fellowship (if I have not written the name wrongly, I know in short is FCF), haha... he brought us to the church in Geylang. Our Sunday School teacher was Brother Anson.

Every Sunday, we would need to take MRT from Bishan to Aljunied (the nearest MRT station to the church)... yes, we think it is very far -.-"... In KB, we have cars... here in Singapore, no cars... only got bus 11 (our human legs)... Brother Anson would call every Saturday night, asking us whether we will be coming on Sunday.

Yes, this is the most rememberable event... the phone call every Saturday night... after a year been to the church, we became lazy... we are not used to the chinese-to-english translation or english-to-chinese translation during the service... as like all teenagers, we felt that it is boring... we didn't know the exact meaning of worship afterall... we tried to escape the phone call a year attending the church... we asked our friends, non Christians, to help us take the phone call, and told Brother Anson over the line that we were not in. What a lier we are... and my non Christian friends witnessed all this... they must be thinking, "Wow, Christians are the same like us! Great, let's go for fun, or party, or study for our exam, etc"... haha...

That's the worst fall of my life... eventhough we always ask our friend to take the phone call, Brother Anson just never stop calling... every Saturday night, he just kept calling one time for us... during those period not going to church, on Sunday, I don't feel happy... I felt that I am lying to someone... I also didn't make good use of those time, I was sleeping rather than studying and preparing for my exams...

At the end... when our preliminary exams for our GCE O'Level are near, we couldn't take it anymore, my heart was very heavy, sick of lying to Brother Anson that we were not in... my non Christian friends even offer to help us answer the call now, as he "got used to it" le, haha... we decided to persuade Brother Anson not to call us anymore, because we don't feel good lying to him and telling him we are preparing for our exams, so won't go to church anymore... TungNgie went to take the phone this time.

If Brother Anson was to say, "OK", then both of us are doomed. However, he did not... he is not persuaded by us, but I thank God... God gave Brother Anson His word, and we 2 are being persuaded in the end... we two went to the church the next day. We had a great chat with Brother Anson in church... and on that hour... I realise how weak is my faith... and how merciful my God is... He is willing to pardon my sinful act... from that time, my brother and I go to church every Sunday, with the joy and peaceful heart... we learnt what's the meaning of worshipping our Lord... and start to depend on Him on living our life... including through our tough periods, our preliminary exams and the GCE O'Level exams. Our results didn't fare much from our non-Christian friends although we spend Sunday morning in church.

From that time, I truly repent and commit myself to the Lord once again... not only O'Level, but also through the periods of my A'Level and throughout my uni days... yes, Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world! Nothing in the world is better than that. You won't experience this joy and peace till you truly recognise yourselves as a sinner, and you need Christ's blood to cleanse your sin away... after Christ died on the cross, He rose on the third day, signifying that He has victory over death! Thus we will know where we will go after we leave this world... and it is the heaven... where God is.

This is my most rememberable testimony for it has affected my life... from that time I really know what is lacking in my life... not food, not clothes, not shelter, but a healthy spiritual life...

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