Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spaghetti for dinner

Home cooked meal

My bro TungNgie and I have spaghetti for dinner tonight. We bought a pasta sauce from NTUC Fairprice (Bedok), and began cooking once we reached home. TungNgie also cooked a vegetable, "xiao bai cai" to accompany the spaghetti. He also cooked the sauce for the spaghetti by adding the pasta sauce to a cooked dish of minced meat and capsicum. Haha... It was a good dinner. Haha... I helped out by preparing the spaghetti. Here are the photos:

Here's a larger view of our spaghetti sauce:

Haha... sure great to trying out things. We are thinking of borrowing a recipe book from the library after TungNgie get his PR. Haha... that's in September. Haha... in the mean time, still trying things ourselves... and I am still waiting for my letter, whether it is acceptance or rejection. Hehe... everything in God's hands.

How I have spent my Saturday (today)

This morning, my bro and I went back to the company to work on something... and thank God that it worked, although there were quite a number of issues. Haha... we left the company around 2.30pm for lunch at Bedok MRT, then we took a bus to Tan Boon Liat building. We went to SKS bookstore because TungNgie wanted to buy some books. Hehe... you can ask him yourselves what book he is buying. After that, we took the bus with the same number back to Bedok here. Well, that's it for my Saturday. Haha... feel like "recce"-ing (LiChe said that this is the right spelling for what I have thought "reki" is not an english word, haha...) when we were on the way to the Tan Boon Liat building, passing the petrol station (wow, the price is sure 4x more than what I saw in Brunei, yikes...)


Hmm... one of my neighbours here has an ICQ account and I think he/she has a lot of friends to chat too? Haha... because these few nights, I just kept on hearing the "uh-oh" ICQ alert sound... and it "uh-oh" frequently. Haha...

Correction: I realised that it is not ICQ, but he is playing a game. No idea what game is that. Haha...

Previous home cooked meal

For this week's Monday to Friday, we have not had a home cooked meal, haha... the previous one is on last Sunday I guess... a capsicum dinner. Haha... look at this yourselves:

Haha... bah, that's all for now. Tomorrow is Sunday! Haha... the Lord's day!

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